Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bump on a Log No More

On July 14th Patrick decided that he was a walker.  He had been playing with a step or two here and there, but all of sudden he walked across the room no problem.  I thought I would cry and be upset - my baby is getting big and there's no denying it - but you know... I squealed and laughed and gave him a big hug picking him up off the floor.  Truth be told - I am a little excited to see what kind of big boy he becomes.  I'm really looking forward to all of the "interesting" conversations we will have.  Though, I don't need those conversations this week - he can stay little for awhile longer.

let's play a game of "Name that Baby!!"  
I think it's easy - they don't look as much alike as I thought...
Still cute as a button though


He definitely isn't as committed to walking as William was.  William just took off running and barely looked back to his crawling ways.  Patrick still prefers to crawl most of the time, it's faster.  And he has to pull up on something to stand - so that probably has something to do with it.  The official walking date is July 14th (William's was July 16th - though he was a month older).

Funny story - I was holding Patrick face to face just being silly with him and he very purposefully grabbed his paci out of his mouth and then popped it in my mouth.  He laughed and laughed!! He was so pleased with himself and obviously amused.  We must have played that game for a straight five minutes.  I loved how tickled he got at something so simple.


William had a brief stint at school and we thought he might be THIS close to being potty trained.  He had dinosaur training pants and everything.  It didn't go quite as smoothly at home, but he was actually going teetee in the potty, granted that was after he already went in his pants....but y'know.  Then he just said he didn't want to change his underpants - he wanted a diaper.  Sam said that they don't force it at school, some days he wears underwear all day - some days he doesn't.  So I put him in a diaper and called it a weekend.  He was going to B&B's to spend the night anyway - no reason to put them through the musical shorts/undies/sheets routine.  It's not really a fun game.

Patrick has all but sworn off "baby food" - atleast at home.  He turns his head (his signal for no more) and won't open his mouth or even look at it anymore.  I can't really blame him.  Our food is definitely more tasty than ground up lasagna any day.  And most of his nutrition still comes from breast milk - so it's all fine.  Did I mention that we think he's allergic (or atleast very sensitive) to peaches...?  I think I did.  Well, all the fruit that we have left in the cabinet is a "smoothie mix" which the main ingredient is peaches.... Any takers?! haha!!


Our house caught some stomach bug last week.  Sunday - Patrick had it and didn't get to go to B&B's.  He threw up in the wee hours of the morning back to back.  No wonder he was being fussy...  Seemed totally recovered the rest of the day - so off to school he went.  Monday night - William throws up.  Change his clothes and sheets and I stay home Tuesday with him after retrieving my computer from the office.  Good thing the kid will watch Mickey Mouse over and over again because I actually had a lot of work to do.  Wednesday - Sam got a call from school that Patrick was throwing up again (I was in training so I couldn't leave) so they stayed home.  Patrick was Mr Fussy Pants that afternoon apparently.  They both seemed totally fine on Thursday morning - off to school like normal.  Late Thursday afternoon I get a call from the director telling me I need to keep Patrick home on Friday, he has diarrhea.  Yay.  Apparently most of his class has some form of the bug and a couple of the staff at the center too.  Great.  Sam got a bit of the fun Wednesday - Friday, but luckily I escaped this time.  And Sam says I have a weak immune system.... ha!

Patrick is starting to give open mouth kisses finally - didn't realize I would look forward to that again!!  He is also clapping now and is very proud of himself.  For some reason, he was all about clapping at 5:30am this morning.  I was not amused but he sure is cute when he does it.  Kiddo has been getting up every hour (no lie - EVERY HOUR) the past two nights and I sure hope there are some teeth on the other side because this is pure torture.  Baby tylenol helps, but only if we remember to give it to him which is kinda difficult in sleep wee hour stupor.  Luckily, he usually reminds us but by then it's a little too late... Oh well.  It can't last forever - we only have twenty something teeth - right?!


I can't believe it, but William's third birthday party is this weekend and I have been prepping for weeks.  It's Mickey Mouse themed and he is going to die.  Not a whole lot of "licensed stuff" and really mostly just the colors red, black, and yellow and A TON OF BALLOONS.  I can't wait!!  Except that all the balloons will have to be blown up on Saturday... we'll see how THAT goes! haha!!  Anyhow - I'm super pumped - his friends from school are coming and they are the cutest bunch of kiddos - it's going to be fun watching them play in the water and celebrate.  One of the boys has been anxiously waiting for the party and has apparently asking to go every day!  So cute!!  Three - already?!  How did that happen?


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Fourth and Forward

I feel like the only thing I ever say nowadays is that something something was busy.  but for real, as evidenced by my lack of blogging last month, June kicked my booty.  So, I'm cutting myself some slack.  I mean, we barely took any pictures in June, we were off our game big time!  Back to the regularly schedule program of life with two cute boys.

