Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There's always tomorrow...

Sam left for Canada at 4:15 am Sunday morning.  So, yes, contrary to what I have previously declared, several times, I have “allowed” him to travel.  Haha!  This trip started out only being 2 days, 1 night – but quickly grew to 4 days 3 nights.  That’s ok.  I was still fairly confident that I could easily handle two kids alone.  Especially when B&B agreed to let William spend the night Saturday and most of the day Sunday at their house.  

Sunday was wonderful.  Patrick and I had the best time.  Of course, the day started off in the wee hours like it always does, but he was so happy and full of joy.  We played in bed for a long time, ran to Wal-Mart for some grocery shopping – we have an absolute NEED for ketchup in this house, and then ate, slept, cuddled, and played the rest of the afternoon.  It was wonderful.  He even got to sit in the cart for the first time.  I added some cushioning on the sides to ensure that he wouldn’t plop over, but he did great and loved having a view.  William came home after nap and he immediately asked to watch Chuggington and I complied because I still needed to cook dinner (and make ORANGE cookies at William's request).  Baths were taken, clothes for picture day were laid out, bottles washed, everyone goes to bed.  Easy peasy.

Even Monday morning seemed to go well.  Despite Patrick waking up literally every hour to eat from 11:30pm on – we were all clean, dressed, and ready to go by 7:13am.  A feat that we don’t always accomplish when Sam IS home.  Get William to his room – he is in a great mood – and off Patrick and I go.  Uhoh – one of his bottles has leaked and was dripping through his bag EVERYWHERE.  4.5 ounces of breast milk GONE.  Awesome.  So I clean that up, take Patrick to his room, and promise to pump some more and bring it at lunch for his third bottle.  Goodness.  Nevermind that this would put me behind in what I need to produce for the next day and would need to bring the pump home to make up for it….  I could just use frozen milk – but that seemed silly at the moment.  Who knows why.  Probably because I like being able to say that I have 250 ounces frozen.  (Though – I only get to say that for another day or so because I’m donating another 100 to a local momma…) Anyhow.  I reward myself with a Diet Dr Pepper because spilling breast milk is not a happy affair.

Monday evening went even better.  William, Patrick and I played and ate dinner and played some more.  I fed Patrick and he went to bed.  I did more dishes, a little laundry, talked to Sam, and I went to bed.  Patrick skipped the 12:30 and 2:30 feeds, so I got a tiny bit more sleep.  Again we are out the door at 7:11am.  We are on a roll.  Uhoh.  William throws a humongous tantrum as soon as we get in the door of school.  Finally he gets to his room and he clings to my leg while I’m holding Patrick and trying to fill out his sheet.  His wonderful teacher Ms Phyllis takes Patrick from me so I can handle the sheet and the screaming toddler and what….?!!!!  Patrick has had a poop explosion.  Awesome.  All the way up his back and even his socks have poop on them.  Ms. Phyllis is my hero and cleans Patrick up while I try and calm William down who has moved to the other side of the room and is now crying for Mommy.  Really?!  Patrick and I finally just have to leave William throwing a fit and bawling and it breaks my heart.  Did I mention Patrick is butt naked?!  Haha – cute baby tush.  

Patrick and I make it over to his room.  I change my shoes and get him to the changing table.  I pull out a diaper, open it, turn back to him and he’s got a massive stream of pee in the air.  And he just keeps going.  It’s all over him, the changing pad, the countertop.  And then he starts basically bouncing in it.  Great.  Of course he would.  But he’s so happy about it – it’s really hysterical at this point.  Yet another wipe bath ensues.   I finally get to leave the daycare at 7:50.  I reward myself with a larger Diet Coke.

