Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No more world traveling.

My hubs doesn't know it yet - but it's official - he can not leave the country. ever. again.  Seriously - every time he leaves something terrible happens.  Usually it's just a horrible week of manic teething with a chance of painful ear infection thrown in for good measure.  Not this time.  Oh no.  We couldn't get off easy and just have to deal with something we're used to.  That would  be too convenient.

I really thought that since Sam would only be gone four days and it didn't appear that pepito was teething and his ears were clear that it would be clear sailing.  Not to mention that he was sleeping through the night like a pro again.  I shouldn't have said anything - pretty sure I jinxed myself.  Because what we ended up with was a huge abcess on pepito's tush.  HUGE.  What started as an innocent tushie bump that was immune to diaper creme became a red painful deep welt literally overnight.  It's awful.  Poor baby.

I got an appointment on Monday afternoon with Trina the Nurse Practitioner.  Love HER.  I would totally marry her.  Love her that much.  But anyway, she lanced, squeezed, laughed at my singing "Do You Love Me" to the screaming babe, slapped a bandaid on his bottom, and we were good to go.  Well good to go to rush over to the Medical Center Lab to give them a sample of the nastiness that was squeezed out of his tush to test for whatever is in there.  Nevermind that I was supposed to be at my in-laws house for dinner and still had to go to the pharmacy to get his antibiotics.  Luckily, my sweet mother-in-law was also running late and offered to pick up little man on her way home so I could go to the Target pharmacy by myself.  Bless them and their 15 minute 'please wander around the most fun store in the world' turn around time.  I heart Target.

I made it a policy to leave his tush alone for awhile, lest I further traumatize him, but when I got him up this morning it was hard and swollen again.  I made another appointment for late morning and he got it lanced, squeezed, etc. all over again.  Everyone in the doctor's office felt so bad for him - probably because everyone in a five mile radius could hear his screams.  Whatcha gonna do?  The NP gave me props though for rolling with the punches and not sobbing which was nice.  Made me feel like a decent mom even though I always feel a little guilty that I never cry when he does.  I guess I've become accustomed to the sound after surviving the first six months of his life....just saying.

So, that last round of torture was supposed to knock it out.  Yep - I said supposed to - because guess what - within two hours - the abcess had refilled and was full again.  Only this time it was their lunch.  I have discovered that I love Rochelle from the answering service and hate her very rude supervisor Donna.  Just putting that out there.  I finally get through to the doctor's office at 2:15pm and get the wonderful news that it's now my turn to squeeze the yuckiness.  Yay.  It's a two person job at minimum.  I begged Hads to come over and help me hold him and I promised we would shut every door in the house and turn the tv on loud so her kid wouldn't be traumatized.  Sweet bestie - she did.  And it surprised both of us how not incredibly terrible it was.  I mean, it wasn't fun and not one of the three of us enjoyed any minute of it, but it went ok.  I know for a fact that I didn't get nearly as much out as the professionals, but maybe it'll help a little bit.  Either way - we're headed back in tomorrow - for the THIRD doctor's appointment in so many days.

But wait - it gets better.  So, we've made it through the day.  Daddy's coming home tomorrow, we've just got one more night.  He eats Risotto with mixed Veggies like it's his job (which it kinda is actually), changes into PJs, swaddled and off we go to watch Glenn Beck and drink the bedtime bottle, just like every other night of his life.  He's sucking it down, no fussiness, this is going to be easy.  He takes his last sip, I set the bottle on the radio cabinet, I'm about to prop him up to burp him and there he blows.  Projectile vomit all over himself, me, splashing off of me and onto the (custom upholstered) ottoman.  Yuck.  Double yuck.  Vomit stinks.

I try calling Hads but her apartment is a black hole for cell phone signals, so then I try my mother-in-law.  She calls me back and says, yeah, what could it hurt to go to pediatric acute care.  So, off we go.  I'm tired of being in the car going to doctors.  And so is William.  Though, he was in a surprisingly good mood for just depositing his entire dinner on my shirt.  The doctor said that there's probably no good reason for him throwing up and not to worry about it.  Give him some pedialyte, make sure he doesn't dehydrate, and tell the pediatrician in the morning.  Yay.  Atleast we had a credit there for some strange reason, so I didn't have to pay for him to tell me basically nothing, though I guess the credit means that we overpaid at some point.  Whatever.  I'm too tired to care.

