Monday, October 26, 2009

Cute Kid Pics

In no particular order...

Sitting in the pack n play - technically he fell over three seconds later - oops!

Not so sure about tummy time right now

Daddy helping him work on his core. :)

Having a conversation with Mommy.

Chilly mornings require a hat!!

So he's recovering well from his surgery and it looks to be healing well. Nothing unusual going on - getting up once a night to change his diaper which he has also decided means we have to feed him. Luckily for Sam this is turning out to be the easiest feeding of the day - unlucky for me - I get to argue over eating all day long. Oh well. Hopefully we will be back to sleeping through the night after a follow up with the surgeon on Thursday. He's starting to refuse to take a nap longer than 30 minutes which is making me a little crazy because there's lots of things I'd like to get done - but about half the time he's happy about being awake and it's fun play time. The other half he's screaming and nothing makes him happy but y'know - we won't go into that anymore.

He always gives Sam a really big smile, even if he's eating, when Sam gets home. I'm sure that makes Sam's day. It's really cute.

12 weeks old today!!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why has modern medicine not fixed this yet?

Colic has returned and it's worse than ever. Specifically - from 8pm - 8am. It's going to kill me. It might also take my dad with it, who was nice enough to come down and let me sleep an entire night. Seeing that I had only slept 4-5 hours in two days...and 4 of those was in one night. Just saying.

He's almost 3 months, he's almost 3 months, he's almost 3 months.

I hope it's like magic. November 3 could not come soon enough!

(and y'all know I'm not big on shirts that say things - but I genuinely enjoyed putting him in this one yesterday - so appropriate!)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One Hernia Gone..

Monday was William's big surgery day and it went just fine. We woke up at 5 am, had managed to temporarily forget what that was like - ha! Sam took a shower and I got the diaper bag and everything together. Woke pepito up, changed his diaper, put a hat on him and off we went in the cold to the Medical Center just down the road. (literally - MAYBE 3 minutes away)

We signed in, I had already preregistered him last week, and then pretty quickly we were called back. The nurses were super nice - well who isn't when you have one of the cutest babies ever! - and very helpful. They brought a gown for him and a warm blanket to wrap him in. Seriously - we had a lot of hospital visitors. Even the chaplain came by because he recognized the last name - very sweet people. And surprisingly - William wasn't even ticked off that he hadn't been fed since 9 o'clock the night before. Usually he would be screaming bloody murder if he wasn't fed immediately after waking up - but hey - I'll take it. Everything is so much easier to handle when you're not embarrassingly trying to calm bambino down.

Loving the WARM blanket.
At about 7:15 one of the operating nurses came and carried him back for surgery. Honestly, everyone always says it's heartbreaking and I don't want to sound cold, but I was unaffected. Hmm. He was in good hands, routine procedure, nothing to worry about. Plus, he was happy. Who knows. Anyhow - about an hour later Dr Goldman came and found us and told us everything went really well, one stitch on the inside to close the hole the intestines were squeezing through and tape to close the incision on the outside - they don't use exterior stitches on babies. He said make sure his diaper stays clean and dry - ie. please make yourself absolutely insane changing his diaper every 16 minutes for the next 10 days until I see you again. We go back to recovery and poor baby boy is freaking out coming out of anesthesia. Nothing that can be done to help him - we just held him and waited. The recovery nurse had never seen the special swaddle blanket and is expecting her first grandchild in April - so we filled her in on its magic. I think she was impressed. ;) William calmed down practically immediately once Sam wrapped him tight in. Love that thing.