I certainly hope I can make it through tomorrow morning.  I’m a little scared of what the world might throw at me.  But, I think I might reward myself with a cappucino if it all goes to pot.  THAT might be worth it....hmmm.... Bring it on Wednesday!!!!!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mountain Boys

William spent last week in Cleveland with my parents.  And I know he had a great time.  Who wouldn’t?!  A whole week of undivided attention and constant playtime and hanging with one of the coolest granddaddies the world has ever seen!!  We called him every morning on the way to work – though he didn’t always want to talk because The Cat in the Hat was on tv and it was apparently riveting.  He would talk a little more in the evening and it was fun to have a conversation with him.  The things that are important to 2.5 year old are adorable.  Mostly he talked about cars and trains.  

We skyped on Valentine’s day so we could kind of give him his gifts.  We didn’t go crazy – he got two dinosaur toys and two foam swords/axes.  You would’ve thought we’d given him the most expensive toy in the store.  He LOVED the dinosaurs – we watched him play with them for what seemed like 15 minutes.  Eating tails, riding on the track, his imagination knows no bounds.  And the axe is a Pirate sword.  Cute kid.   He wasn’t very interested in telling us about his day once the “dinosaurus” came out, but that’s ok.  We videoed us Skyping-  crazy right?! – so we will always be able to laugh at how silly he is.

I think Patrick probably enjoyed being an only child.  I know we did.  The evenings were so much easier, not to mention the morning routine was beyond simple.  He slept in several of the mornings -  so we got to get ready without interruption.  I didn’t even remember what that was like! Ha!!  I think he missed having William as entertainment though.  He enjoys watching the wild man run around but Dinosaur Train filled in one morning, along with his jumperoo.  He’s finally tall enough for his feet to reach the ground and he loves that thing!  

Patrick is growing like a weed.  He is over 17.5 pounds now and in 6-9 month clothes.  He still fits in some of the 3-6 onesies and pants, but for the most part we have moved his closet over.  And I guess William didn’t stay long in 6-9 or we borrowed a big chunk of his wardrobe for this size, but there are very few outfits for Patrick to wear.  I am going to get very sick of seeing the same things every week, even if they are super adorable.  Maybe he will really chunk up and out and move into 9-12 size – because we have an overflowing tote in that size!!  Can’t wait to see what he weighs at his 6 month appointment – very excited to see how much he’s grown on breast milk alone.

I know I’m not quite at the milestone yet – still 1.5 weeks to go – but I am super proud of making it to 6 months of exclusively breastfeeding and I feel really lucky that my milk supply cooperated.  I remember in the beginning few weeks thinking that 6 months was so far away and I wasn’t sure I even wanted to make it that long, and now I can barely even imagine wanting to stop.  Even coming back to work, when pumping seemed like such a hassle and a chore – I’ve been doing that 3 times a day for four months.  And you know – that is something to be proud of.  No judgment, but there are plenty of moms I know who quit breastfeeding after maternity leave because it was too much to keep up.  Too little sleep.  Too much time needed.  So I am going to take one moment and tell myself that I am awesome for not giving up.  It is hard work, but totally worth it.

Ok.  Moment over.  Back to the regularly scheduled program.

I’m not sure if potty training is around the corner or not, but William has started going off in a corner to poop.  And he doesn’t want you to look at him while he does it.  I didn’t get to witness this one, but it was hilarious hearing about it from Sam.  “Don’t look at me Daddy!!!!!!!”  I can just hear him saying that!  (mostly because he says that often about all kinds of things… but y’know)  He has woken up dry from nap a time or two, but never has been dry in the morning.  Which is probably because he goes to bed with a cup of water….we are obviously still working on getting that one out of the routine.   I’m not the least bit worried about whether or not he should start potty training now, but I just keep filing away these readiness signs.  The biggest sign of not ready – he still hates the potty….  You can’t potty train him if he won’t go near it.  Just saying.  

Patrick is starting to get strong enough to sit.  We still have to support him but we can tell that he is close.  It takes him a little longer each day to fall over….  And funny – he still doesn’t like to roll over.  He can do it, but rarely gives us the treat of squealing for him.  Maybe it’s his belly – he gets halfway over and just decides it’s too much work to go all the way…  He’s usually pretty happy just to lay on his back/belly and play with any toy within reach.  He loves the tags on the stuffed toys more than the toy itself though.  Guess he really is related to William!!

