Friday, January 30, 2009

Our First Ultrasound

Just real quick - we had our first ultrasound on January 14 - and what was really cool about it - besides I "tricked" the doctor into doing an ultrasound was - I got to skip a whole week of being pregnant!!  He moved up the due date a whole week based on the baby size...which worries me a little bit when it comes to delivering...but that's why epidurals were invented..  Anyhow - there you have it.

Our baby at 9 weeks 5 days old - handsome little blueberry! :)

Wonder if anyone will pay attention...

So - I've recently  become obsessed with reading friends' blogs in preparation for baby numero uno - it seems everyone is pregnant or has very interesting young children.  Anyhow - they've got me all inspired to blog about the baby.  And I realize that me being pregnant isn't that interesting - but I figure I've got to get in the habit of it before the baby comes so maybe I can do when the baby gets here...  Enough introduction...

Baby Rumer is due on August 17 and it couldn't be here soon enough.  Which is terrible to say since I'm only 12 weeks pregnant - but since I've known for 2 months already - it seems like an eternity.  I'm ready to have the pregnant belly and feel better and when exactly does the pregnancy glow happen?  I really wanted to be one of those great people who LOVES  being pregnant and has a perfect pregnancy and I'm a starting to think that I'm going to come up short.  Morning sickness hasn't been bad - really been limited to just nauseau -but it's constant... The worst part is there's something wrong with my skin.  It's all splotchly and I'm breaking out like I'm a teenager - makeup is no longer optional - and I'm not exactly thrilled about it.  Maybe it gets better....?

Sam gets home tomorrow after being gone to Europe for two weeks and I'm so glad.  It's hard when he's gone.  Life is so boring without him and I really realized how much I depend on him - whether that's healthy or not - I need him here to keep the balance in my life.  (Never mind I think the hormones are making balance completely impossible) 

Ultrasound next week!!  Yay!  


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