Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pretty cool...

We went to the doctor yesterday and all's well.  There is still a heartbeat - which I was most excited about.  For some reason, a couple days before an appointment I convince myself there's something wrong - it's silly.  I knew this appointment wasn't going to be anything exciting - so I told Sam if he needed to stay at work that would be fine - but by lunch yesterday I was convinced that if he wasn't there that I was going to get bad news and be all alone and it would be terrible.  But if he came - there would be nothing wrong.  Luckily - work had slowed down for him just enough to come to the appt.  I hadn't been able to discern the baby's movements from freaking things happening in my belly - so I had no idea whether he was ok or not.  Ridiculous - I know.

BUT - last night - we're laying in bed and Sam's laying in my lap so I can scratch his back and all of sudden there are three very distinct kicks right by his head!! It was so cool!  (And man - when this kid is bigger his kicks are going to hurt!)  I couldn't believe it - told Sam - he put his hand where mine was and William kicked him and Sam could feel it too!  It was so neat.  Of course, William being the already stubborn little boy promptly stopped entertaining us - but it was still really awesome.  

So yeah.  That's pretty much the excitement for the week.  We might have some housing developments to announce - but I'm not sure when...  We're anxious to move - so keep your fingers crossed people!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I will eventually post about something else...

But how cute are these?!

Oh - and William is doing fine - as far as I can tell - which is really not at all. Everything that people tell me I should be feeling could be attributed to a number of things -so who knows. Doctor appointment tomorrow though!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Etsy escapade...

Ok, y'all - my facebook peeps thought I should do this - so I'm trying it out.  These are currently listed on Etsy (shop - RumerAndCompany - or search Closet Tags)
So - pass the word along about these tags and I'll be happy to make some more - Sam doesn't want me to start yet another crafty hobby for no reason... haha!  I'm dying to make some Ladybug ones!! And bluebirds, and yellow duckies, etc...  It's so fun!!  

Anyhow - here are some I made for a friend, she has an 18th month old - so only two for her - but I think they're adorable..

These are the girlie ones that I made for my friend Tara who just (well 5 weeks ago) had the cutest baby girl.  Granted - the nursery is more pink but these were too cute and Tara is easy going and loved them anyway!!

I think these would be super cute for shower gifts - and I would be happy to paint initals on the back!  Um - check out Etsy - but $24 for a set of 6.  I'm happy to hear suggestions, etc - so bring on the comments!!  I think I will make Ladybug ones next...  Or bluebirds...maybe both?!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feeling crafty?

I think I might be going a little baby crazy.  I really want to, practically need, to do something related to baby everyday.  Cute onesies, nursery related, just something!  Recently it has been painting little crafty things.  I painted a tiny birdhouse that matches the dresser/bedding and painted the wall letters on Monday.  Yesterday I started working on the dividers for the closet and finished them today.  (so cute btw..) But what am I going to do tomorrow? Or for the next 3.5 months for that matter!?!  Eventually I am going to run out of things to do for William's nursery - more likely I will run out of funds..  Though I am pretty proud of myself for doing the dividers for only $10 - it meant I had to spend an hour in Michael's trying to figure out to make it work - but it was fun.  (Side note - Hobby Lobby is far superior to Michael's)

Hopefully these will make the closet even more organized and easily used - atleast they'll give me something fun to look at it if nothing else!  There was a blue elephant that I think I might make a newborn one out of even though it doesn't go with the colors whatsoever - and just to completely second guess myself - maybe I should've only done one animal instead of 4 different ones...  I think I might make these as a baby shower gift for someone - that would be really cute and it would prolong the days when I have no craft!  Brilliant!!  (if you are reading this and are expecting a baby - please disregard the previous sentence!!)  


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Changing Table: Check - Nursery: still need

So the changing table finally came in the mail today!!!  Thank you Amazon gift card from Chris & Dan!!!  We've been waiting on it for about a month?'s been awhile either way.

Sam put it together and it's not quite the same finish as the crib - but the crib has 26 years on it - so I guess that's to be expected.  

This is my Big Bear.  I think he was Aunt Chris' - and then she gave him to me - and I retrieved him last time we were in Cleveland, so I could give him to William.  I didn't realize that having Big Bear no longer be mine would be so upsetting!!  I know it's silly - but when I was little I carried him around and then even in middle & high school I slept with him (he made a fabulous pillow!)  So - it was pointed out I was a little attached and I just sat on the sofa at my Mom's house holding him in my lap unable to part with him.  Ridiculous - I'm aware.  So anyway - William better LOVE Big Bear - or I'm taking him back...  :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend

Saturday was actually wonderfully uneventful - Sam did yardwork - we played with the dogs in the yard - pretty good day - but I feel like a liar if I titled the blog Happy Easter - because it's already the 13th (granted it's 3:45 am, but still.)  So - that's why I'm writing about a Saturday that was like every other normal Saturday...

Sunday  we went to early church - which involved getting up at 7:15 so I could take the first shower - not fun.  It was nice being done at 9:45 though.  I had somehow bribed Sam to wear his navy suit (I think it was me helping wash the cars on Saturday - but neither of us remember what the bribe actually was) and he looked sharp!  I love navy suits!  Anyhow - then we went to Hardee's for breakfast to kill time because everyone else went to Sunday school but there isn't a class that we fit in - so we never go.  Then off to Bill & Becky's to help get ready for Sunday lunch.  Everyone was coming over - so that was exciting!  I like it when all the family gets together.

