Monday, November 29, 2010

First Haircut and One of Two Thanksgivings

Ok - no time for a long post - Sam will be back in moments with the ever important $1 box of Milk Duds.  Thankyou movie candy and my always wonderful hubs.  But the world most definitely needs to see how cute our kid is - so without further ado:

He only thinks he's excited about what's to come

Wait...what are you doing Mom?

I'm pretty sure I didn't ask for this



Helping us clean the dishes...that weren't dirty...

He always makes a beeline for the stairs

Happy Boy in the woods

I love my snaggle tooth little boy

Walking his Grandaddy R

The Rumer Family Christmas Card Picture


Friday, November 26, 2010

Rumer Thanksgiving

Thursday was Thanksgiving. But you already knew that. Since I have no vacation days we stayed in town all day which was nice. We went to B&B's for turkey and ham and pumpkin pie - though my husband would tell you that it's all about the carrot cake. And just for the record, he went over earlier in the week to learn how to make his mama's carrot cake even though I had made him one for his birthday using the exact same recipe. Yes, my feelings are hurt, but Becky pointed out that now I would never have to make one. He could do it. My feelings are still hurt but I'll get over it. Anyhow.

The weather was surprisingly mild, which would usually bum me out
, but since being outside is William's most favorite thing in the world - he had a blast. Apparently he worked up the courage to go up the driveway and to the top of the hill. Such a brave little boy. He was absolutely adorable running around.

Today I had to work. Which was fine. I had some stuff to do. Didn't receive a new email for what was close to three hours, so it was a little boring. I had managed to say really loudly that I had a three and a half hour drive after work so they let me go at two. Which was great because we were on the road at 2:38, made amazing time (2 hours and 40 minutes) and got to my Daddy's house in time for pizza night. Which, btw, is legendary. Just saying.

And William was thrilled to see his grandaddy, mima, Mimi, and Jack (I don't remember his great grandpa name right now). I have never seen William so tickled. The most adorable happy screams ever. Seriously. So funny and cute how much that kid loves his grandaddies. We ECM let him stay up until 7:20 so he could eat pizza and hang out with every one a little longer. Then after he went to bed we watched toy story 3. Really cute movie, even though we got a bad copy from red box and had to keep skipping scenes to keep it playing correctly. No big deal. My dad has a projector and a humongous screen - so even scratchy movies are awesome.

Tomorrow all of my family is coming over. Well almost everyone. It should still be lots of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing three of my brothers and sisters. We haven't seen Kathleen in far too long, so it'll be great. I wish Colin and kellie were going to be able to make it but they have a bench dedication in honor of kellie's dad at the uga campus. So - think of them and her family tomorrow.

Ok back to happy. I'm thankful for so many things and I think that will have to be a totally separate post. So hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and those you love the most. Also that none of you were trampled in black Friday madness - thar was a crazy video on the news. Reason#34527 I have no interest in shopping at four am.

I just discovered that I can't get pictures in here when typing on Sara's iPad. Which is really too bad because we have some really cute ones from Thursday. Oh well. I'll post them next week.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sneaks Up on Me

I feel like all I ever talk about on here is how much I miss my kid during the days.  And maybe it's just the timing of when I get to blog...who knows...  But it snuck up on me this morning.  I had a class on Data Segments today, seriously fascinating stuff - and no, I'm not being sarcastic - it was a super awesome phenomenal class, but right before it started I'm just sitting there thinking that I wish I was home with William so we could do nothing.  Well, not exactly nothing, run a couple errands, dilly dally around town, and maybe squeeze in a fun trip to Chill.  And then, for a brief moment, I was sad.  Just a touch, not much...but yeah.

Sam thinks he's forbidding this outfit because people at the Doctor's office kept calling him a "she" - it's not going to work...
Those are firemen in the smocking and I can only dress him without his opinion for so much time...

A perk of not being home is that he is genuinely ecstatic to see me at 5:45 when I pick him up.  Drops everything and comes running as fast as his short little legs will let him and gives me the BIGGEST hug ever.  The absolute best part of my day.  By far.  Oh - and his face lights up with a humongo smile too.  Can't beat that feeling.  With anything.  Not even milk duds.  Which, by the way, I am 100% obsessed with.  It's not healthy.  And I don't care.

Happy Happy Boy - ready for the Georgia - Auburn game

His teachers have him sitting in a chair at a table to eat breakfast, lunch, and snacks at and so he has been trying to sit on EVERYTHING.  Daddy's leg, his farm animal bus toy, the lawnmower, everything.  So Sam built him a a set all his own and we finally got it painted this weekend.  In the picture below - we hadn't gotten the legs done yet, but they are green.  I love it.  Sam is so good.  So happy that he's all mine ours.  And William loves it.  We still haven't completely mastered getting him to remain seated during an entire meal but we're getting there.  And my Daddy is building him one for their house - so he'll have somewhere to sit for Thanksgiving dinner - oh so cute.

