Thursday, May 31, 2012

My thoughts on TIME

This is going to jump around a bit, be a little stream-of-consciousness, and I probably should've put in my own two cents weeks ago but thought better of it.....  Until I overheard something that really just brought it all back to the front for me.... people really should be more aware of who they are talking around.

I didn't read the TIME article - and I refuse to buy one to read the article since the cover was only meant to polarize, inflame, and sell.  I am sure that they succeeded.  It was all over facebook, blogs, work discussions, etc.  I heard that it was a lot about attachment parenting.... babywearing, cosleeping, etc.  Not necessarily extended breastfeeding exclusively.  Again, I didn't read the article.  Oh, but I am mad at the response I've seen, heard, and read.  People who don't know anything about breastfeeding or attachment parenting giving all kinds of damning feedback.  Like they know best.  You know what I think - if you haven't done hours and hours of reading on the topic and that's not how you parent your children - then shut up!!  You have no idea what you're talking about!!  It's just like the people who don't/didn't breastfeed their children telling me just to give that baby a bottle with cereal in it to make him sleep better/through the night - I "can just pump more".  Ignorant.  I suppose their hearts are in the right place - which is the only reason I stand there and take it with a smile - but there is a direct correlation between milk production and the baby at the breast.  I already work - I can't exactly just give the baby a bottle at night instead of breastfeeding him and hope it all works out.  Especially since I want to continue breastfeeding past a year.  Which further polarized people.  Again, do your own research, your own reading before spouting off something based on your experience FORMULA feeding your kid.  (and you know what - I get to say that because William was formula fed and it is a completely different experience and set of rules)  It is now recommended to breastfeed until atleast 2, and there are plenty of places all over the world where it is VERY common to breastfeed past that - 3-4+ years of age.  There are ALL kinds of benefits to the child - go do your own reading on the topic.  Patrick will wean from the breast when he is ready, not when I have decided that he SHOULD be ready.  There is nothing 'disgusting' about a child breastfeeding.  Oh - and I totally breastfeed in public without a cover (Patrick no longer tolerates the nursing cover or blanket over his head/body) and I am barely if anything exposed for a millisecond and you would have to be staring & hovering to get a peek worth all the effort.  Frankly - there are millions of trashy girls giving more of a show than I am on a daily basis in their regular clothes, nevermind the barely there swimsuits.  There is not a single thing 'disgusting' about me feeding my child.  How dare people say I should feed them in the bathroom or hide it away/cover it up like I'm doing something dirty.  That is precisely part of the problem and one of the many reasons why it is so difficult for women to succeed breastfeeding.  The people who say these types of things should be ashamed of themselves.

One of my most proud moments was when William was "busy feeding the baby" and brought his Hilbert to his chest so he could "eat".  I may not have been able to breast feed him, but atleast I am raising him to believe that breastfeeding is normal and not something to be hid behind closed doors.

Patrick sleeps seventeen times better when he sleeps with me.  He will learn to sleep in his bed by himself when HE is ready and not a minute before.  We test it out periodically - and so far the answer has been a resounding NOT YET.  In contrast, William was champion sleeper (when he wasn't sick or colicky), developed a specific bedtime on his own, and could put himself to sleep when he was a bit older.  All babies are different and not one specific method is one size fits all.  Really, what's so bad about letting the baby know that you are 100% there for comfort, support, and beyond?  I don't for one second believe that I am raising a child who will not independent, self-assure, and able to conquer anything he sets his mind to because he slept in my bed for X number of months/years.  Get over yourself people.

I can only imagine what people would say about feeding a baby donated breastmilk.  I have been fortunate to not need any of the milk I have frozen.  It seemed silly to continue to grow a freezer stash, when by the time Patrick was five months, none of it had been touched.  Not a single ounce.  So I began donating it.  To moms who simply wanted to do everything in their power to give their children the benefits of breastmilk but for one reason or another could not fully provide it themselves.  Please, explain to me, how that is disgusting?!  I have donated over 500 combined ounces to 3 mommas- not one of those children has had a reaction to my milk.  They haven't had tummy troubles because of it.  The same cannot be said of formula.  For the brief second that Patrick had a formula bottle when I was having issues in the beginning and we were confused and I didn't know what to do -   he was in so much pain from the switch, even though it was maybe 2 very small bottles.  Why put a baby through that if it's not necessary?  I think it great that the moms are getting out of their own ways and asking if anyone has milk and I think it is great that there are avenues that those of us with abundance can help their babies and give the moms peace of mind.  