So we were home by 9:45. Easy cheesey. He was a little grumpy all day but mostly he slept ALL DAY. As long as he was sleeping on one our chests he was a pretty happy camper. He lost all interest in eating until late afternoon - but I guess that's too be expected. Who really feels like eating/like themselves after being cut open?! So, that wasn't too bad. Night time, however, is a different story. I'm not sure what I expected but whatever it was did not happen. I knew that we would be getting up constantly to check and make sure that his diaper wasn't wet and if it was we needed to change it. I wasn't prepared for W. not wanting to go back to sleep and wanting to eat, but not really eat, etc. And poor Sam - he had to work in the morning so I tried really hard not to get him involved after midnight but somewhere around 2 when W refused to go back to sleep and was loud about it, I guess it woke Sam up and he came and gave me a break. And then around 5 something I think I asked him to - because I had spent 2 hours getting him back to sleep, got in bed myself and then in 15 minutes W was awake again. I'm pretty sure I only got about 45 minutes of good sleep since I had to check on him every hour and usually that took about 30-45 minutes if he was being cooperative. Can't blame him though - I was a wreck after the c-section and I'm full grown and voice my upsetness. So, yeah. That was our night.

Recovering in the vibrating chair.

Which would be fine except that because he slept LITERALLY all day yesterday he hasn't wanted to sleep at all today. We've managed 2-20 minute naps and then as soon as Sam is about to get home I get him good and asleep and put him in the swing. I've been trying to make that happen for 9 hours and then when I could just had him to his Daddy - he gives us a break. I swear! ;) But, surprisingly, right now I feel pretty darn good. About to go lay down for awhile, but definitely feel better than the massive hangover I had on Sunday after girl's night...That was death - this is easy.

Not taking a nap today.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Two Month Check In

1st Month Weight: 9 lbs 6 oz/30th %
2nd Month Weight: 12 lbs 10 oz/ 65th % (ie - our little chunky monkey)

1st Month Height: 19.5 in/7th %
2nd Month Height: 23 in/ 20th % (ie - he has two short parents)

1st Month Head Circumfrence: 14.5"/50
2nd Month Head Circumfrence: 15.5"/ 50
(above is kind fuzzy - I don't really pay attention at these..)

So basically he's doing good. We certainly aren't underfeeding him that's for sure! He's nearly put on 6lbs since birth!

Groin hernia gets taken care of surgically next Monday and hopefully all remnants of colic will magically disappear by November 3!!! Here's hoping anyhow!! The pediatrician did notice that things must be going be better because I was smiling this time... oops! Note to self - always put on the happy face.

Pics from the exam room - since we have nothing better to do while waiting for the doc.

A Family Self Portrait on iPhone - not too shabby - but it's definitely not going in a frame.

Love this face!

Getting so strong!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

I am grateful.

I've been working on this for weeks (months - 2 to be exact). And I am not exactly eloquent so stay with me.

I waffle back and forth between loving my life and wishing I was anywhere but. 2009 hasn't been the BEST year of my life - lost my job that I loved, selling Forest became a little desperate there towards the end, and who isn't a little miserable and ridiculously emotional when pregnant. Financial struggles got the best of us, we are most definitely hanging on but the stress of it all is sometimes too much. Being at home (before baby) was boring and listless. And try as I might I couldn't find the energy to do anything (still blaming that on the pregnancy...:)) But then the most beautiful little boy was born. And I should be happy - thrilled - over the moon that I GET to stay home with him, even if that is more forced upon me than chosen - I should rejoice in that. And I do...some days. I had my fair share of very dark black hole days and while I have climbed out of the hole for the most part - they still pop up every once in awhile. I hate being home all the time, I hate not meeting with clients and making things beautiful, I hate that my schedule is not my own and that a simple task of cleaning the living room always seems impossible never mind getting all the laundry done, I hate that I have to limit how often we go out to eat with friends because we don't have $10 to spare most weeks, I hate saying no.

And then, yesterday a woman was on Oprah who writes a blog that I have been following for months. (thank you insomnia blog reading) Her story is touching to say the least. You really must go read the whole thing - atleast from a year ago. Start here: At the time what really touched me was how she spoke about her husband. The most sincere adoring love I have ever read. She has a way with words that make you want to be a better wife - talk the way she talks - have sentences like that pour out. So I remembered to DVR the episode so I could fast forward straight to her moment and it made me cry. She died, twice, survived 80% burns all over her body. Her face is not like it was and her whole skin has to be painfully stretched every morning. Her four children didn't recognize her. On Oprah, she said that she can't hold her children. SHE CAN'T HOLD HER CHILDREN. I was whining earlier because William wouldn't stop crying unless I held him. You must read her blog. Must. It took me 3 hours to read all her posts after the accident, but it is SO worth it.