Chasing bubbles and super excited about it!

William is developing slightly obsessive tendencies like his parents...slight - ha - no, we're totally obsessive...  But when pepito picks something that he wants - that's all he wants.  Even if it's an empty red gas can or a meat thermometer.  Don't you dare try to tear him away from it.  Not going to work.  Sam smoked a Boston Butt on Sunday and it was so pretty that William and I joined him outside for an hour or so and all William wanted to do was drag the gas can to the trash cans and eat rocks.  Not productive.  Funny but not ok.  Then he decided that the meat thermometer was his toy of choice - nevermind that it's kinda sharp on one end - so Sam spent a good amount time putting the cover back on every three seconds.

Touchdown!!!  He actually just does this randomly but we're trying to teach him...

Everyone seems to be asking about how the house selling is going.  The answer: it's not.  No one has come to see the house in I don't know how long, and honestly, that's fine with me right now.  It stays in a constant state of disaster, even when it is clean - it only stays that way for a matter of hours - and I just don't care.  There are several houses that we find intriguing but we're trying very hard not to get attached or excited about any one of them because that's when we do a poor job of making money on house selling.  Not that we're trying to make a lot, but y'know how it is...  And now we're into the holidays and the chances of anyone wanting to move at Christmas is slim to none.  I mean, we did the year we got married, but we've already established how house crazy and obsessive we are, so it should be no surprise.

Isn't my hubs awesome?!  Look at that chair!

I've been a busy busy bee sewing appliqued tshirts for friends, and friends of friends.  Which is awesome because it's how we keep juice in the house.  Seriously - the kid's juice habit might need an intervention soon.  Not even kidding... teehee  So keep the orders coming guys!!  Shameless plug - $10 an applique, large selection of fabrics and designs, you provide the shirt or I will buy one at Old Navy for $6 and you can pay me back.  Ok - that's over.  But seriously, contact me, my kid needs his juice.

I let him play in the rocks just long enough to get a picture

At some point either during the last part of the week or early in the weekend Sam suggested breaking out William's easel that we had actually purchased in preparation for fostering children a billion years ago.  I couldn't find the chalk so I gave him a yellow dry erase marker and he had a blast.  Only problem - he wanted to run around the house with the open marker.  I hate to be THAT mom, but I'm so not cool with color that I didn't choose on the wall.  Just saying.  So Sunday we bought him the special Crayola markers that are invisible unless on the special paper.  Surprisingly it wasn't even that expensive.  Now, of course we broke it out as soon as we got to B&B's house and he wanted nothing to do with it - there was exploring outside to be done - but I'm thinking good thoughts and we'll try again this weekend.  It's really cool stuff - here's hoping that the invisible ink doesn't work on plaster!!  And they make a finger paint version of the special invisible stuff....there might be another trip to Target in the near future...

He dropped the unopened can and then let it hiss and spray all over him.  We didn't notice immediately...

William is occasionally saying new words haphazardly.  He doesn't same them often, but we've heard the words bubble, shoes, sock, and grass.  I know there were others, but I can't remember them now.  Maybe Sam will later for me...  And if you ask him where his hair is - he points to his head.  And today he said Mama and pointed to me.  So sweet....heart melt....  And then during his bath tonight, he stood up and very clearly asked for his Dadee.  We may not have many words or any intelligent sentences but he's cuter than any other kid so we still win.  Just saying.  :)



Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Always Playing Catch-Up

This whole new "working mommy" is really taking its toll.  I am never on top of anything.  Seriously, it's bad when my Dad calls and one of the first things he says is "you know you haven't updated One Little Rumer since October 17."  Yeah - that bad.  The house is a mess, an absolute disaster is being generous, I haven't blogged in almost a month, I don't have time for friends, I can't remember the last time I went grocery shopping, I'm sewing like a mad woman in what little spare time I do have so we can have money to feed the kid (yeah - somehow with two paychecks it's still not enough - thank you humongo daycare bill), and date night? What is that?