Oh and just for the record - I wasn't a 100% babywearer - but I do hold/carry around my babies as much as I can.  In a baby carrier, Moby, or on my hip.  There will come a time when they don't want to be held, will be too big to hold, or I can't physically do it anymore - but until that moment comes - I will pick them up and hold them close.

I'm not writing this to inflame anyone or judge anyone's parenting decisions.  I really try very hard not to put any one parenting style down just because that's not the way I would do it.  But you should have heard/read the things people are saying about the way I choose to raise my children.  I just can't sit there and not say anything.  And honestly, I don't care if you breastfed or gave your child formula, I've done both and they are both growing into beautiful boys.  I don't care if your kid sleeps with you or has only slept alone, I've done both and they are both growing into happy independent boys.  And if you would like to have an intelligent conversation about any of it - I will be more than happy to chat for hours.  I love to talk about my children, breastfeeding, and everything in between.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Elmo on Elmo

Two days ago William wanted nothing to do with the potty and we were fine with that.  Yesterday, William decided he wanted to sit on the potty an try to go teetee.  I think it had to do with him catching eye of the treat bag and he couldn't have one unless he sat on the potty.  He didn't have to really go either time, but he did sit and read an Elmo book on his Elmo potty seat.  He even understood about pointing down so the teetee goes in the potty and he did manage to get two drops out.  We are still VERY far away from for real potty training - but this is such a big jump - we will take the progress!!  It's funny how precise he is about how things are done - meaning - he wants to do it all himself; moving the stool, placing the Elmo potty seat just so, scooting back, getting his book.  It's funny really.

Contrary to what Patrick's teachers may think - the kid LOVES the water.  (Walked in to school this morning and they had video with the waterpark sprinklers to show me of Tat just screaming .... so strange - I think it was the shooting water)  Bath time has become a super soaker event.  He splashes and he splashes BIG.  Instead of trying to control it - I just pulled the shower curtain so the water wouldn't escape the tub.  Of course, William didn't understand why Tat could splash that big but he couldn't, so I pulled shower curtain over farther and hollered for Sam to get the video camera.  They were having such a big time together.  I just can't get over how much they enjoy each other.  No wonder people have more babies - such joy.

Sam always manages to get sick on the weekend or holiday.  I don't know how he does it - but he is never down for the count on a weekday when I can go to work and the kids can go to school.  This time he has Strep Throat.  Neither of us have had it before.  Apparently it really sucks.  And it's really contagious - so he was quarantined to the back room all day.  That left me with two very mobile and antsy children.  I'll be honest, I wasn't so happy about it in the morning.  I might have even given Sam a little attitude about him being sick all the time... ha.  Just pay back for all the comments he's made about my "weak" immune system...

I took the boys to the park in the morning so William could ride his balance bike - he's actually getting pretty good at it all of a sudden - and Patrick "wanted" to swing.  I think I caved on the 'no-tv' rule just because I didn't feel like arguing with a mini person about it.  I even felt a little bit like the nap whisperer for a second when both boys went down for naps at the same time.  Patrick only slept long enough for me to load the dishwasher and scrub the shower though.... I got the kitchen mopped by throwing puffs at him to eat.  He is loving puffs every bit as much as his brother did now that he can get them to his mouth.  I was in a better place about the quarantine by the afternoon and we all just played and played.  Tried to take the boys outside to play on the "island" (blanket) but of course it started raining as soon as we get out there and I have the only two year old in the world who wouldn't want to play in the rain.  Silly kid.  All in all it was a great Monday holiday.  Love those two boys so much.

I am going to brag on myself for a minute - it's my blog - I do what I want - haha!!  No, seriously, last Friday I read my goal of running 6 miles.  I've been working towards this since January.  Well, technically, my first goal was a 5k and once I hit that, I turned my focus to a 10k... And I did it.  In 1 hour and 14:55 minutes.  I will totally take it.  I'm not running for speed.  I, quite frankly, wouldn't care it if took me 2 hours to run 6 miles.  I just want to finish. I am so proud of myself.  Sam wanted me to quit running when I got pregnant with William, I was just up to four miles at that point, and I never quite got back there by the time I was pregnant with Patrick - and then I was just nauseous all the time...  New goal - 8 weeks of making 6 miles feel good and then working towards a half marathon for the rest of the year.  Oh, and I definitely want to run the Callaway Twilight 10k in November.  I am for sure going to need new shoes before that though, mine are 3 years old - I'm pretty sure the running gods from on that!! haha!!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Water Sand and Beaches

Sam went in to William's room to give him more water last night and he said to him in a whispery sweet voice, "Sam.............Your name is Sam..........."  Sam replied "Yes it is baby, but you can call me Daddy."  tee hee.  If you ask William what his name is he will now repeat William Thomas Rumer VERY emphatically.  And a couple weeks ago - everyone's names were Mommy Thomas Rumer, Daddy Thomas Rumer, Tatrick Thomas Rumer.  Hilarious.

