Thursday, May 27, 2010

Four Years Ago..

...I married my best friend.

I love you Sam.  You are my favorite.  Hughugkisskiss.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just another (ear infection) week

I think I might die.  (and I have a feeling that I've written that phrase WAY too many times on this blog...)

Over the weekend pepito's congestion, runny nose, and coughing got worse and it was interrupting his sleep, so first thing Monday I called the doctor's office to see if they could recommend anything that would help alleviate some of his discomfort.  They wanted us to bring him in and had an appointment for late afternoon.  Sam took him because I had a lab exam (I made a 93!!!) and it turns out he has a double ear infection.  Again.  They gave us a prescription for some more antibiotics and baby Claritin to help with the faucet nose.  He wasn't in a particularly bad mood on Monday, so it was a bit of a surprise about the ear infection.  But something about giving that kid medicine turns on the lightbulb that he's sick and he's been in a mood ever since.

Two days of nearly non-stop screaming and crying regardless of what I do to try and make it better.  And I'm not completely callus (sp?), but I can only manage to sympathize for about an hour of listening to make-you-crazy-screaming before I just can't handle it anymore.  Too bad for me, that one hour is followed by another eight to round out the day.  I know he feels awful and he doesn't like the medicine and he doesn't like drops in his ears, but seriously, what am I supposed to do?!  At best, I can distract him for 3 minutes, at worst, I'm crazy.  I don't know how much of this I can handle.  Well, I guess as much as he'll throw my way because I am his only option, but yuck.  I'm kinda hoping he gets one more ear infection really soon and the doctor insists we put tubes in his ears.  Just saying.

It's kinda funny though, now that he is officially a crawler, he follows me around the house screaming at me, just so I never forget that he's sick and his ears hurt.  Maybe only funny in an ironic way.  Or maybe not funny at all.  Depends which moment you catch me in.

Crawling news - he desperately wants to crawl into the bathroom, which is never clean.  Yes, I am THAT person.  I will clean the rest of the house seventeen times but despise cleaning the 5x8 bathroom.  Whatever.  But, I let him come in the other morning and he tried to figure out how to catapult himself over the lip of the tub.  I could see the wheels in his head turning thinking about it.  I guess maybe we do need six more baby gates.

Burnie is beginning to tolerate William more.  She's taken up residence in one of our club chairs and he'll crawl over, pull himself up, try to pet her, and she usually obliges.  Though, I think he pulled her tail the other day and she was noticeably pissed at him for the rest of the day.  Hee hee.  She has no idea what's coming when he's on his feet running after her constantly.

William is going to Grandaddy's & Mima's for the long weekend, and if they weren't saints before - they will have earned it by the end of the weekend I am sure.  I am so looking forward to sleeping through the night, uninterrupted conversations with Sam, and quiet for 3 whole days.  I hope ear infection William doesn't ruin these trips.  The fact that I only have to make it through another day and a half is sometimes the only thing keeping me holding on to sanity.  Bless them.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Trying Something New

Pepito is not sleeping.  Well, he's sleeping but not well.  He's been waking up at all the wee hours of the night/morning 5-6 times a week and it's killing us.  I am VERY lucky to have a husband who will get up with him, but since William generally refuses to go back to sleep easily we've been splitting the night.  Which means neither of us have slept through the night in weeks.  Yuck.  I just don't understand what's going on.  He used to sleep through the night - 12 hours - and it was lovely.  Even with three naps.  But now, we're on two naps a day, long in the morning about 1.5-2 hours after he gets up at 7ish and then a .75-1.0 hour nap in the afternoon, going down between 1-2 most days.  Then he's awake until his 6:30-7:30 bedtime.  We have a routine, the SAME THING EVERY DAY, but he still doesn't want to sleep.

I can't get over his cute little faces!!

I have no idea what to do.  Plus, this week, he hasn't been eating full bottles, which has me worried for more than one reason, but I can't help but think the not eating has something to do with not sleeping, but I can't exactly force him to eat.  And weird, yesterday, apparently it all caught up with him and he took a 2.5 & 1.25 naps yesterday.  So I knew we'd be in for it last night.  And we were.  Sam spent 45 minutes trying to get him back to bed and then I spent 1.25 hours and ended up with him on my chest on the couch.  Which worked, but he's so heavy now that I was having a hard time breathing with him flat on top of me.  Luckily, he was fast asleep when I hit my breaking point and went back down in his crib.

