Thursday, September 19, 2013

Patrick is TWO!

My sweet baby is now a bold 2 year old (as of September 2nd... Labor Day...ha!).  I feel like time should’ve stood still.  Or atleast that I stood still but he moved at light speed.  If I concentrate I can still remember how it felt to have his tiny little head asleep on my chest, nustled in under my chin. 

He is growing so fast – at his well check they said he was 36 inches (90th) (more like 34 if you don’t extend to his toes….) and 28 pounds (50th).  He still prefers to be carried – so he’s a bit of a chunk in the arms but, as I’ve always stated, I will hold him until I can’t or he doesn’t want to anymore. 


There has been a word explosion going on.  We are constantly turning our heads saying “did he just say what I think he said?!”.  It’s really awesome to watch.  He’s putting little sentences together and we’re trying to get him to use his words versus just pointing or screeching (which is still a favorite when he’s upset). 

He is definitely starting to show his displeasure in something.  He has his opinions and doesn’t mind expressing them in the form of growls or screaming.  Not exactly how we would prefer he communicate – so we’re working on that. 

He gets mad like everyone else in the world, but he is also the sweetest little boy.  He LOVES to give kisses.  To everyone.  You ask and you shall receive.  Just the cutest.  He loves to give ‘knucks’ and ‘high fives’.  Hugs and ‘ugga muggas’ are always fun too.  He needs snuggles in the morning at school and he is always accommodated by his teachers. 

He is obsessed with wearing shoes.  He must have them on at all times.  Even naptime at home and he doesn’t consider himself ‘dressed’ in the morning without them.  The most fun is on Sundays with his “church shoes” (saddle oxfords) and he likes to stomp around making the most noise possible on the hardwood floors.  Silly boy. 

He has absolutely no fear and I’m constantly afraid during our nightly horseplay in mommy & daddy’s bed that he’s going to bounce/throw himself right off and break something.  His newest trick was literally throwing himself fully in the air to land on his back, followed by the best giggles ever. 

He loves his brother.  (And says ‘brother’ now – cute)  He follows him around and plays whatever he plays, wants whatever he wants (yay for those ‘discussions’), and generally wants to be just like him.  William loves to play with him right back most of the time, so that’s perfectly adorable. 

He is still nursing, which I love and he loves, so there’s no plan to wean him any time soon.  And, quite frankly, I can’t see myself initiating that anyway.  He gets a little frustrated with it now that I’m not producing as much – so the milk runs out before he’s ‘done’ most of the time.  Though, it’s not like it’s for the nutrients so much anymore anyhow – more for the comfort.  Again, totally fine.  We have our night night routine.  Songs with William, then P & I go to my room, he nurses, I sing and snuggle with him, and then Daddy takes him to bed.  Easy peasy.   

He usually wants to nurse right when we get home today – a reconnect moment for us.  Only issue is when he wants to nurse at the dinner table instead of eating.  Not sure what’s up with that – he’s been on a bit of an eating strike again….except when Daddy convinces him to take 'dinosaur bites'.... I don’t know.  He’s definitely growing, so we are rolling with it and filling him with what he will eat.  Apple sauce and yogurt.  Silly boy.  I think he would love nothing more than to eat yogurt all day long every single day. 

He’s all boy.  LOVES trucks.  All trucks.  Loves to drive them, crash them, point them out on the road, and watch them on tv.  He also gets excited about buses.  Which there are plenty of in the mornings when we are headed out. 

So, here’s to my sweet little quiet boy, who is slow to warm up but has the best sense of humor when he feels comfortable.  I hope you always keep your sweet spirit, your expressive faces, your wonderful curiosity, and never-ending love for your family (even in the teenage years).  You have been a joy for all of us and we have loved watching you grow, even as we fight the denial that creeps in that you are becoming a big independent boy.  




Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Really need to squash the Mommy guilt

William had his 4 year well-check.  Complete with 4 shots.  He wasn't scared of them - which definitely made the appointment go well.  He had the nurse doing all of the tests on Hilbert and Clifford (Red Ruffie) which was really cute.  Love his pediatrician's office.  She even let him listen to her heartbeat.  His eyes & ears check out - so that's great - and he is 42 pounds (88%) and 43 inches (93%).  He's someone managed to become a big kid!! haha!! My little munchkin!  Never would've guessed.... ha.  We played and played like dinosaurs - he was teaching me how as we waited for the doctor.  He has elaborate stories to participate in and it's really fascinating.  When it was shot time - the nurse had to give both Hilbert & Clifford shots, complete with band aids.  I honestly think it helped him really settle down and not be scared of them.  I held his hands (and the first song that came out was Little Bunny Foo Foo - and I don't think he even knows that one... random... but it was my littlest sister's favorite song when we all became a family), poor kid kept saying "ouchie" and "stop it stop it", but it was over  quickly.  Thank goodness.

I had contemplated delaying shots, etc.  But since I didn't delay the onslaught of shots when he was itty bitty - it wouldn't have done any good to delay the boosters.  I didn't realize he was getting four of them today though.  I only knew for certain about the MMR booster... mommy fail.  I'll try and tamp down the guilt on that one.  He had all but forgotten about the shots after Chick-fil-A though.  It was a little trying getting him to run two errands with me smack in the middle of lunch & NAP time.  And, of course, he broke my heart by wanting to go home and play with me.  I made the mistake of trying to explain that I had to go to work so I could give him food.  And - har - if he wanted to stop eating - then I could stay home.  Yeah... my sweet boy said he wouldn't eat.  Heartbreak again.  Then I had to apologize for making a bad joke.  Cue mommy guilt.  Not sure this one will be tamped down any time soon.