I seriously can't believe that it's only Tuesday.  All this happened in 48 hours.  How is that even possible?  It feels like it should be Friday already.  Atleast Sam is coming home tomorrow.  If this was a normal trip he would be gone until Saturday and I would be on the phone with his boss begging her to let him come home because I'm about to literally lose my mind.  The funny part was - I was so proud of myself for not letting any of the clingy, screaming, crying baby behavior get to me.  I finally wasn't going crazy.  That was before I got thrown up on.  I'm just so tired of dealing with it.  I'm kind of scared for tomorrow to get here - I can't deal with anything else!

Oh - and did I mention that he has been waking up at 1:36 am every night on the dot?


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

I know I know - Father's Day was three days ago - so I am way behind in posting an ode to fathers.  Oh well.  My darling sister came in town Sunday afternoon, so I've been busy having fun with her.

Sunday morning William and I got up super early and made blueberry pancakes for Sam.  He got breakfast in bed with a blue hydrangea in a tea cup.  Yum Yum.  He couldn't even finish all the pancakes we made!  And then, since we were already up, we went to early church.  Buddy's sermon was awesome and it was a great start to a great day.  After church, we came home, took some pictures in the yard, changed clothes and headed out to Bill & Becky's for Father's Day lunch with the whole fam.  We were super early, but everyone had fun playing with pepito.  Oh - gifts - I almost forgot!  William got Sam the Sperry's (shoes) that he wanted and a gel case for his Blackberry.  He also painted a picture for him that turned out 'lovely'.  It's hanging in our kitchen next to the Mother's Day picture - such proud parents! ;)

So that's what we did.  I think Sam had a good day, might've even managed to squeeze in a nap somewhere in there and his mom made carrot cake - so he was pretty happy.

Sam - you are an amazing man.  A sweet kind gentle silly father and I know William loves you more than life itself.  I always knew you would be great but could've never expected how I would feel watching you give pepito sweet little kisses.  We are both so lucky.  We love you very much.  Forever.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Long Weekend

This past weekend we headed up to Cleveland.  We had planned this weekend to go to the lake, but there was a death in the family, so we all banded together and made a couple trips to Atlanta to support our people.  And I'm not going to dwell on this - but it was really sad, he was too young, and it just made me really think about sad things all weekend.  Ok - moving on.  Hug your people and tell them you love them.  Now I'm officially moving on.

telling us to eat our own biscuits - these are his!

One of the perks of coming to Cleveland though is staying with my parents and getting an extra 2-4 hands with pepito.  My sister came in late Friday night after she aced her medical boards (Meri - I'm thinking that if I say it it will come true!!!) and then Kalin came over Saturday for pizza night.  We were still missing half the family, but it was really nice to get to laugh and spend time with my brother & sister.  

Two of my four brothers and sisters - LOVE THEM!
and my sweet sister is going to kill me for putting this picture of her up but it was the only one when all four of us were looking in the same place - so just so everyone who doesn't know her knows, she is actually stick thin and absolutely gorgeous - not that she isn't gorgeous here but see her in a swimsuit below - you'll understand - okay, I'm done with the disclaimer...

We managed to squeeze in a lot of swimming too.  We went in the pond behind my parent's house and then in a neighbor's pool and William had a great time.  Though, when he's done, he's done.  And I need to remember how to put on sunscreen better - I got pink.  Boo.

walking to move the horses - that's Daddy's house up on the hill to the right

I really think we would move to Cleveland in heartbeat if there were jobs for us.  We love everything about the mountains.  Plus, Cleveland's WalMart is sixteen times nicer than Columbus'.  Not even joking.  I think I might purposely forget to bring things from home just so I'll have an excuse to go there.  ha!

keeping the remote away from him became a lost cause - 
I think it's hilarious that he gets his feet involved

William can walk, while slowly, just holding one of my hands.  He gets a little frustrated and I'm pretty sure that I'm basically suspending him, but he's doing it.  Maybe walking will come soon - though I'm not sure I want that. He'll be cute to watch though.

he wanted in on Meri's coffee action/he will chew on anything

I hate teething.  And insomnia.  

learning to swim - ha!