So I am grateful. Grateful I can hold my son, grateful that he can only fall asleep if he is being held, grateful that it is me that feeds him in the morning, grateful that I can easily open a bag of grapes, grateful that even on my worst face days I still look like I see myself in my mind and memories, grateful that I am home to take care of my family and can do it with ease, grateful that when William is done with bathtime I get to wrap him up in a hoodie towel and make him warm. I can't imagine what it must feel like to not be able to scoop up your children but still be grateful to be there and present. That was my reality check. To not only be present for my family but to be grateful for my life and the way I GET to live it. Without Sam, and all his shoes strewn about the house, my life would have very little meaning, no laughter, no love, no boring nights snuggling under his arm. (not to mislead - her husband survived the crash as well and saved her.) And through all the crying and incredible fussiness I would not want to do anything but be there for William and his smiles really do make it all worth it. I never understood that when other moms would say it - but it is so true. That little chunk of a boy is my joy.

I am grateful.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Someone was busy this weekend...

But it wasn't me. Well, I was busy but at my parent's house in the mountains. Really I was just hanging out but the nighttime feedings I had to do all by myself, so I felt busy.

Technically, all we did was watch pepito smile and play all weekend.

Anyhow, what I was talking about was Sam. He painted some of the kitchen cabinets. The buffet side to be exact. It amounted to 12 doors, 4 drawers, 3 coats each with an additional coat of poly. He removed 24 hinges with 5 screws each and 16 handles with 2 screws each. That would've made me crazy - I'm so glad I was exempt from this project. Except for the extreme time it took to do all of this - I'm guessing it's pretty easy. And the difference is HUGE. We had originally thought about changing out the hinges and hardware but that would mean we would have to wood putty all of the extra holes in the doors and plus the sheer cost of that many hinges would be insane. Maybe in five years but I seriously doubt it. Unless anyone out there is volunteering... ;)

New and Improved
and yes, we are trying to find a better place for the cat food & litter box -
but the dogs think that it's a treat...

This section is next...pretty ugly right?!

Also, on a boo note - stupid sewing machine was a bust. It didn't work right - but my parents being the super cool nicest people I know - told me to return it and they would pay the difference for the macdaddy of all sewing machines (technically it's not - but to me it most definitely is!) It can do monogramming for crying out loud! I'm in heaven!! Granted it's only one font - but still - never thought I'd have a machine like this!! I haven't had a chance to break it out and learn how to use it yet but I will and it's going to be glorious. I totally perused the pattern section at Hobby Lobby today and I have big plans for William already. Nevermind all the window treatments and pillows I am going to make. Though, I really need to focus on learning how to thread the thing first I suppose... ;)


Friday, October 2, 2009

Headed to the mountains

I'm going to Cleveland for the weekend to stay with my parents and see my high school friends. We were all supposed to stay with Macy at St. Simons this weekend but that fell apart because it's such a long trip for all of us. It turns out though - that most of us will be in Cleveland instead - so it worked out perfectly. We can all save money and stay with our parents and no one will have to try and sleep through babies (my baby) screaming all night.

Seriously - it took us 8 HOURS to get him to sleep last night. He cried and screamed the entire time. Not a good time. He finally went to sleep at 4:30. Sam's boss pointed out that we have teething still to look forward to. God help us.

Sam is staying in Columbus because of project fever and painting the kitchen cabinets. More on this later I am sure. It's so funny how the fever just showed up for both us and we've got it bad. We bought an inexpensive Singer sewing machine and I can't wait for my stepmom to show me how to use this weekend. I've been dreaming for years about being able to sew and do all the crafty projects - and an extra perk will be simple window treatments and pillows once I feel confident enough to cut into my fabric. This will be the hardest part - I'm very attached to all of it and am scared to death I won't cut it correctly and lose it forever. I'll probably end up measuring not only twice but a dozen times. Irrational fear.

So wish me luck driving 3.5 hours in the middle of the night up to Cleveland and that he doesn't repeat last night all weekend.

And he turns two months old tomorrow!! He's getting so big!



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