Our family day at Callaway - playing with cars

The worst part, the part I'm having the hardest part dealing with, is that I only get to see William for an hour an half each day.  Now I know that I spent a good bit of time complaining about how I hated being stuck at home and all I wanted was a job, but I really took for granted all that time with him.  Even if he was frustrating and into everything, I never MISSED him.  And now, I find myself resenting it if I have obligations on the weekend that take me away from him.  So - I'm making a new rule that unless I am EXTREMELY passionate about something - no more volunteer work/duties/activities on the weekend.  I miss my kid too much to be stuck doing things for other people that I don't care about.  Just saying.

he loves his Daddy

So that's that.  Take it or leave it.  I'm sorry if this means I won't be helping you on something.  Really I am.  But still.  Just saying.

At the Pumpkin Farm

In other news, William is officially a fan of school.  Sam has not reported any crying in over a week and actually pepito has been jumping out of his arms to go play.  This does not mean that he doesn't play possum and act super sweet with his head on my shoulder when I pick him up in the afternoon, but I secretly love that.  Ms. Pat is his favorite and I think she's always just a little disappointed when I show up because they have such a great bond.  He's Ms. Pat's boy.  So sweet.  I'm glad that he loves his teachers and they are teaching him things we have NEVER been able to.  HE SITS IN A CHAIR AT A TABLE TO EAT!!  So Sam built him one just his size this weekend.  Thank God for my husband and his skills.  Love him.

sitting with the HUGE pumpkins

I'm going to be jumping a lot, I've got a month to fit into one post...sorry.  And a LOT of pictures.  Hope you enjoy them!! ha!

He was ready for pajama day at school - then he played with his pumpkin

 William is everywhere.  Which of course is to be expected.  But wow.  And no fear.  Whatsoever.  He melted down the other day when I wouldn't let him play in the road.  Silly mommy.  And he almost walked off a slide at the park today.  But, I'd rather have a kid with no fear and have to occasionally pull him back then to have him glued to my leg constantly scared of the world.  And he's the sweetest boy.  He literally hugged a little boy at the park today until he cried.  It was so sweet.  I felt a little bad that the little boy (Caleb - we don't know him...) was crying but you can't exactly scold your kid for hugging.  Plus, Caleb's momma thought it was sweet and was surprised to hear that he does it to everyone.  The only problem is at some point the hugging kinda looks like pushing but 100% not aggressive...  There will have to be a serious Stranger Danger discussion in the future.

and "helped" us carve the big one

He has named him monkey that our preacher Buddy brought him the day he was born - Bobo.  Sam says it isn't a good name for a monkey, but I had a dog when I was little named Bobo so I'm fine with it.  Plus, it's the first thing he named himself.  And he calls Hilbert (the blue elephant) Hilbo.  I swear, if any word has a B in it - he can say it.  Everything else - yeah - not happening... yet.

Trick or Treating with Henry & Robbie

I just discovered a tooth in the back of his mouth that must've just come in.  Which would explain the 102 degree fever the daycare found on Monday and sent him home.  It would also explain why the fever went away within a couple hours.  Per policy, we still had to keep him out 24 hours, so Sam was home with him today because I had class.  And quote, keeping up with William "is exhausting and boring all at the same time.  I don't know how you did it."  Ah - validation.  So sweet.  Not that Sam never believed me that it was hard but it's completely different for him to understand.  Just saying.

Cutest Grizzly Bear EVER, but I'm bias ;)

Work is going really well.  I have awesome peeps at work and the other new girl, Brittney, has a son, Henry, 1.5 months older than William and they were in the same daycare class until this week.  Apparently Henry hit his milestones and gets to move up to the toddler room - which is way bigger and more room to run around in.  I'm just enjoying that my kid is sleeping in a cot and eating his meals, even if it doesn't involve utilizing utensils. He'll move up eventually and then they will be reunited - I hope.  I'm going to lobby for it anyway.

Getting a BIG belly and acting silly in his bear feet

He has become a bit of a picky eater at home though.  Every night we go through several types of food trying to figure out what he will actually stick in his mouth and swallow.  Neverending.  He loves fruit - so we can always bank on that, but the other night he wouldn't even eat cheese.  He LOOVVVEESS cheese.  Oh well. OOH - and last week we had to send him to bed only having eaten goldfish - yeah - that was a great night.  Enter copious amounts of sarcasm....  Though, I was (probably still am a little) a picky eater - so no surprise that my kid would follow suit.  When he's older though, he'll have to eat what's on his plate or sit there until he does.  Nothing better than cold brussel sprouts.  Yep - I had to do that one..not fun.

almost forget these....  This is when William's & Henry's hats came off and they discovered that they knew each other.  They were both SO excited and just kept waving their arms at each other saying Dee Dee Dee - cutest thing we've ever seen!!

So - yeah - he's pretty much adorable.  I'll try to not have to do these major catch-ups anymore, but no promises.  Life is kinda out of control at the moment.  But when is it not?!!! haha.



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