The waterpark opened last week at school.  We went for the opening party and then promptly forgot to bring water diapers and swim clothes this week.  We remembered one day, only to forget the next.  We couldn't get lucky and have the boys go on the same day - so four days of the week we have an opportunity to screw up succeed.  Yay for us.  William is a hoot to watch play in the water though.  He runs around without a care in the world and doesn't rely on a single person for his enjoyment.  So cute.

"Tat Tat" is really developing the cutest personality.  I know I've said this aloud a thousand times, but he is really just the happiest baby.  Content and satisfied 85% of the time.  The other 15% he wants to be held instead of letting his parents get ready for work.  A little frustrating, but he's so cute, how can I say no?!  And he's ticklish all over now.  Making him laugh is my favorite thing to do - his whole face lights up and his belly jiggles.  I love it.

Patrick and William are really starting to play together every now and again.  Sometimes it even lasts for longer than 30 seconds. haha William is always very concerned that Patrick is "ok" and checks on him often.  Pats his head.  Tells him it will be ok.  Such a sweet big brother.  And Patrick follows William around like he hung the moon.  That has already started to annoy William a little bit.  Especially when Patrick grabs on him to try and stand.  William hates that pretty much all the time.

Apparently, William has been using the potty regularly at school to teetee.  Like - all the time.... Stinker.  We think it's probably because of peer pressure and routine.  Mostly peer pressure.  They go to the bathroom in groups, it's easier that way I am sure with a bunch of mini people.  We did succeed in getting him to sit on the Elmo potty this morning.  Only by promising him a treat if he tried.  I was planning on saving the tootsie rolls for when he actually goes - but since sitting on the potty is a success in and of itself right now - he got the treat.  We still aren't being pushy though.  As long as he doesn't go to kindergarten in diapers - we are good.

It was our Sixth Anniversary today.  For once in our life, planning worked out in our favor, and our anniversary is always around Memorial Day, which always equals a three day weekend.  Good for us.  :)  Yesterday we went to Callaway to swim at Robin's Beach.  We'd been trying to get up there for weeks, but the Fusion always foiled our plans. Not this time.  Which is why we were not to be deterred when we got to the gate and realized we would have to pay in addition to our pass because it was a "Special Events" weekend due to the Waterski & Wakeboard tournament.  Dammit - we were having our fun family day in the sun - we were not ABOUT to turn around!! Take that FUSION!!!  Can't get the Rumers down!! haha!!

It was totally worth it.  We had a great family day.  Patrick LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS the beach and the water.  That kid is going to be the epitome of a beach bum.  William HATED the sand and only tolerated the water at this age.  Patrick thinks he can swim and tried often.  William has thankfully warmed up to the sand and had a great time digging tunnels, burying his animals, and making castles.  Patrick tried to eat the sand and throw it in my hair.  It was super cool watching the professional waterskiers... I used to waterski at my great grandparent's lake house and my adult body now notices how much it hurts, so I can't remember the last time I went.  These guys were crazy good cutting back and forth.  And there was something like Wake Skating...?  The board wasn't attached, so it was like skate boarding, but on the water...?  That was neat too.  William like pointing out the boats and watching the jumps.  I can just tell that this is going to be a great summer.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Funny little boy words

Yes - It has been FOREVER since I have posted.  Seriously, it's been busy around here.  Hard to believe I am sure....  We have been out of town every other weekend, work has been blowing up - which is fine because I like being busy, and the boys are growing like weeds - it's hard to keep up.

William has been saying the funniest things.  The other weekend at my Dad's house, I guess he couldn't reach something, so I had to get it for him and he just kept repeating "You big Mommy You Tall.  You big You tall."  I was almost offended until he followed up the tall part.  ha!!  I have a notebook to write all of his funny sentences in, but I just can't keep up.  He's talking SOO much now and Sam's parents commented that he's becoming less of a toddler and more of a big boy.  Which he is quick to tell you as well.  "I not a honey Mommy, I a big boy."  Hilarious.  I can't believe that he will be three in 10 weeks.  Three seems so old (yes - I know that statement is ridiculous considering his Daddy turns 30 on the same day).  Before we know it he will be in kindergarten, then high school, then married, and oh my.  Where will the time go?!!