I can’t remember  if I said this before – but recreational yelling is in full force.  He isn’t really that loud yet but he is most certainly spirited about it!!  So fun to watch him run around in the walker – which he is getting quite good at!! – and yell at doors, toys, and anything in front of him.  We have video of him repeatedly running the walker into the water heater closet door and giving it quite the “what for”.  Love it!!

Just in the past few days, Patrick has really gotten the hang of the walker.  He is able to control where he wants to go, get over thresholds, and is enjoying himself immensely.  He couldn't contain himself one evening while I was making dinner and just kept RUNNING in circles in the kitchen!  It was positively adorable.  He hasn't quite mastered reversing out of corners yet, but that will come.  We are just impressed with how quickly he went from enjoying the walker, to being a baby expert at it.  Goodness - they grow way too fast!!!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Baptism 2012

Two Sundays ago our sweet little boy was baptized.  We had lots of family (Daddy & Sara, Meredith - his godmother!, Kalin & Lainey, Kat, Ellene, Laura & Kurt, Laura & Charlie, Dean & Sandy) come in town and it was so good to get to spend time with them.  And even a very special couple, who just had a baby, made it out and left their little boy in the nursery for the first time ever.  We are so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

 Patrick wore the same christening gown as William and he behaved perfectly through the whole service.  I didn’t see it, but I was told by everyone there that right after he was doused with water, he looked up and smiled to the whole congregation.  I’m praying that it was caught on the video.  He is such a ham.

My most favorite part is when the entire church sings “Jesus Loves Me” as the pastor walks the baby up and down the aisle for the church to see him.  Apparently, he also flirted with everyone then as well.  He is developing the cutest personality.  Always happy, always smiling, always babbling.  

My in-laws had everyone to the house after church for HAM!!!, and other yumminess.  It was fun to watch everyone play with William and Patrick smile and laugh at everyone’s antics.  Nothing better than family.  I have the best.  By far.  


Thursday, February 9, 2012


William's teacher, Ms Phyllis, has been teaching William a new phrase :  "I don't have the capacity"   Like, "William - can you please use your walking feet?"  "I don't have the capacity"  Absolutely hilarious. And perfectly adorable.  Especially since he says "I don have de pacity"  I am seriously going to mourn the loss of Ms Phyllis when we move up in August.  It will be a very sad day.

I can't believe that I totally forgot to mention his trip to the train show.  Sam's sister, Laura and her boyfriend Kurt, up and decided to spend a Saturday taking William to a train show in Atlanta several weeks ago.  I'm pretty sure Kurt digs trains and William is most definitely a fan - so off they went.  I have to be honest, I was a little caught off guard by how nervous I was going to be letting William go 2+ hours away with non-grandparents, but it was fine.  And apparently he behaved very nicely.  All he talked about every time he got in a car for the next week was "go to train show?"  No baby.  "go to church"  Not until Sunday baby.  What a funny kid.

Patrick is completely enthralled and entertained by his feet.  He came home in different socks yesterday and I couldn't figure out for the life me how that happened, but the rest of his clothese were the same.  Turns out,
 he was putting his socks in his mouth.  It's so fun to watch him vigorously kick his legs and throw them up towards his face to grab them.  I wish I was amused by the little things.  I guess, to a point I am, but I don't like my feet that much and I'm certainly not putting them in my mouth.  Anymore... haha!!

The newest most awesome development in William's language is : "I need to take a nap."  He also tells us occasionally when he needs to go to bed.  It is the sweetest thing.  He's such an awesome kid.  No, seriously.  We went to the park on Thursday afternoon (for some reason I just couldn't handle going straight home - it seemed so boring and ugh...) and he was running around with Hilbert on his shoulders.  Showing him the big stump and the sticks on the ground.  Patrick was asleep in my arms and I just leaned up against Sam... "we are so lucky.  we have the coolest kids"  I mean really...yes, they are frustrating and wonderfully irritating when they want to be - but the moments where we just have to thank god for sending them to us are much more often and special.  I guess that's why people continue to have kids even after seeing what the twos (and then threes and then teens) bring us.

