Monday, September 27, 2010

Best Picture Ever

Not really in the mood to write a full on post - but here's a pretty awesome picture of the family when we were at B&B's celebrating my birthday and sleeping watching football.

He REALLY didn't want to have his picture taken... haha!  I think I might frame it.


Monday, September 13, 2010

The Cutest 2 minutes & 51 seconds

I know it's long - but William is too cute.  Love him.

And in other news of the day - I will not be a Stay at Home Mom in October... I GOT A JOB!!!  I'll be working as a Client Services Analyst in the Capital One group at Total Systems.  Same company as Sam but in a different location downtown, not at the big campus where he works.  Which I think will be good for us.  Anyhow - I got the call today and am so excited.  Yay!!  Finally something good happens to us, aside from the adorable little boy in the video of course.  ;)


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Little Monster...or maybe Darth Vader..

Either way - William's new favorite thing to do is growl.  Most of the things he "says" are in his growly, raspy, evil little boy voice.  It's absolutely hilarious.  I need to take a video.  You'll die he's so cute.  I'm not sure where he learned it, maybe from Robbie, but now he does it unprovoked and I think poor little 3 year old Robbie doesn't know what to make of the pint sized monster going all Darth Vader on him.    It's super cute though, William is starting to cry and scream when I leave him now (or when anyone he has deemed "his people" leave, which includes Hadley's husband and the cable guy that was at her house the other but whatever) and Robbie will go give him a hug and tell him that Mar Mar (me) will be back soon.  Hadley says it's the most adorable thing ever.  Kids are so cute.

The halloween costume came in this week, and I'm not ruining the fun, but William is terrified of it.  Won't go near it.  This will be interesting in a month and a half and he has to put it on.  Oh no.

I don't know if I mentioned this before - but he is on a schedule and it's lovely.  9am nap and 2pm nap.  I feel tethered to the house and find it very difficult to get anything done errand wise since we like to be home for lunch when Sam comes home and then also at 5 when he gets off work.  But it's nice to know what to expect even if I can't run to JoAnn's and Target whenever I want.  haha.  I'm sure our bank account thanks William for that.

Went to the big consignment sale on Tuesday, got to go shop early because I'm working a volunteer shift, and was able to get the little man some super cute smocked outfits for Christmas for practically nothing.  Well, not really, but MUCH cheaper than anything in true retail.  Like 1/3 the cost.  Love it.  Also got him some cute new overalls, because you can never have too many, and some other things - oh yeah - 24 month random smocked outfits, jon-jons, and an adorable fleece jacket.  I seriously can't believe I paid $15 for that jacket at a CONSIGNMENT sale but it was seriously one of the cutest things I've ever seen.  He's going to be so styling.  I also get in to the 50% sale early before it closes, so maybe we'll get lucky again, though I'm expecting that there will be hardly anything left.  But I wasn't interested in digging before so maybe that'll be a good thing.  It'll be bare and I'll be able to see everything easily.  haha  We'll see.

William gives the best hugs after his morning nap.  He almost always wakes up in the greatest mood and then when I pick him up he wraps his arms around my neck and holds on for dear life and babbles the cutest little words.  It's so sweet.  I'm going to really miss that if I ever become gainfully employed again.  And random hugs, he does though a lot.  He's really becoming a sweet little boy.  I hope it sticks.  I caught a minute of the movie Where the Wild Things Are and if he turns out to be like that little boy - I might die.  Granted I only 30 seconds but it was not a good 30 seconds.  Terrifying.

I find myself staring at him more in absolute awe.  It might be because I think I'm pretty close to getting a job, but I'm trying not to get too excited...too late right.  ha.  But seriously - there are these moments when he's playing that I'm so proud that he's my kid.  And it amazes me that I grew him.  That's just insane to me.  Absolutely crazy and I can't wait to find out what kind of bigger boy he's going to be, but I kinda want him to stay little at the same time.  Anyhow.

Oh and he loves peaches.  Almost as much as he loves cheese.


Friday, September 10, 2010

The Lake Weekend

Once again I am behind in blogging about the holiday - this time it's Labor Day.  We headed up to way North Georgia to Lake Rabun Friday afternoon.  It's a bit of a drive to say the least, but not taking a detour to the parent's house helped cut out 45 - 60 minutes.  And it was REALLY nice to wake up at the lake Saturday morning, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

he will sit still in Grandaddy K's lap but not for anyone else usually!

On the way out of town, we had to swing by WalMart and pick up a half gallon of milk for pepito and while we there decided to go ahead and get him some chicken fingers and potato fries from their deli since we were hoping he would fall asleep before we stopped north of atlanta to get dinner for us.  Surprisingly super delicious by the way - and cheap!  The Snack Pack (3 fingers and 10 fries) was only $3 and it was MORE than enough food - for me and for William.  Well, I get him to eat one finger and maybe a fry or two and then 20 minutes into the drive up, we weren't even to PINE MOUNTAIN YET!! - he threw up.  I'm fairly certain it's because he stuck his finger down his throat - his new favorite thing to do.  He thinks it's hilarious.  Crazy kid.  So we pull over and I pull a crazy bad mommy stunt and change his clothes on the side of the road.  My hubs is going to kill me for putting that out there, but it happened, and I'm an honest kind of person, so there you have it.  And quite frankly - if we hadn't chosen the side of the road it would've been four to five miles smelling throw up until we found an exit that may or may not have had a gas station to safely pull into.  Just saying.  William didn't mind anyhow - he enjoyed watching the cars speed by.  Luckily, everyone seemed to be courteous and get in the far lane, so we weren't in any real danger even though Sam said it made him crazy nervous to have his wife and son hanging out at the back of the car on the highway.  Ok - that's enough of that.  He threw up.  It was less than wonderful.

he was very intrigued by all of Aunt Lainey's fun faces

We actually made really great time up to the lake - under 4 hours, including a stop for a Publix Deli sub.  I got a pack of apples because the one chicken finger filled me up quite nicely, but I did grab an InStyle to make up the money I was "saving" by not getting a Premium sandwich.  ha.  I don't think William slept at all.  I distinctly remember him being awake at Publix, and I doubt he fell asleep for the rest of the trip but who knows.  That's what I get for writing about holiday trips 7 days after they happened.  bad blogger.