All of that is to get to get to this point.  It ends now.  He will get a 1.5 hour nap in the morning around 9-9:30, even if I have to wake him up, and then at max a 1.0 hour nap somewhere in the 1-2pm range and then Sam can handle bedtime when that happens.  And I am going to go get ear plugs today and he will cry it out during the night.  He's gotten off easy, we've been nice and would always go in there to rock him back to sleep, and that was fine as long as it worked, but now that it's not - I'm going to be "mean".  I can't take the lack of sleep anymore.  Sorry pepito.

Playing naked is how we solve diaper rash in this house..

On other news - his diaper rash is resolved.  Thank goodness!  He didn't seem particularly bothered by it - but it sure didn't look comfortable!  I would be whining all day if I had to live with that...just saying.

And big news!!!  He's crawling on his knees like a pro now!  It's kinda crazy how quickly he transitioned from military belly crawling to knee crawling.  He figured out how sometime on Monday (I think it was Monday, I'm going with it) and then by Tuesday evening when Sam got home that's all he was doing.  Under 24 hours!!  Insane!!  "they grow up so fast"...haha!  It's so cute to watch how fast his little arms and legs move to go just a little ways.  Just churning...I need to take a video.  Maybe this afternoon.

Mom!  I'm trying to eat puffs here!

I've got to go wake him up in 4 minutes - so I'm gonna throw some pictures into this thing and go.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Putting ME first

More than a month ago, my bestest asked me to do Couch to 5K with her.  She knew that I had been a runner before I got preggers and probably listened to me complain more than she wanted to about how everything hurt when I ran because of the hormone craziness (seriously - glass in my knees - not fun) and how I missed just walking out the door and being able to run 4 miles, easy cheesey.  Of course, I said yes, we just have to work around my school schedule, which turned into working around school and two families with little ones, but we've managed to stick to it for the most part.  But she kept saying - it was one of the few things she did for HER and she wasn't going to give up just because of ______ reason.  And that just reminds me how nice it is to occasionally put yourself first.  Even if it is just for 30 minutes.  We usually feel like dying after we've got our run done, but that thirty minutes is sometimes the most fun I have all day.  And it's all about me (and her) - so we share our me time - it's more fun that way atleast if it's running.  Just saying.

Another thing I've finally committed to doing that's all about me (and some about being healthier for my family) is - I'm back on Weight Watchers.  This baby weight has got to go!!!  It worked so well the last time (pre-preggers I lost 30 of 50 pounds on WW) that I really just needed to do it again.  It's the only way I'm going to be able to keep track of what goes in my mouth and truth - I LOVE it.  I make it into a game and it's so much fun.  Plus - it means that I'm back in charge of cooking and I'm pretty sure Sam is loving the relief.

So - there - I'm doing two things just for me and it's great.  School is over in 2 weeks and I'm really looking forward to the summer.  My bestest is moving to an apartment with a pool and I AM SO EXCITED!!!  It's going to be good - I'm hoping I feel more like myself soon.  Back to the regularly scheduled program tomorrow.  :)

isn't he funny?!  and adorable!!


Monday, May 17, 2010

And away we go

Last week was really busy for me.  I had something on the calendar every single day.  And to be honest - I hate weeks like that.  I much prefer to have more emptiness, and not just because it meant that I had to shower everyday.  ha!  I had exams to study for, Bunco with the girls, dresses to sew for parties on the weekend, doctor appointments, etc.  Yuck.   I don't know how people with busy social calendars do it - it makes me crazy.  Luckily - this week all I have is class (which is over in less than a month!! yay!!!)

licking the mayonnaise & mustard off the plastic knife

There were several highlights of all the busy-ness though - babyless dinner on Friday night with friends and then we went to see Robin Hood after.  I can't remember the last time we saw a New Release in the movie theater, much less the first night it was out.  What a treat!  And Ridley Scott did not disappoint.  It was no where as good as Gladiator, but what could be?, but it seems they've set it up for a sequel which would be awesome!!  And the best part was - William did great with B&B, fell fast asleep, and didn't even wake up when we put him in the carseat to go home.

loving it!