July Fourth was relatively uneventful.  I had a big day planned of staying at the house and doing not much of anything.  Best laid plans.  We ended up starting the day Barnes & Noble, Sam wanted a book on something, but then the book was too expensive, so the boys just played on the train table.  Perk - 9:30 on a holiday is a perfect time for this activity - there were no other kids to get in the way.  It was wonderful.  Then, while were there, B&B called to see if we wanted to meet them at the pool..... in thirty minutes.  So we rushed to get William swim diapers, run home for swim clothes, and then back out to the club to meet them.  We still beat them there.  Because we're awesome like that.  So William swam, Patrick and I sat in the shade, we ate lunch and relaxed.  It was pretty nice.

OH!! Forgot to mention - Patrick got ear tubes!!  It was pretty eventful, which is good.  I love his ENT, Dr. Blankenship.  He had left it up to us after his first appointment, but because sweet little Tat has been on so many antibiotics and there seems to always be a little fluid in his ear, we went with the tubes for preventative measure.  I just hated thinking that he had an ear infection every time he fusses for a moment of doesn't sleep well, etc.  So, we went to St. Francis very early for the surgery, which maybe took 10-15 minutes, and we were home before 9 I think.  Easy cheesey.  Patrick was in straight denial of the surgery and played like a champ most of the day.  We've kept him out of the water park for two weeks and he gets cotton balls in his ears for bath time, but as of this morning's follow-up, he is good to go.  He will still need to wear ear plugs in lakes, oceans, public pools - but he can get in and enjoy.  Which he will be thrilled with - he's such a water baby.

Back to the holiday - so after swimming we all took naps and then back out to B&B's for dinner.  The boys played like rockstars and surprisingly stayed awake all night.  William and Patrick worked out how both could play with the firetruck finally - Patrick pushes William.  It's hilarious - but it occupies both of them happily....  We went to watch fireworks from Bill's office at the government center on the 10th floor and it was the perfect seat.  I don't think we could have had a better view and we were inside.  No heat no bugs no crowds.  It was great.  William was absolutely enthralled with the fireworks and Patrick was pretty mesmerized as well.  I think they both fell asleep in the car on the way home and then the holiday was over, back to work and school.  Boo.

Patrick keeps taking little half steps like he is starting to think he might be able to walk on his own.  Sometimes he'll down to a farmer's squat like William used to do all the time, and sometimes he falls forward into a running crawl, but I don't think that full on walking is far off.  He seems so little....but whatcha gonna do?!!  At pickup today actually, Ms Tonja told us that he confidently took two steps, like he knew precisely what he was doing.... and she literally cried.  I love that woman.  Apparently, Patrick laughed at her.  We told him that wasn't nice to laugh at people.  haha.  I'm sure William is going to love when Tatrick can chase after him... I know Tat will enjoy being able to keep up.  They were playing chase the other day and poor Tat was a whole room behind so quickly.

William's imagination is out of control.  We love it. we are constantly chasing bears & dinosaurs, picking up puppies, and everything in sight can be a sword.  Sunday William had turned the vacuum wand into a sword.  At some point he realized that by hitting it on the ground it would come apart and pieces would fly.  Of course, after the first time, I realized this was a bad idea - I was on the floor - Patrick was in the room.... So, as I'm telling him that he needs to stop, someone could get hurt, he goes to hit it on the ground again, but instead totally nailed my face.  Hard.  Bleeding.  Poor kid.  He started crying when Sam came in to tell him we don't that, even though we told we weren't angry with him... he's a sensitive kid.  I look like a cat attacked me.  Surprisingly, only one person at work has mentioned it.  haha

We are trying to meld our parenting/discipline styles.  Sam will say I've gone off the reservation hippie, but I don't think so.  I'm just really liking what I read about gentle parenting right now.  And honestly, it's not far off what we choose to do in the first place, but we're making it work for both of us.  And of course, while we are still trying to work it out between us, William gets upset and hits me for one reason or another and that's an automatic time-out.  This sends him into hysterics, but that's the rule.  Hitting=corner.  In the meantime, dinner is ready and on the table.  we try to continue with the meal while waiting for him to calm down and say sorry (the corner is in the dining room), but that doesn't work.  So we stand in the hallway where he can't see us.  All this time we are taking turns talking to him and saying all he has to do is say he is sorry and then he can get out of the corner.  Nothing.  Even when I would go and hold him to try and get him to calm down - he won't tell me he's sorry.  Forty five minutes later he finally kind of spits it out and gives me a big sheepish hug.... then goes and pretends to be a puppy.  Defiant and oh so stubborn when he wants to be.  I have a feeling that our parents are laughing at us right now.

We think Patrick is allergic, or atleast very sensitive, to peaches all of a sudden.  I swear he had them in 1st foods, but last week he had real peaches at school and came home with an awful ugly diaper rash.  Which we didn't think anything of after it mostly cleared up overnight with liberal Desitin, but then it came back in full force after he had Fruit Medley for breakfast, that had peaches in it.  So, we've put those in the back of the cabinet, told his teachers, and I think we've about beaten the diaper rash.  It was bad though, open sores  bad...poor baby.  Just not used to food allergies.  Neither Sam or I have any, or William as far as we know... My brother was allergic to milk when he was little and I remember that being a huge pain.  Though, he did get a special pizza just for him and special sorbet - maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought...   Hope it doesn't last - but we don't really eat that many peaches anyhow.  Sam had a bad experience in high school...we don't talk about it... haha!