I think there must've be a secret color coordination phone call - too cute

Moving On.

Daddy and Sara came up midday Saturday.  And really, I don't feel like going into a whole lot of detail.  Mostly because nothing as momentous as throwing up in the car happened, which is awesome; it was just a good family low key time.  I think we watched the Georgia game but got bored with it because we weren't playing anyone that made the game interesting - so there was a lot of football flipping.  I don't think we went swimming until Sunday.  William liked the lake but it was kinda chilly - so he didn't stay in too long and was only in the water for about five minutes on Monday because he got cold so quickly.  Daddy & Sara made pizza on Saturday and that was super yummy as always.  My brother Kalin and his girlfriend Lainey came up on Sunday.  Fun fun.  It was Lainey's birthday.  We ate pasta on the boathouse and then drank beer/wine and talked about silly things.  I'm pretty sure they think I"m crazy, but they're allowed to, they're family.

Monday on the boathouse before we left - see his boo boo... :(

All in all - it was a wonderful mini-vacation and I'm secretly hoping that the lakehouse never sells.  Atleast not anytime soon - sorry Mimi! ;)

at home this week - he's just too cute not to take pictures all the time;
 and YES, that IS a Christmas bib - no judging - haha

Our camera was acting all poopy, so most of the pics are on Daddy's camera and I don't have those yet.  There are some great ones of William at the waterfall - Minnehaha.  Great name right?!  Good times.  William did get his first REAL booboo at the waterfall though.  He wanted to play with rocks on a slight incline and fell and scraped his forehead on the big rock he was playing on.  Poor baby.   Still has a scab.  He screamed and cried a little bit but he shook it off pretty quickly when his Grandaddy picked him up and he saw me and Sam coming down the hill from the waterfall.  Sweet boy.

super confused why this new bowl won't come off the tray...

Oh - I must mention the weather.  It was so lovely.  AND COOL!!  It actually felt like fall.  As soon as I figure out a way to be able to live up there without having to pay bills and life in general, we are moving.  :)

in his secret hideout  ;)


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Stolen Highchair

so cute when he runs around showing me (and everyone else) his tongue

Our camera has been refusing to charge, I think we're going to have to buy a new battery, so that's why I haven't been posting.  I know that doesn't make a whole lot of sense - but for some reason I thought that if I didn't have new cute pictures of pepito that there was no point to blog.  Plus, it's been nice taking a break.  Though I have all kinds of house updates for the other blog, but those DO need pictures, so there I am.  Oh well.

William is a handful.  This whole walking thing.  Overrated.  I mean, he's cute, and he's got to figure out how to do it but sometime (a lot of the time) I wish he would still be able to sit in the pack-n-play absolutely content with his toys, instead of following me around and getting into everything.  And I think I'm going to have to re-evaluate going out for lunch with friends.  It's too much work and not at all relaxing and incredibly difficult to have a conversation.

OOH - we "stole" a highchair today.  William and I were meeting Hadley and Renee for lunch - fun girl time at Meritage cafe (YUM btw!!).  Hadley and I got there early, walked in, and they told us to have a seat anywhere. There was one other table of three girls there (and apparently a baby but I didn't see that at first)  I asked if they had a highchair - yes but it's in use.  I'm pretty sure my face contorted itself into a terrified OMG face - how am I going to contain the walking man for an hour without a highchair?!!!  I look over and the user of the highchair is a baby - maybe a month or two old - asleep in her car carrier.  Seriously.  Hadley and I sit down, William goes in my lap and for about 2 seconds it seems like he might behave.  5 seconds later and he's arching his back trying to slide out of my lap.  10 seconds later he succeeds in getting me to let go.  Fun.  At first he stays right around the table - checks out the glass counter, tries to wander in the kitchen, and flirts with the staff.  Then someone opens the door and he realizes that there is a whole other part of the restaurant and beelines it.  I follow but I'm in a pencil skirt and 5 inch platform heels - so I'm not really keeping up with him.  Awesome.  This is what lunch is going to be.  Him running around a nice restaurant "talking" to everyone, which means that I won't eat or get to catch up with Renee because we will be leaving in 17 seconds.  Great.  Then, MY HERO HADLEY, walks over to the incredibly self-righteous group of women and asks if we could have the highchair because we actually need it to contain a child.  And as if on cue, William started running around their table at this precise moment.  They said yes, but I'm pretty sure they gave Hadley a "look".  Thank goodness.  He was a mess even though he sat in the highchair for lunch.

What I couldn't figure out is why they wouldn't offer the HC and we had to go ask for it when they clearly heard when we walked in that we needed one.  I'm sorry that your SLEEPING TWO MONTH OLD IN THE CAR CARRIER WHO ISN'T MOBILE would have to be set on the floor or in a regular chair if we use the highchair that will actually give my VERY MOBILE AND RESTLESS ONE YEAR OLD AN APPROPRIATE SEAT.  I didn't get it.  I would've definitely volunteered the highchair if roles had been reversed.  Just saying.  But they looked like uppity "ladies who lunch" (ie. b*%#es) so I don't know why I expected anything but that.  Good thing Hadley went and asked for it though - my strategy was going to let William run around and ruin their lunch.  But I'm mean like that.  ;)


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