He's been kinda finicky about sleeping through the night, especially when he gets off his routine, so we thought we were in the for the worst and were pleasantly surprised when neither of us had to get up at 2 am to soothe him back to bed.  It's funny - I spent so much time when he was a newborn praying for him to sleep through the night that it never occurred to me that he wouldn't always sleep the whole night once he did it.  Crazy.

this is what happens when I leave the french doors open - crawling in pollen

Sunday we took a family day and went to Callaway to bike around.  The weather was great, especially since there was tree cover the whole time (and down hills to produce a breeze!) and we had a great time.  William did wonderful in the trailer, not a peep the whole way.  He goes into a biking daze/zone, gets glassy eyes and just enjoys the view.  We packed lunch and ate by one of the lakes we passed.  It was perfect.  Seriously looking forward to doing this every month.

razzing, watching tv, and patting his head all at the same time

While I was at a party on Saturday afternoon, Sam decided to hit the consignment store for a second carseat.  We were wasting MUCH money on gas running errands in the Xterra because that's the car with the baby seat in it - so good for him.  He found a really nice one for only $10 more than we paid for the brand new one we picked up at WalMart however long ago that was.  William loves it.  It reclines and he sits in a cocoon basically - I kinda wish my seat would do that!

concentrating hard on not falling

Sam also came home with a walking/rolling toy thing.  He somehow talked the girl into giving it to him for the price of the older model ones...sweet!  Pepito isn't quite sure what to do with it yet, but we've made the decision to put the walker away and make him use this to learn how to balance a little bit better.  He's pretty cute using it and it's good thing he's figured out how to fall to his tush because he's getting a lot of practice doing that! ;)

every time I bring out the camera he gets THIS close to it

On a not so happy note - William has his first diaper rash today - poor baby.  I'm not sure he's figured out that he's supposed to be unhappy about it yet though, which is good.  I'm not even quite sure how he got it - his diaper wasn't even that full and I change them frequently - oh well - chalk it up to some weird baby thing.  Sam read somewhere that coming off antibiotics might be the cause, but who knows.  I'm fighting the urge to feel like a bad mom...  Good thing I'm not that person.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Pediatrician

Today was our first appointment with our new doctor, Dr. Mansfield, and I'm considering it a huge success.  Our appointment was at 3:00, and we showed up twenty minutes early because we're new patients.  The front staff was nice and she kept apologizing to me for having more things for me to fill out even though I had the new patient paperwork already done, which I didn't understand because I was more than happy to do whatever she needed, but I appreciated it just the same.  The waiting room wasn't overly crowded and William had a good time playing with the other kids there.  It was fun watching him interact with other babies, one 10 months old & WALKING!! and a 2-3 year old boy who was very intrigued with William.  He just sat and squealed and tried to crawl/walk around everything.  Oh - and they had separate sick/well waiting rooms which just makes me happy.  I bet that's standard now, but it was nice to hear one of the ladies move a kid who was sick out of our well waiting room.

trying to grab the butterflies with Grandaddy K at Callaway

They don't have a subwaiting room, so after weighing and measuring William - they sent us back to the main waiting room which was fine.  I really think that part of the problem with Rivertown is that they would forget they put us in the subwaiting room.  Seriously not cool.  I think by 3:30 they had a room for us and we waited there maybe 10-15 minutes before Dr. Mansfield came in.  I had heard that he doesn't have the greatest bedside manner, so I was prepared for that - but William did great with him.  And Dr. Mansfield commented that he was so happy - oh how I've waited to hear that!!  Long time coming - but thank goodness it's here!!  William's ears were clear, so we'll finish out the antibiotic and move on.  I was really worried there was still going to be fluid in the right one and we would have to go to an ENT and then get tubes...etc....  Not that it would be a problem really, just really didn't want to have to deal with it.  Imagine - Rivertown could've given us the antibiotic three months ago and then there would be no fluid to speak of ... just saying.

razzing at Callaway - puffs make him happy

Dr. Mansfield said we can start stage 3 foods, more finger foods, and try to get William to start getting more used to the sippy cup.  I think I'm going to go to WalMart and get the one that has the bottle nipple lid and see if that helps pepito get more fluid in his mouth instead of all over the front of his shirt.  We'll see.  Also - they have you fill out a checklist of developmental things and William is doing just fine with all of it.  I like that. It makes you sit down and really evaluate what's going on.

"painting" a card for Mother's Day with Daddy - he ate the paint

All in all - I was happy with everything.  I don't need someone to hold my hand - just a doctor to tell me what I need to know.

