Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To the Gardens

Last Saturday we took a family day and went up to Callaway.  The weather wasn't quite as predicted, so off came the cute warm weather outfit and into the new sleeper from Target we picked up after breakfast.  And luckily, since I never clean out the car apparently, there was a long sleeve tshirt and fleece vest for me.  Score.

We started at the Discovery Center for a diaper change and bottle for pepito and then off we went to the Butterfly House.  William didn't scream this time as soon as we walked in, which was nice.  And managed to break a flower while I was trying to show it off to him...not to plan.  Oh well.  There were butterflies hatching, but we had a hard time seeing for all the rude people hogging up the window.  Whatever.  I have no tolerance for that.

Then, we made the executive decision to take the LONG way around the lake/park.  OMG!!  It was like 3 miles I swear.  It took forever to get around!!  By this point, I was hungry, my feet hurt, and William was fighting going to sleep.  It was nice to have all that time to spend with Sam though.  We got a lot of quality conversation in and that doesn't happen often enough.

We finally made it to the Sibley Center and fed William bananas & strawberries on a picnic bench, while we ate Snickers, because we didn't have room to carry our packed of our many mistakes that will be remedied on the next trip.  Anyhow.  By this point, the sun came out and Sam sat on the swing while William and I played in the courtyard grass.  He was super intrigued by the kinda green stuff and kept reaching down to check it out.  If the ground hadn't been wet - I would've let him play in it more.

Quick walk back to the Discovery Center and we ate lunch outside by the water.  William sat happily in his stroller at the table and played with ziploc bags.  Cute kid.

We're going to try and go up together atleast once a month - it was so much fun and William was perfectly behaved (for the most part).


Friday, March 26, 2010

A Kept Resolution

My daily wardrobe usually consists of my pajamas all day, unless pepito and I have to leave the house and then it's yoga pants and a tshirt.  Not glamorous at all.  Not even any effort really.  I usually don't bother with makeup and showers only happen every other day - I know - for shame...  That's life.

But last Saturday, I had a new shirt to wear, and made the effort to look cute.  I was amazed at how much better I felt all day, having showered, make-upped, and dressed in 'real' clothes, that I decided I would try, for one week, to wash, rinse, and repeat every single day.

And I did!!!  I may not have managed a shower until first nap (or lunch time today...) but I did it.  And it felt good.  Mini-victories!!!  It was a surprisingly busy week, with something happening everyday, and it was nice to feel good about myself.  I'd like to think I'm going to keep up with this resolution, but yoga pants are so comfy.  Maybe I'll try and pick up some 'nicer' yoga outfits...we'll see.

Back to the baby.

playing with spoons - and he learned the hard way where his foot was in relation to the banging

William is adorable.  He has 'discovered' his hands, or better yet - probably his fingers.  He will put his arms out in front of him and twist & turn just looking - intrigued I suppose.  It's really really cute.  Watching him figure out the world around him is so much fun to watch.

he pulled the pewter bowl of a table, granted - low shelf, and walked six feet in it before I caught up with him...crazy kid

On that note - he is very interested in Burnie.  He chased her around in the walker yesterday, and she was none to happy about it!!  And he wasn't happy that she kept running away from him - so he would follow her - she would run - follow - again and again; until she finally gave up and went and hid in a different part of the house.  He gets really excited when she comes near him, or he can see her, and will try and grab at pet her.  Sometimes he will actually to get to touch her for a split second, and to her credit, she is becoming a much more affectionate and cuddly cat.  She has come and sat by me (touching my leg!!!!) while watching tv, sleeps at my feet, and begs to be petted often.  I'm so excited, and hope this doesn't jinx it, but a cuddly cat has been three years in the making.  Now if she would just stop hissing/attacking visitors we would really have some progress on our hands!

he kept planting his face into the tray and tasting it...

We are headed to Callaway tomorrow for a family day and I am so excited.  I think I probably mentioned this before, but we went as a family A LOT when I was little and it was some of my most favorite memories.  I am really excited to be starting some of our own!!  Wish us luck - Sam is thinking we're going to bike and I am not all that coordinated on a bike.  Should be interesting!

he now razzes instead of smiling...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cute Picks of the Week

He thinks it's better when he feeds himself

I'm not sure he's realized that he's not that good at it yet...