So - I've been on WW for a month, and since school is over - I've been running and walking five days a week and ...drumroll... I've lost 10 pounds!!  I'm 1/3 of the way to pre-preggers and feeling good.  I think I remember the weight loss leveling off at some point, but if it keeps up - I'm going to practically be there by our family beach trip!! (last week of July)  So exciting!!  And thank goodness for WW icecream bars - 1 point.  I'm in love!

he loves his Auntie M

Pepito is currently refusing to take naps.  I mean, seriously, he's in his crib right now talking to himself and not sleeping.  I'm not sure if he's trying to transition to one nap a day or if he's just thrown off his napping schedule and failed to send me a memo.  Either way - it's not cool.  But I guess if he's not going to scream then it doesn't really matter.  Yep - that's my new attitude and strategy.  I'll just put him in his crib at normal time and if he goes to sleep - great - and if he doesn't - god hep us but atleast I'll have some quiet time.

razzing with Grandaddy K

Does anyone know - is ten months separation anxiety/hold-me-all-the-time-mommy?  Because - he "made" me hold him all afternoon yesterday.  And he wanted me to stand while holding him.  He would cry and scream and fuss if I tried to sit down.  I think I almost pulled a muscle in my neck from all the holding on my hip - yeah I know that those anatomy parts aren't technically related - but anyone who has held a kid for 2.5 hours knows that they are! ha!  Anyhow - so I was just wondering if that was normal or if it is part of teething or if my kid just "loves" me that much?

too cute in baby izod - we need a Costco in Columbus

But he was adorable all morning - playing and tearing around the house.  So cute.  I love his giggles. He loves to be thrown in the air.  Too cute.  I love my pepito burrito.

eating his first homemade onion ring 


Monday, June 14, 2010

One Pic

I only slept 2.5 hours last night - so nothing clever today... sorry.

I do wish moving to Cleveland made more sense though - grass, fields, mountains - perfection.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let me preface by saying...

...I'm an exhausted from pepito's photo shoot with Hadley this morning.  Teething has returned in a BIG way, he refused to take his morning nap, and wouldn't take a bottle - so he was fit to be tied practically the whole time we were there.  Hadley is a saint for putting up with us and continuing to take his picture - because, let's face it - he has not ONCE been in a good mood for picture day.

That being said - he has been an absolute joy for most of the week.  Happy and giggly and terrorizing the house with his fast crawling.  My mother-in-law put it best last weekend when she said "it's a shame that there are things we have to accomplish - he's so amusing to just watch".

Though - my list of things to do got much shorter this week - I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL FOR THE SUMMER!  I took my Anatomy final on Monday and made a 91 on the test and a 90 in the class!!  This is nothing short of a real live miracle - I don't feel like I put enough effort into the class to deserve an A - but I'm not going to argue!  So exciting!  I was a little worried when I was the first one done with the final but I guess I just knew what I was talking about - I only missed 13 out of 150!!!  Go me!!

William and I celebrated by going to the pool on Tuesday with Hadley and Robbie at their apartment.  It was lovely.  Pepito is definitely going to be a water baby - he loved swimming.  Which makes me so happy.  I grew up on the river (in North Georgia where the Chattahoochee is still nice and clean) and we lived in the water growing up.

I've also been getting a lot of sewing done.  It's so nice not to worry/feel guilty about reading/studying for Anatomy and not starting a project right before I have to go to class.  I've been averaging about two sewing projects a day (during naps and after he goes to bed) and it is seriously my happy place where I recharge my sanity.  We are headed up to Cleveland this weekend and I'm a little sad I won't be able to sew for three whole days.

Um- William has lots to say now.  He's constantly jibberjabbering and it's adorable and LOUD!  We went to dinner with B&B last night at the club, and he was making so much noise - I was so glad they put us in a corner away from everyone else.  But then at the end of dinner, Bill let him crawl around so he would HAVE to show him off to some people he knew on the other end, it's a good thing they both (William & Bill) have mad charisma!

I mentioned this earlier but we only got a week break from teething.  This kid's mouth is going to be the end of me.  We finally got two nights of uninterrupted sleep and then teething reappears.  So, William now has a faucet for a nose and is living on IBprofen.  I swear - we're going to have to throw a full on party when all his teeth finally come in!  It's just a good thing he's sweet & cute.

Oh!  The cutest thing ever!  When he hears the storm door open he starts tearing for the front door to greet Daddy every single evening.  It is the most adorable thing ever!  Big smiles and lots of laughter - I know Sam loves being welcomed home this way!!  Who wouldn't?!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gone Swimming

William went swimming TWICE this week!  First time he wasn't so sure and the second time he was SOOO sleepy but definitely warmed up to the whole pool thing.  Can't wait for summer!! (my final is in 26.25 hours and THEN summer officially begins!!)