Everyone wanted to know how I felt - which is great - except that I kinda think that hormones are running my life..  Case & Point: (This is only funny now - a day later btw)  It is almost always my job to toss the salad.  I don't know how this became my job - I think it might be the only thing in the kitchen that I can be trusted with - but over the years I have gotten REALLY good at it - so yeah.  Well I'm mixing everything up beautifully - and the dressing ends us on my very new, very pretty Easter/Dave & Amy's wedding/only pretty maternity dress I own.  And of course, it's not cotton - it's taffeta - so the stain is not immediately coming out and looks awful and we haven't even taken the family picture yet - so my dress is stained right in front.  This is something I cannot handle and magically Sam appears about 2 seconds before I'm about to start crying because I've ruined a dress that we couldn't really afford but I still had to wear next weekend for the wedding and I'm convinced not even the dry cleaners can get the stain out and basically the world is ending because of 4-5, now very faint, spots.  I have the best husband ever - the only person in the world that could make sure I wouldn't have a total meltdown right before Easter lunch - granted - I don't think I was exactly happy but I wasn't crying - so that was an improvement.  (gotta love the hormones - though I think I would probably be upset if I wasn't pregnant...)

So of course this was right before dinner - and then I swear the hovering began - which Sam later pointed out was more in my head than anything.  (I'm telling you - I was EXTREMELY upset about my dress - completely ridiculous!)  Everyone was very concerned that you could see the bottom of my plate, that that was all I was eating - and I was so upset that I didn't care to eat - plus I had to avoid all the foods that might splatter and make more of a mess on my dress, which is a shame because the salad looked really yummy...  Then, of course, all the advice came and I had to try really hard to take it with a smile.  I did learn for the 17 thousandth time though that boys love their mommas.  :)  Luckily - Sam's sister Laura is a Pre-K teacher - so she had lots to share about her class of children and we stopped talking about babies.  

It's not that I mind talking about babies - but I feel ganged up on with so many people giving their opinions.   Anyhow - I didn't mean for this to turn into a mini-vent - you're supposed to still be laughing at my silly meltdown...too bad I don't have a video to really make you laugh - I'm sure it would've been at the very least interesting to watch Sam try to reason with me...

The sweetest part was William's (prenatal) Easter basket from Bill & Becky!  He got the cutest sleeper thing with screwdrivers & hammers & tools on it - you can't look at it and not think of Sam!  So cute!  And a matching outfit & blanket that is blue & has animals on the shirt - adorable!!  (I'm so glad that there are options besides baseball & trucks.)  So - Thankyou Bill & Becky!!!  The most fun is thinking that next year we are going to have to do an Easter basket for real - though I think he will only be 8 months old (thanks Aunt Laura for counting) - so it will probably end up just being for show - but still!  But if I think about it too much - it's still a little strange that we will have a kid...  :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

20 week ultrasound

Forgot to do this last week...

This is a pic from the 20 week ultrasound and William has gotten pretty big in just a couple weeks.  He is actually starting to look like a real live baby instead of a real live alien baby which I am very happy about.  haha :)  He weighs a whopping 0.7 lbs (11.2 oz) and I don't remember her telling us how long he is.  Hmm.  The doctor measured my belly and seemed pleased.  I don't know the measurement of that either - but as long as she's not upset neither am I.  

Funny thing - William really likes to have his hands up by his face...and crossing his legs - I don't think I've ever seen his legs uncrossed (since he actually got them of course..)  I guess it'll be kinda neat to see if he does that when he's outside too...

OH!  And he is sitting with his face at my belly button and his legs curled up to his right side...   I think that's what she said.  You know - she kinda looked at me like I was strange when I asked where he was exactly in there - but she's taking all these pictures and I never could figure out where his head was.  I thought that that would be a normal curious question - guess not!?!

My husband is amazing!

$120 from Pottery Barn

Less than $50 from Sam, Grandaddy, & Lowe's
(Thanks be to the gift card from Grandma Marge & Grandpa Striggow from Christmas! I knew we were saving it for something great!)

So I get home Thursday evening after Career Day at Sara's school, btw - thank goodness I did not become a teacher!, and Sam was really excited that the Pottery Barn Kids catalog had come in the mail.  I flipped through it and then promptly went to sleep at 7:00 - I'm totally lame-o now.  Between then and Friday after work he had mastered the plan to make this bookshelf and would fulfill the project void..

Um - so after breakfast on Saturday we convinced Grandaddy to go to Lowe's with us - he needed his help and his basement workshop - picked up the wood and headed out to his parents house.  I flipped through SEVERAL magazines, watched Bill do yardwork, and took a nap on the bench in the sun and the bookshelf was done!  In less than 4 hours!! (not including painting time) And quite frankly - I think I like it better than the Pottery Barn shelf.  For one - the dowels aren't jacked up AND you can actually fit larger books on the shelves!!  And the custom colors just make me happy.  :)

The best part - is I didn't have do anything but lend moral support and conversation during the painting process.  Sam even painted the dragonfly detail so he (and Grandaddy) could take ALL the credit for the creation.  (He wrote it on the back with the date - very cute!)  

So - yeah - my husband is pretty amazing!!  I'm so lucky!!


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