Razzing for Mommy

On the move and excited about it!

Headed on a walk Friday afternoon - gorgeous weather!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ducks All in a Row

Inspired by Charlotte & Ruby's fun bathtime - Sam and I searched out the inflatable duck for William. He had pretty much outgrown the bath seat - feet hanging off and he didn't want to sit in correctly. But in the duck - he can sit, splash, and play with his toys. So super cute.

And in other news - I survived my final exam tonight and am officially school and anatomy free for two weeks!!! My sewing machine will not see the closet for 14 days (as if I ever really put it up in the first place...) And wish me luck - I am going to attempt to MAKE my Easter dress. We'll see how that goes and if it goes well - check the other blog. If not - pretend I didn't mention anything about it... ha!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Callaway Gardens

Dad & Sara were at Callaway the beginning part of the week because Sara had a conference to go to. And of course, brilliant idea, take advantage of their room key and go to the Gardens with William. So, of we headed at the break of dawn to meet my Dad. (this made possible that the new wake up call is around 5:00, so we got everything ready, trip to Walmart to get pepito some sunglasses and me a Snickers bar for breakfast, all before 7:30)

William slept on the way up, which made for an easy ride, and we got there a little after 8:00. Too bad it was still too cold to go to the Gardens, so we played in the room for thirty minutes hoping that would make a difference. We still bundled him up in lots of layers and started at the Discovery Center.
how cute is he all bundled up!?!!
The best part of going on Monday is that there is literally almost no one there. We only saw maybe 6 people on the trails the entire time. Love!! (this was also important for when William decided his day was over and screamed when we still had a mile walk back to the car...)

with Grandaddy K at the koi pond

We had a great time walking him around the greenhouse at the Discovery Center and I think he might've enjoyed it. He atleast didn't mind being in the jogging stroller, which is always a plus. He got ants in his pants a couple of times and Daddy & I would take turns holding Mr. 18 Pounds.

aww - posing with mommy - he was more interested in the fountain...
It warmed up pretty quickly and was an absolutely lovely day. It was fun being on the trails that I remember speeding around on my bike as a kid. As long as we were buddied up, which was easy being that there were 5 of us, we could go wherever we wanted. My goodness we rode all over that place and thought we were big stuff. Not sure I would be allowed to do that now, but 20 years ago it was awesome.

amusing us with his funny faces

The best part was just getting hours alone with my Dad. Who knows what we talked about, well I do but I'm not sharing it here ;), but it was so nice to be listened to. Goodness knows I was in need of adult conversation. Oh - one thing - the idea (not right word) that our generation will be the first in a LONG time to not have it as good as our parents. And I know that everyone has struggles, regardless, but it certainly feels true in our lives right this very second. And that's kinda depressing. Funny though - I later heard the same thought repeated on Blue Collar Comedy on Sirius Radio. One of the jokes was basically that atleast we won't be telling our kids we had to walk uphill both ways in the snow - no, we were carted around in SUVs, etc. It was funnier when he said it. Anyway. Just thought that was interesting.

sitting at the chapel looking at the creek and small waterfall

The one thing William DID NOT like was the Butterfly House. So disappointed he didn't like it - but it was CRAZY hot and humid in there and he immediately freaked out three steps in. I wanted to show him all the butterflies, but guess we'll have to wait until he's older. Dad & I weren't that upset about leaving it though - it WAS really uncomfortable in there!

i love little feet - absolutely adorable

I really enjoyed reliving fun times at Callaway with my kid. And I love that we live so close to it - that we can go every week if we wanted. I made a mental note to google the annual pass when we got home, but the page wasn't working for me to see. Then my Dad shows up on Tuesday to babysit William while I was at class with an annual pass for us! My Dad is the best!! Now we can go as a family and start our own Callaway memories! I'm so excited!! AND - the pass allows me to get in six people!! Hadley and I are already planning on taking the boys on Tuesday after my Final Exam - yay!!

Now we just need bikes....