Friday, June 4, 2010

William By Numbers

June 3.  Seriously - it's already here?  The sixth month of the year?  How in the world did that happen without me noticing?!

William is 10 months old and these are the highlights:

*Has graduated from the military crawl to a real-on-his-knees crawl.  And he is FAST!!  That kid can move fo'sure!
*Being outside is his happy place.  We can be having the worst day ever, full of fussiness and evil, but if we go sit outside and play - all is right in the world.  Now if it would only stop raining so the yard would dry out that would be helpful.
*Spent the long Memorial Day weekend at Grandaddy & Mima's house and kept them up at all hours of the night but had a great time just the same
*I think he's had two ear infections this month - I'm not sure - I'm losing count and my mind
*No longer uses the walker to get around the house.  This was not his decision though, I'm sure he'd rather have it and stay cleaner, oh wait - that's probably me - but we're trying to teach him how to balance better so we got him one of those standing/rolling/walking things
*Still loves PBS and we are excited that they've started playing Bob the Builder & Thomas the Train during the weekdays and not just Saturday.  The same episode of Curious George was getting old.
*HOW COULD I MISS THIS?!!  He has FINALLY cut a tooth!!  You can't really see it yet - but I can certainly feel it - especially since he still insists on gnawing on my chin all day.  Ouch!
*He switched pediatricians, which I already talked about, and so far, we are fairly pleased.  I'm a little irritated the nurses don't believe how BAD it is going to be if we run out of ear drops, but I'll deal with that tomorrow...
*Is constantly filthy.  There is no way I can prevent this.  I could clean until my ears bleed from the toxic chemicals and he would still have dirty scuff marks on the top of his feet.  I've let this go and only give him unscheduled emergency baths before he sees B&B - they like to compare his feet to his Daddy's and it's not nice...funny, but not nice.
*He is fascinated by the bathroom and darts in there every moment we aren't looking.  And he thinks it's fun to stand in the tub.  It's starting to become like the changing table - impossible.
*Had a tiny bout of diaper rash brought on, I hope, by antibiotics. - so yes, two ear infections...
*Loves to ride in the bike trailer behind Daddy or Grandaddy.  He gets in his zone.
*Is an absolute tornado - walking between furniture like it's his job, tearing out toys all over the living room, chasing the cat, eating magazines & Mommy's school notes, and leaving a trail of puffs behind him.   God help us when he can walk.
*Is still pretty much refusing to hold his own bottle, though I did get him to do it the other day but I still had to hold him in my lap - NOT a success.  Oh well.
*Will only drink water out of a sippy cup - the pediatrician is not going to be happy if we can't get that to change.
*LOVES WATERMELON!!  And note to mommies with teethers - cut up watermelon into little sticks and freeze them - William will actually keep the cold melon in his mouth and come back for more.  Success!  He never really grasped the whole cold teething ring so this is great!  I do have a sticky pink mess to clean up in the kitchen though - use with caution.
*Took his first fall off our bed a couple days ago.  He didn't get hurt - just seriously frightened.  Daddy pulled something in his back diving over the bed to try and catch him though - old man... ;)  love ya babe!
*Loves to eat remotes/slash anything else that looks expensive and technology related - ie phones...
*Also loves keys and my leather wallet though - so that works in our favor - except that he discovered the debit/credit cards inside and MUCH prefers those...
*Doesn't have any idea what to do with the chunks of food in the "third foods" - he just spits it out.  Yuck.
*Has been waking up at all hours of the night due to either teething or painful ears or both at the same time.
*Waves Hello & Bye Bye and uses his whole arm to do it
*Has started pointing randomly and usually makes a really cute face to go with it
*We are convinced he has created his own very secret language and is putting sentences together in his head about whatever it is babies think about because the noises coming out of his mouth sound like he thinks he's saying something
*Still razzes like his life depends on it
*Chased Mima's cat up three stairs before he realized what he had done and was none too happy that he couldn't figure out how to get back down
*Basically the same food schedule, though with all the head pain that he's been going through it's been a little interesting.  5-6 oz bottles, baby food and scraps, yum yum.
*Seriously, does not sit still.  Especially when I'm trying to take his picture.



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