OH - And pepito weighs 19lbs 6oz, 25th percentile (no diaper) and is 28.5" tall, 50th percentile.  So we still have a squirt on our hands.  Nothing new there - we definitely knew that already.  ;)

having fun during our daily outdoor time in the front yard

On non-doctor related pepito info - there was a massive diaper poop explosion yesterday.  I have NEVER seen such.  I knew it was bad because it had leaked out onto his shirt a little bit but when I got everything opened up - there was poop all the way up his back and had made it to his HAIR!!!!  OMG!!!  I didn't realize this until I was two wipes in to cleaning him up and then picked him up - held him WAY out in front of me and plopped him in the bathtub.  Wow.  Sam came home for lunch in the middle of the bath and commented on him taking a bath without the duckie - IT WAS AN EMERGENCY!! ha!  So that was yesterday.  Oh - and he threw up his breakfast - so I don't even know how many outfits we went through...craziness.

He is starting to learn cause and effect which is adorable.  He'll squeal and wait for us to react - and if we do - he'll keep going to get us to react some more.  It's SOOOO cute.  High pitched shreeking but adorable.  Ha!

trying to investigate the camera while it is in use

I think this is long enough - more later...


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Becoming a mom has been the most rewarding thing I have ever had the privilege of tackling and I am so grateful that William chose us.  He is an absolute joy and his giggles warm my heart.  I also consider being a mom the hardest, most frustrating thing I have ever done/am doing but without that I would never understand why all other moms say "it's worth it."

And he most certainly is worth it.  All of it.

Happy Mother's Day most especially to my two wonderful moms - who showed me how to keep my head high and love unconditionally.  Y'all always let me be my own person, crazy paperclips in my hair, styling myself like Clarissa, and all of my many haircuts and colors - I hope I have the wherewithall to let William find his own way like y'all let me find mine (though I'm sure it helps that I ended up with my natural red hair and conservative dresses)  I know I gave y'all a run for your sanity for a couple years - but I'm sure y'all think I'm worth it too.  Much love - hughugkisskiss.


Monday, May 3, 2010

William By Numbers

Today marks the day that my sweet pepito is 3/4 of a year old - wild to think about!!!  And he WOULD NOT sit still for this month's picture - oh well - it's honest documentation!!

Highlights of the month:
*Can now effectively get food into his mouth using his hands, granted it's really just been puffs, wagon wheels, and the occasional fruit piece, but he's good at it.
*Loves all baby food, except for any combinations that have tomato paste in it.  I hope he gets over this because I could eat pasta every single night for dinner and be totally happy.
*Is pulling himself up, in the crib, at the coffee table, anything that has legs or a ledge for him to grab onto
*Will "walk" between pieces of furniture now
*Razzing is still his favorite
*Practically runs if someone will hold his hands for balance, it's hard to keep up with him
*Is an absolute tornado in his walker
*Takes only two naps a day now, long one in the morning and shorter in the afternoon
*2-3 baby food meals a day with 6 oz bottles about 5 times
*Bedtime is still relatively easy (around 6-7), but he's been waking up several times after we put him down.  We're going to start treating it as First Bedtime and letting him get up and see if that helps.
*Loves to chase all cats.  The cats do not appreciate it.
*Does not really care for dog kisses
*Has learned how to fall butt first to minimize damage and fear ;)
*Follows me around all day, either crawling or in his walker
*Still does a super cute military crawl, but he can get around!  The farthest he's gone so far is from the tv in the living room to the threshold between the dining room & kitchen - it's a long way for a baby!
*He is still completely toothless
*Wears 12 months clothes unless it's shorts or pants - then I think he has FINALLY graduated from 3-6 month size - maybe....he's such a squirt
*Loves to ride in the buggy
*Is enjoying the new vantage point from his big boy carseat
*Loves to be outside, we can sit on the stairs and just watch the traffic, etc and he'll be completely happy
*Hasn't really added any new 'words', still saying B,M,D, and vowels.
*Giggles uncontrollably at anything his Daddy says
*Thinks that balloons are the funniest things ever
*LOVES carbs - give him a piece of bread or biscuit and he's content (and an absolute mess)
*Is constantly trying to rollover and sit up on the changing table now - it's impossible to change his diaper - I miss the "happy place"
*Really enjoys bath time - especially if I let him eat the washcloth
*Sleeps with a paci and we give him one whenever he wants it, but sometimes he prefers his fingers, he doesn't like that he can't talk with one in his mouth!
*He's finally starting to get some (red) hair - it gets all curly and wispy after a bath - so cute!



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