Saturday, May 25, 2013

Not quite a month's worth...

Lo and behold Chick-fil-a finally realized that this town needed a Mommy & Son event - so Saturday evening William and I had a date.  We got moderately dressed up (and took a picture - which truthfully surprised me at the weight loss - go mommy me!) and off we went to the Date Knight!  They had the back part of the restaurant all dressed up like a castle, complete with a King (James) and a prince and princess.  William wanted me to sit next to him (aww...) and we dined in style.  He sat on my shoulders to see the other boys get knighted by King James and had the best time when it was his turn.  Perk of being THE last one in line - LOTS of time to play and ham it up.  By the end of the night - half the employees had been knighted by King William and he was doing a great bossy "impression".  haha.  Love that kid.

While we were on a date - Patrick was getting some fun time with Daddy.  I can't remember what they were eating while watching tv - but apparently right before we got home - P was having a great time pretending to eat Daddy's shirt & stomach.  Sam said he was making big "grabs" and putting them in his mouth and chewing up.  I love this age - when playing pretend really starts to happen - so cute to watch the wheels turn and see what their mind is capable of.


William started swimming lessons this week at the YMCA.  Twice a week and there are 4 kids in his class.  We were a little apprehensive about how lessons would go this year after last year's disaster  but it's like he's a whole different kid.  HE LOVES IT!!!  He's not scared anymore and always wants it to be his turn.  But he is listening really well to the child young adult teacher, staying where he's supposed to and trying to do what is asked of him.  Obviously, I don't think we will hit the beach in July a full fledged swimmer, but I'm just wanting him to be comfortable in the water - we can work on the kicking, floating, etc. in time.

Not sure what hit our house, but Thursday Patrick had a fever and then Friday William started running one.  Sam has a crazy busy job right now - lots of meetings - so I picked up my laptop and "tried" to work from home.  Total bust with Patrick.  He either wanted to be in my lap, nursing, or hitting every button.  Luckily, nothing on my desk was pressing and the one thing that needed to be done could be done by anyone, but it was frustrating.  Then, after William ended up in our bed at 2am and was still pitiful at 6:30, I stayed home again.  Fully thinking - Great - atleast I can work with William here.  Yeah.... my 'extra' power cord is apparently dead, so "working" didn't last too long.  Oh well.  Poor bambinos.  First two sick days of the year though - not TOO bad.

Mother's Day was good.  I decided that Sam was buying me a new dress for the occassion - ha - so that was fun.  Even more fun - I'm now a Medium at a BOUTIQUE :)  That was gift enough!  The boys ended up giving me my gift early - William can't keep a secret....  Sam had helped them do a handprint flower on a wooden plate.  It was really really wonderful.  Absolutely perfect.  But while I was working on nursery fabrics for a preggo friend - William decided it needed to be clean and "washed" it with a wet wipe.  Yep - you guessed it - the paint is not waterproof.... Poor guy - I did my best not to overreact but I did exclaim that he ruined it.  Not proud of that.  It really upset him, and him being upset made Patrick cry too....  It was a bit of a mess there for a minute.  But sweet boy has been randomly apologizing since Mother's Day and keeps reminding us that they need to paint (to fix it).  I had finally decided just to let it be an indication of our crazy life this year but the day I took it to work I spilled coffee all over it.  Lawdy.  Maybe we'll start over after all! LOL!!

The waterpark at school opened with a bang and the boys could not have been more excited!  Patrick stuck close for a little bit but by the end he was just as independent as his brother.  It was really nice not to have to hover over any children and be able to stand in the shade with other parents chatting.  William ate his weight in fruit and they both got spoiled on sugar cookies.  Patrick could not get enough cheese puffs.  Ms Vicki actually just sent us home with them he was eating so much.  Not an ounce of nutrition in them - but he LOVED them.  We compromised and got him "veggie sticks" at Publix over the weekend.  I don't think they have any nutritional value either, but I sure do feel better giving him a bowl full and he doesn't get covered in orange dust! ha!

Patrick had SUCH a good time at the waterpark that he slept all the way through the night Friday AND Saturday night!  It was such a treat.  I don't mind 5:30am wake up nursing when it's not preceding by 1 & 3am! Unfortunately, the sleeping didn't hold and he was back to waking up atleast once by Sunday.  Oh well.  It was nice while it lasted.  One day he will sleep and I'll try and remember to enjoy the nursing snuggles while I still can.

Since I began this post, ahem weeks ago, William has regressed in swim lessons.  I send him with Sam one day and he no longer wants to participate at all.  I'm not saying there is a link there... I'm just saying.... haha!  (History - Sam refused to learn how to swim until he was something like 10 years old - his parents still laugh about it)  B&B obviously found it hilarious then that William is his father's son...  By Thursday he didn't even want to kick, but I told him he couldn't get out of the pool.  So he sat on the stairs for 45 minutes watching his friends.  I don't get it, but I'm not going to push it either.  Just like Patrick sleeping, he will swim when he's ready.


The whitewater downtown opened today.  We took the boys and what was intended to be a quick see - turned into several hours of fun downtown.  We ran into some great friends with kids close in age and one of our best friends stayed with us and walked around.  It really was a great time.  The boys did so good considering we didn't leave until 3pm.  They both loved watching the boats (rafts & dragon boats) and even did a decent job of listening.  Patrick did want to play in a really nasty puddle on the rocks and got fairly wet doing so - but that was the only thing a little hairy.  I'll call it a complete success.  It was really fun downtown - so many people out and about - barely even felt like Columbus.  For once - there was plenty to do and see - we were all saying we could get used to this!


On the topic of listening, this morning we had to come right home after Chickfila, instead of going to market days before the river, because William needed to go to his room.  He was doing a terrible job of using his listening ears and had basically decided that he was  the one in charge.  It has hit a tipping point.  We really can't take it anymore.  I don't know if this is preFours or what - but it's not ok.  He's starting to back talk a little too - definitely not ok.  So.. we aren't doing the corner, I will never spank them, but there are silent moments in the car and time in his room.  I did hold him a little while he fussed initially and explained as much as I could what was going on and why he was there.  Fortunately, it made an impact on him and he quickly decided he was ready to listen.  We didn't give in though and that was good - but he needed to stay in his room until we left (he never did leave the room).  And he really did do a pretty good job the rest of the day.  He had to be reminded about going to his room a couple times, but that's all it took.  We'll see how it goes....

The boys are playing together more and more and I just can't get enough of their laughter.  It fills the house with happy.  They were bouncing on their knees on the bed last night - thought it was hilarious! Today William found a dog leash and they took turns being the "puppy" with it hooked to the collar of their shirt.  So funny!!!  It really warms my heart that they enjoy each other so much.

They are both in a HUGE mommy phase though and that is making life a little interesting.  They BOTH always want me.  And I'm totally find with that except that I am not the world's strongest mom and I don't have five arms.... Bit of a problem.  haha  William always wants to snuggle and ended up in our bed SEVERAL times in the middle of the night this week.  Fine if he goes to sleep.  Not fine if he decides to talk and play.  It always turns to play time when Patrick walks in to nurse.  They see each other and it's all over.  So much for the last 45 minutes of sleep... ha!  Life with boys.  Shoot - life with kids! ha!!

Patrick said "William" earlier this week but it makes William mad when you say his name for some reason.  I don't get it but whatever.  It was really cute!   And there's even a couple mini curls of hair in the back - so he won't be bald forever.  P gives the best hugs and kisses and ugga muggas.  You ask and you receive - it's wonderful.  But he pretty much refuses to smile for a picture.



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