I have been sick since Tuesday night.  A fricking sinus infection.  Which I actually just found out is contagious - who knew?!  It's been great.  Of course I would have meetings on Wednesday and Thursday that I couldn't miss, so I muscled through.  My doctor gave me a ZPack - so that has helped a little, but I'm still snotty and feel generally run down.  And I still had to get up all night and feed Patrick, because I feel too guilty to bring my pump home and let Sam feed him.  (also, still terrified about the milk supply.. I will probably never get over that one)  After staying home today (Friday) and getting 4.5 hour nap in, I might consider letting Sam take tonight.  I don't feel any better after sleeping that long, but it was nice to get it all in a row.  Though, the past two nights Patrick has settled down and has only woken up 3 times to eat instead of the usual 4-5.  That equals just over 2 hours in a row instead of 1.5-2.  Good thing I love him lots... ha!  *I have since gotten better from whenever I started working on this post.... and I never did let Sam take a night...

Patrick is starting to sit up in small spurts.  And only if we put him the right position, but you can tell he's actively working on getting stronger.  Lord - he's going to be walking before we know and then our baby will be gone... Ok.  I'm not going to get ahead of myself. Enter Cliche of the Day:  He's growing so fast though!!!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Patrick By Numbers : 5

*Is still surviving on breast milk alone.  

*Eats every 3ish hours during the day and every 2 hours at night.  I am slowly going crazy due to lack of sleep.

*Loves to smile.  But, really, who doesn't?!

*His tummy, neck, bottoms of his feet and underarms are ticklish.  Nothing more awesome than hearing him laugh.

*He watches every move his brother makes.  Studying him intensely.

*He has become very alert in the past month.  You can tell that he is taking in the world around him and actually starting to see it all.

*He loves to be in the walker and over the past month has been able to go from just throwing himself against the back of it to make it move to using his legs to propel it.  He usually sits in it during dinner, because that’s where he’s happiest, and we looked over and he wasn’t there!  He had moved himself from the dining room to the doorway to our bedroom!

*My best guess – he weighs about 17lbs.  

*Still rocking 3-6 month clothes, though I have a feeling we will making the move upwards soon.

*No matter where he is put down on the bed, he will manage to scoot himself (swaddled!) to sleep RIGHT next to me.  No wonder my back is killing me – I am sleeping within six inches.  I am not six inches thin!! Haha!!

*I'm not sure for how long, but he decided that he could roll over sometime in the past month.  He just only wanted to pull out his tricks at school and not at home.  I will pretend that my feelings aren't hurt.  I did see him roll over tonight with my own eyes...it took a lot of prodding though.  And, there is no clapping before he's all the way over or he will get distracted and stop the motion.

*Actively plays with his toys.  Usually, they just end up in his mouth, but he grabs for them and handles them and it’s so much fun to watch.  He especially likes the crinkly elephant.

*No teeth but if the amount of drool and wetness is any indication he is very much teething.

*Enjoys bathtime.  Even more when it coincides with William’s bathtime.

*Has discovered his thumbs and enjoys sucking on them.  Alert the media - we have a thumb sucker.  It's kinda helpful when we can't find any of the eight pacis we own...

*Is still our super chill sweet baby.  Very relaxed and happy to be held by anyone.  He’s perfectly content just to sit with you.

*Watches cartoons with William and I swear he’s actually watching.  Not sure which is his favorite yet.

*Gives open mouth kisses.  Or maybe he’s just trying to gnaw on my face.  I like kisses better.

*He has found his feet and is kinda obsessed with grabbing them and trying to put his toes in his mouth.  

*We have discovered that he spits up significantly more when he is congested.  Unfortunately for our water bill, he is pretty much always congested.


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