Monday, March 8, 2010

William by Numbers

Pepito is seven months old as of March 3. His picture is a little late because he spent a glorious week with Grandaddy & Mima (and Mimi - one of his great grandmothers) I know that he loved being there and vice versa. Though my Dad has finally deemed him a "fussy" baby. I feel a little vindicated. ;)

It's hard to remember where six months left off and seven months began but I'll see if I can try.

*Is now an absolute pro at sitting up by himself. By the end of the month - he rarely falls over
*Loves all fruit, bananas, pears, apples, peaches, and apparently fig preservatives in tasting bits
*Can usually be found toodling around the house in his walker happy as can be and can now jump all thresholds in the house
*Makes lots of letter sounds - all vowels, B, "hey" sound, is working on M & D
*Razzes like his life depends on it
*Giggles when poked, tickled, "munched on"
*Still lights up at "boop!"
*Was on a 2 hour awake, 1 hour sleep schedule (he's in the process of changing this)
*Bedtime used to be 5:30 - 6:00 (changing this one too)
*Teething like a maniac but still has NO teeth
*Has discovered Burnie and wants to touch her, Burnie doesn't like it so much but is tolerating in small doses
*Has surely passed 18lbs by now, my arms can attest to that
*Still prefers to be naked
*Has rediscovered peeing into air
*Does not like loud noises AT ALL. This includes mommy reacting to the above point.
*Will drink water out of sippy cup all by himself but refuses to feed himself a bottle
*Can sit in a buggy or carseat and loves the new vantage point
*Seems to be long waisted
*Still loves to eat wet wipes and all paper products, including handmade Valentine's Day cards...
*On Baby Zantac, which seems to be helping A LOT, but only if given before 4:00pm - apparently it has some kind of stimulant in it - yep, learned that one the hard way

That's all I can think of at the moment. I'm braindead from anatomy (which is OVER next Monday!! atleast for two weeks anyhow)

William is an absolute joy. And I'm secretly enjoying the clingy baby behavior that being gone has produced. Though, I did find it very difficult to hold him and brush my teeth. Spitting out over a moving foot proved to be interesting...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Anxiously waiting

my little sweet pea

My sweet pepito comes home tomorrow. I CAN'T WAIT. I have been in serious blah mood today being without either one of my boys. And in spite of all my whining and griping about how hard it is to stay at home with a wee one - I miss him and miss taking care of him.

modeling his favorite hat
I found myself flipping through every single picture taken of him since birth trying to fulfill some kind of William void I guess. I am amazed at how tiny he was. I can hardly remember it. How time flies.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What are the odds?

Well, probably actually pretty good. I'll get to that later.

Went shopping with Hads today at the big biannual consignment sale and picked up lots of goodies for William. It was absolute necessity - when he grows out of 6-9 months - we had literally - 3 things for him to wear. Well, maybe it was 5, but still. And none of it was normal day clothes, it was all nice stuff.

So I picked up lots. Well, lots within a $50 budget. Which is stretching it a bit for us - but baby needs his tush covered - so might as well spend it when it goes a little bit farther...

Hads & I were oogling the section with the smocked cutesy outfits, and there was one with a monogram on it - nope not pepito's... But then I did find something with his name on it! It pained me to pay $6 for a cotton romper AT A CONSIGNMENT SALE, but I can't have anything monogrammed for that cheap in town - plus the grasshopper is too cute.

And turns out - William is becoming a very popular name - lots of friends with or having babies are naming their boys William. Though, I think we might the only ones not shortening it to Will or Liam or....? So, hopefully he'll keep his name long - we'll see.

Anything but Willie T. ;) (love ya Dad)

Changing directions - William isn't coming home until Saturday. Which is bittersweet. I'm really starting to miss him but I'm able to get so much done and it'll be nice to have two days without school and without baby. Shopping today was so much easier with only Hadley's two year old, deciding to leave the house can be done on a whim, and I can spray paint inside only making myself high... haha.

I definitely miss him more than I thought I would though. It's weird not having my days revolve around him and I'm afraid of how much he could change in a week. (yeah, I know that that last one is just me being silly) And he's so fun to walk toodle around the house and eating everything he can find - he's really amusing!

Though, I hear that he's been waking up in the middle of the night and getting up in the morning at 4:30 - so maybe he can stay with the grandparents a little longer...

just refound this picture today - love Burnie's expression - she's evil


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