Just because it was so cute - this is the conversation I had with William in the car on the way home from school.  M: What'd you do in school today?  Did you play with your friends?  W:  I not nice to my friends M: Why baby?  We have to be nice to our friends  W:  I not want to talk to my friends.  I talk to Garrett.  He my best friend  M:  Garrett's your best friend?  W:  I not want to talk to Garrett.  He not nice to me.  Police car my friend (a police car was passing in front of us)  M:  Ok baby  W:  You go fast and catch police car?  M:  I can't catch the police car, he's too far ahead....   At home.... Sam asks about school and his friends... W:  Garrett not nice, it's not OK.

Who knows what was actually going on - but my poor baby.  He's come home saying that two days in a row now and I guess we better ask his teachers if anything is going on.  I hope it's just something silly, like he needed his space and they all wanted to give him a hug...  I thought it was funny when he said "it's no OK" - that is totally something I say - guess he really is listening to me...

Patrick is definitely William's little brother and is obsessed with trucks and cars just the same.  And maybe I'm just in denial of what a big boy he is becoming, but it catches me by surprise when I see my little baby crawling around driving a car on the floor.  Like he shouldn't be old enough to know how to do that or something...  But he was playing with a truck at school when we picked him up and his teachers said the same thing - he plays with them ALL DAY LONG.  If I wasn't so pre-occupied with my sadness that he's getting big, I would probably find it adorable.  Atleast the boys might have a common interest...

And I'm too tired to go into real detail.  But the short story - William hates swim lessons.  Screaming, pleading, hates them.  Sam had some luck with him eventually,  but it was a bit painful to participate/watch.  I just want him not to 100% fear the water and be able to get himself to safety if he falls in.  I don't need him to be a water baby - just a safe baby.  At this rate, he may just have to walk around in a life jacket at all times.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pictures from June

Since I let life and busy get the best of me in June - here are some of my favorite pictures from the month (I just now went through them...)  I will try to start catching up on  real blogging soon....


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Patrick by Numbers: 10

My oh my how time flies.  I seriously can't believe that I'm already having to think about Patrick's first birthday.  But here we are and I have pinned two pins.  I've still got 60 days - easy cheesey.

*Is 100% obsessed with Puffs.  He has now tried blueberry, sweet potato, and strawberry-banana.  Does not have a distinguishable preference.

*Enjoys eating real blueberries.  Does not enjoy when just the skin is left on his tongue.

*Apparently has no need for teeth.  He is still the toothless wonder.

*Had ear tube surgery and took it like a champ.  Seriously, within a couple hours he was crawling around and playing like nothing had happened.

*Ear tubes has not produced the magical sleep that I had anticipated.  Oh well.

*Loves playing peekaboo more than any other child I know.  It is especially funny when he plays with my long skirts.

*Giggles if you touch anything to his nose.  T-Rex is a favorite.

*Everything.  Literally everything ends up in his mouth.  He cries like I ran over his puppy if I take my keys away from him.  To, you know, drive the car.... silly mommy!!

* Occasionally will stand for a second or two without any support.  Ms Tonja and I do not like where this is headed.

*His big chunky thighs are also a super ticklish spot.

*He has a sixth sense to know when the door to the back room is even the slightest bit cracked.  He's not allowed back there and he knows it, so he bolts any time he gets the inkling.

*Is starting to learn what "No" means and sometimes obeys it.
  We are going to need to put a lock on the kitty closet though...

*Still breastfeeding like a champ.  All night long.  Good thing I love that baby.

*Has a great time drinking/dribbling water out of his mouth with a sippy cup.

*Goes down for sleep best with Daddy singing.  Something about Daddy's shoulder must be magic.

*Spent the night at B&B's while we got a full night's sleep.  I only made Sam call to check on him 3 times.  I wanted to atleast 6.

*Has started driving cars around on the floor.  He is definitely William's little brother.  haha!

*Unless completely absorbed in play time, he does not want to be put down or left for any period of time.  Even to walk to another room.  Even if he can still see you.  I forgot how bad separation anxiety can be.  But he still doesn't usually cry at school.  Count blessings where we can.

*Has started razzing in full force and he loves to get belly raspberries.

*For some reason, he loves the dishwasher.  We can't do dishes with him around because there is nothing that will distract him.  We can't even move him to another room (separation anxiety... and he'll just speed demon crawl right back!)

*Says Mama & Dada, and I swear I heard him say Ni-Ni - which I'm sure means NightNight.  I WAS putting on his pjs.... hmmm.... maybe?! ha!

*Will pull on my clothes if he is really hungry; also pants like a dog while I'm getting undone for him to eat - he's SOO excited and just can't wait!! lol!!



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