I watched hours of video of William and then Patrick at my dad's house too.  I had actually never seen William's first steps - he walked to get to a book - such a smart boy.  And how he laughed hysterically at hitting balloons.  I'm so glad we have the video camera (Thanks Daddy!) because it's way too easy to not remember all the little details.  I'm sure people thought I was crazy, but I was videoing the boys at the duck park yesterday - William "riding" his bike and Patrick was just sitting in the stroller.  But, our camera was dead (oops) and I want to remember how excited William was that the baby geese were coming up to him to get bread.  I can barely remember how small *if 9 lbs could be small - ha!) Patrick was and that was only 8 months ago....

Patrick has become quite the speed demon on the floor.  He can flat move.  It's so funny - he crawls with one leg up and drags the other.  Which is good I guess, because only one knee/top of the foots gets dirty this way.  I remember William's legs were always scuffed, dirty and red!  He is starting to cruise the furniture just a little bit and much prefers to stand.  At their school's Beach Day, I had to hunch over holding his hands while he walked all over the water park.  Maybe that's why my back hurts....?!  I certainly don't want him to walk anytime soon though - I'll then have to admit that he's growing up and I am in full denial.  haha!!

They are starting to for real play together.  We had fun play time on Mommy & Daddy's bed this weekend, and they were both just squealing and tickling and running all over it.  THE cute thing.  I've been trying to convince Sam that we could totally fit a King bed in our room and that it's an ABSOLUTE need... Then Patrick could continue to sleep with Mommy and he could too!!  He's not buying in - I still have some work to do.  Oh - and william REALLY wanted Patrick to sit in his lap during Night Night book time on Sunday and when Patrick didn't come - William slid up behind him, pout him in his lap (between his legs) and hugged on him for minutes.  What lucky brothers they are to have each other.

We aren't really making a whole lot of pregress on the sleeping front.  We have managed to get Patrick to start the night in the crib, but when he wakes up between 9-11, I usually just end up putting him in the bed with me.  It's easier that way honestly.  We (really it's just me - Sam wants him to learn to "self-soothe) waffle pretty regularly about whether he should learn to sleep on his own versus co-sleeping.  The only thing I really wish is that he would go to sleep at bedtime - but those issues might be because he apparently had a double ear infection.  I don't know.  I really do like co-sleeping and I do think it is good for him, as much as there are contradicting opinions on the whole thing, but I also would like a little bit of a schedule bedtime.  I don't want to make him cry it out though - it just feels cruel to force him to wail - he sounds so hurt and betrayed.  It's all a big conflict for me and there's not a whole lot of middle ground as far as I can see.  He is still waking up every two hours to eat, which could be comfort nursing/habit at this point, but I don't really know how to stop it and I'm not entirely sure that I want to.  Except that I am constantly exhausted and my mind is mush every now and again.  I don't know.  I'm not sure how to do it right.  I will say that when Patrick is done eating, he is done.  It's so amusing to me.  He will nurse nurse nurse and then all of a sudden he will just roll over and go back to sleep.  Abruptly.  He's done it a couple times just eating in my arms as well.  Cracks me up.  Maybe things will change when he's a year old.  3 more months 3 more months 3 more months.

And since I just noticed how few pictures we have taken this month - literally only 70 total - I know!! - I feel like I should mention that we have taken a LOT of video...  I guess the boys have been more interesting when they are moving (slash, the video camera wasn't dead for half of the month....)  Also, since most of the pictures are from Cleveland - we love being at my parent's house.   There's so much space.  And just sitting on the front porch, regardless of the weather or time of day, is absolute perfection.  And the company's not bad either - haha!! LOVE YOU!!!  Oh - And Mother's Day was wonderfully uneventful.  We decided to document the day at the last minute with us all in pjs, no makeup, and a "baby" elephant - but with those blue eyes - who cares about anything else.  I am beyond blessed.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Patrick by Numbers: 8

Eight months old.  Every month it sneaks up on me.  I am in constant awe of everything he is learning and it always take me a day or two to come to terms with him hitting the milestones.  I want him to stay little, stay my baby.

*Weighs approximately 19 lbs 2 oz.