Patrick's number one favorite thing to play in the recent days/weeks/probably month is trains.  He'll come up and say "track".  Which of course means that he wants me to set up the track.  He does like to help.  The only problem with him helping, is that we only have so many curved pieces that have survived the years, so it has to go together sort of strategically in order to make all the pieces connect.  He also doesn't really like when I flip the curves to make them go the way.  So it gets a little interesting.  Is this a little bit of my control freak coming out?  I am totally the kid that doesn't like people to write on my notes because they are color coordinated, organized, and awesome... hahaha  Cue embarrassing funny story involving work... ha.  But he could play for hours and sometimes even parts of those hours will be by himself so Mommy can load the dishwasher.  I love independent play.  I love independent play even more when I can call it a developmental necessity and not cue the mommy guilt.  I'm sensing a theme.  Perhaps I need to talk to someone to deal with my mommy guilt.  Nah - that's what this blog is for - lucky you....  teehee....

Why is it that, when asked what they did at school - even when asking a specific yes/no question, the answer is always I don't know?  I mean really?  William can't remember what book they read?  Or if they even read a book?!  I have a feeling that the years filled with homework are going to be frustrating.  I somehow imagined the car ride home, now that he's in PreK, being filled with lots of sentences of all the amazing things he did, learned, and played.  Not so much.  I'm a little disappointed.  And Patrick isn't much better - though he will usually tell me "truck".  But that's no surprise.  Of course he played with a truck.

We went to Cleveland for the weekend so many weekends ago because my sister and her boyfriend Tim were coming into town.  Haven't seen her in FAR too long and every one in my office (and probably most of my clients -ha) knew about how excited I was to see her.  We spent two wonderful days soaking up family time in the now full pond.  The boys played in the little beach area Daddy & Uncle John made - which is absolutely perfect for them!  The big game there was jumping off the edge and William even made a slide with a float.  It's kinda great.  It gets them in the water but without all the nervousness that a big body of water creates - so by the time we move to the big water - they are that much more comfortable.  I love it up there.  I love the weather and all the room the boys have to play.  Such sweet memories every single time.  Though, I got back on Monday and everyone asked me about pizza night.... I'm telling ya Daddy - you've created a pizza monster!! LOL  It's epic even in my corporate Columbus office :)

I went to Ireland for work.  It was AHmazing.  I love any city that is walkable.  I want to live in a city that is walkable.  The weather was high in the 60s.  In SEPTEMBER.  The people were friendly.  The beer was too good.  The work was easy - which I maintain is because the Terms Team is rocking - shout out to my peeps! hahaha  Unfortunately, this one hit the boys harder than before, so I only got to talk to them once and the whole time William kept asking me if I was coming home since I was no longer on an airplane.  And apparently when we hung up there was mass hysteria.  Break my heart.  I was super homesick for them by Thursday.  I thought it would get easier, but I suppose it never really does.  I got home on Saturday - late afternoon - and we had a pizza party (I think in bed...hahaha) and snuggled.  I actually fell asleep before their bedtime.  ha!  Then Sunday was Patrick's birthday party.  More on that later... (yeah - I've got a whole birthday post planned - so I skipped it this time around)

OH!  When we came back from Cleveland we had managed to invite a LOT of unwanted guests into the house.  We were being swarmed by fruit flies.  It was awful.  I don't know who sent the memo - but they should be shot.  By the end of the week, Sam had determined that it was our old nasty sink that was breeding them and the only solution was to replace.  I am not a fan of surprise (and expensive) home improvement projects, which is why we had been dealing with a faucet that shot out water from all connections for months... haha.  But, while I took the boys to church, Sam tore out the sink and faucet and put in new ones.  Well, it wasn't quite that easy and seamless but the result is nothing short of one of the greatest things to have happened to our house.  We both still cringe a little bit in preparation for water hitting us every time we turn on the faucet - just makes me laugh.  I really wish we hadn't waited four plus years to replace that hunk of junk.  The gleaming white sink makes dishes *almost* enjoyable.  *Almost*  We still aren't fighting over who has to do them.  ;)

I have renewed the resolution to take the boys (and myself) to church.  We've been the past month, except the Cleveland weekend, and William is kind of obsessed.  He knows that if Chickfila is closed, then it is church day.  He loves going to Sunday School and then he gets to go to big church with me.  I'm still working on teaching him how to sit still and behave in big church, but he's coming along.  He likes to sit in the very front row, which is *awesome* after he has gone to children's church and I'm just the random person left all by my lonesome up there, but whatever.  He loves going up and sitting next to the pastor.  He also loves answering all of the questions the pastor poses.  This Sunday's lesson was about being a fisher of men.  The pastor starts with what tools are needed to catch fish - the kids answer fishing pole, hooks, worms, etc.  Then he asks what do you need to catch people?  William pipes up, not missing a beat, a hook from the helicopter.  The whole congregation laughs, but then I think about it... and he's right!  We've been watching Fireman Sam and there is a rescue show where they have to get the annoying kid off the roof with that hanging belt hook thing from the helicopter!  The answer was actually "God's love" but the pastor should know better than to ask children like that LOL  Love my boy.  This morning on the way to school he told me that The God put a boat in the tree to get the truck..etc etc etc.  So he is paying attention to something.

Quick Ones:  Patrick now calls William "Brother".  William came home today upset because he didn't know what to give me to make me happy.  Sweet but unsure where that came from.  I gave him some extra snuggles all evening.  Patrick's version of "I don't like that" is "Not Nice".  Very loud.  Very very loud.  Squeezey Apple Sauce might be the greatest invention to hit our house.  I don't even care the outrageous price I am paying for it.  Note to self - check SAMs.  He-Man is still number 1 around here.  Patrick refuses to take his shoes off, let alone his clothes.



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