*Made our first trip to the ER this month due to an ear infection that wouldn't budge.  The antibiotic the doctor prescribed made him have crazy bad diarrhea and vomit.  Though, he might have also had the stomach bug that the rest of the house contracted later that week - so it's hard to tell.  But he got VERY dehydrated and we spent the night in the ER to get fluids and antibiotics - shots.  It was not a wonderful experience but we survived.

*Can sit up by himself unsupported and can also get himself to sitting with out help.  Of course, he started crawling before he could sit without help which just made me laugh.  I wasn't ready for him to crawl when he couldn't sit....

*Also started pulling up on furniture, mommy's legs, William's toys right around the same time as crawling.  In the span of about a week our entire lives changed.  We now have two mobile kids.  Goodness.

*Got his first big boo-boo as a result of pulling up.  He smashed his nose pretty good into our rug after pulling up on the bed.  We didn't see it - but I guess he lost his balance and hit the floor hard because his nose was all scabby and pitiful looking.

*Loves bathtime and no longer needs the baby seat to take one.  This thrills Patrick and ticks William off when he tries to take the boats.

*Eating three meals of "solid" food a day.  He particularly loves anything with pineapple mixed in.

*Has been sleeping like a newborn.  I am feeding him every two hours atleast.  At this point, it's just a habit.  A habit that is going to have to break soon.  I just have to get up the nerve to go through it.  It breaks my heart when he cries - it's literally blood curdling screams.  Truly awful.

*He is really one of the most content babies I've ever seen.  It amazes us every time he just sits in our lap, or the stroller, or on the floor playing by himself in the middle of a thousand toys.

*Apparently can hold his bottle and feed himself now.  I haven't witnessed it first hand, but Sam says he can do it.  That's magic to us as well.

*Babbles with the best of them.  Lots of B & D noises, though,  I swear I heard Ma Ma today.  Probably just wishful thinking though. haha!!

*He loves to be tickled.  His feet are especially ticklish, as is under his chin.  I love his laugh and how his face lights up.

*He will shake his head from side to side to get your attention and to make you laugh.  I think he'll be a ham just like his brother.  It's really one of the cutest things.

*Is starting to raise his hand to wave bye.

*I think we are approaching separation anxiety.  He gets his feelings hurt if he sees me and I don't pick him up, or if one of us sets him down to do something.  He doesn't cry when we leave him at school though, and that's a testament to his love for his teachers.

*Is wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 12 month clothes - some 6-9 still fits but barely.

*He still doesn't have any teeth - but boy does he enjoy chewing on things.  And it really hurts when he chomps down on your chin - he definitely has jaw strength.

*Still thinks his brother hung the moon.  He watches every move he makes.  Hopefully he's not taking notes on the tantrums...

*Had to go to work with me twice because I cut it too close after doctor appts to make it to my meetings and drop him off at school beforehand.  Luckily, I have a great workplace and work peeps.  He, of course, now has a length babysitter list.  He won every single one of my coworkers' hearts.  He never made a peep while being handed around and snuggled in with each of them.  Such a sweet sweet boy.

*Enjoys swinging.  Lots of smiles when we do that at the park.  I'm sure he's happy to finally have something he can do besides sit in the stroller or in mommy's lap while William plays.

*Still nursing all the time and getting breast milk at school.

*I keep forgetting to mention this but we noticed a couple months ago that the veins on the bridge of his nose (I have them too) are shaped like a heart.  I thought it was amusing that I had stared at his face every day for five months but then my sister noticed it the morning of his baptism...  But she was right - a heart.

*Loves to fly and be "thrown" in the air.  I'll lay on my back and put him on my shins and rock back and forth... Sam is a bit rougher and throws him.  I'm not a fan.  When I throw him I don't actually let go...  I don't know what I'm afraid will happen in those three inches of air but it makes me gasp every time.

*He is a happy happy boy full of joy.  We are so lucky.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Water Babies

I know I know.... I haven't posted in two weeks.  Would you believe me that I've been busy at work, busy at home, and no time inbetween?  Hopefully - because - it's definitely the truth.  I really don't even have time to do a real post right now.  I'm supposed to be getting into bed so I can a headstart on only sleeping two hours at a time... haha!!

So - I will give you a post of pictures yet again.  It's getting warm/HOT in Columbus right on schedule, or a bit early... and we have broken out the blow up pool we bought on super clearance last year.  The boys love it.  Especially William.  I can't get enough of them in the water.  Such happy boys.

And to top it off - my dad must have known that I would forget to pack up the zebra pool for the weekend, and found a super awesome pool at an amazing deal, so the water fun continued at their house this past weekend....   goodness I have a lot of blogging to catch up on.



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