Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's a Zoo

I know I know... I should've posted about the zoo much sooner...

Last Friday we went to the zoo.  We had bought tickets on Groupon and planned to go during my maternity leave when it wasn't so extremely hot.  We even talked my Dad into buying a ticket so he could come play.  Unfortunately the date we picked, Sam ended up being crazy busy at work so he couldn't go.  But that was good for my sister Meredith - because she got to use his ticket!!  And I am so glad she came - three adults versus two children was perfect!

I had intended to do all the packing the day before, but I think Patrick was having a slightly fussy day or something, because I didn't get anything done until after both boys went to bed.  Didn't seem like a problem at the time, I got all the food packed, juices and "shake milk" (chocolate milk) made, diaper bag prepared and everything by the front door.  The next morning went off easily, we were in the car and out of the driveway by 7:35 right on schedule, filled up at the gas station and off we went.  Easy cheesey.

Thirty miles later I realize that I didn't move the double stroller from the Xterra to the Fusion.  Good thing I had about 2.5 hours to get over the frustration from having to turn around.  Nevermind that my sweet dad was already in Atlanta by the time I left to avoid the Gwinnett traffic so he would be killing even MORE time. Ugh.  He's become pretty laid back in retirement - thank goodness.  I was fit to be tied.  Oh well.

We finally got there.  We load up the boys and the insane amount of blankets and toys into the stroller and walk in to the zoo.  I have to immediately feed Patrick, so Meredith and Daddy take William to the kids zone section, complete with a petting zoo and a TRAIN!  Daddy bought William an all day ticket to all rides - so he rode the train no less than 7 times - which is quite a feat considering we also saw all the animals.  The train conducters started to recognize us and didn't even ask to see his ticket after a couple runs.  He LOOVVEED it!

The other ride he rode was the carousel, but he was incredibly unsure about riding on the animals.  He clung to my Dad the one time - he much preferred going round and round in the benches.  It's not looking like he will be my rollercoaster buddy...I still have Patrick to hope for....

He wasn't as in to the animals as I thought he would be, or maybe I just have no idea because it seemed like I was always feeding, walking, doing something with Patrick.  I liked the gorillas.  They were fun to watch.  I remember when they were a BIG deal.  Willie B.  William did notice the panda, but he was sleeping of course.  So were the lions, which stinks because I was sure those were going to get a big reaction.  The most excited I saw him was when we saw the lemurs (?) and the sloths.  He went on and on about them in trees.  Funny boy.

The ride home was harder than the ride up.  Had to stop to feed Patrick several times it seemed, William only slept thirty minutes, and I was constantly picking up trains, juice, and toys.  No harm no foul though.  Fun was had by all - can't wait to do it again!

William picks and chooses when he wants to have his picture taken... He pretty much chose not to cooperate most of the day...  Oh well.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Boys

It's not just me, when we picked William up this afternoon Ms. Breanna commented that he was talking ALL the time.  At the moment, he was chasing Jude around the playground trying to tell him BYE.  Jude thought it was hilarious.  I had a conversation with Emily about the bunny in her hand (I think she must have one as a pet and was playing pretend....?)

His Super Grandaddy & Nana always give him treats when he comes to visit.  Though, I'm pretty sure he walks in asking for either a cookie or the phone.

William is a ham.  That kid has finally discovered that we are taking pictures of HIM and he will cheese it up for us.  Which is perfectly adorable.  I'm loving it.  He usually decides to have his picture taken with a big wide open mouth smile - one of his most cute faces if I say so myself.  How'd I get so lucky?!

Happy Happy Boy

Atleast for this week, his two Elmo's have risen to the top of the list (just under Hilbert of course).  We have to talk him out of taking them to school every morning and he carries them around in the evening.  Last night, they had to sit with him to watch Dora, which is another obsession.  He wakes up saying "Dora Choo Choo" or "Dora Truck".  I swear we really don't let him watch that much tv, but when he does, he wants Dora.  And those two specific episodes.  Though, he can now say icecream truck and ditch because of it.  It's kind of interesting the words that he picks up.  Too bad he's not grabbing on the spanish she speaks - that would be impressive!!

Hanging with Mommy on the bench - the weather was so pretty over the weekend I think we went to the park three times and out to B&B's twice to play!

Patrick is getting so so strong and holding his head up really well.  We don't do a whole lot of "tummy time" (for shame - I know...) but he sleeps on his tummy (for shame again... I know...).  But he can lift his head off my shoulder very well and he loves to "stand" on our laps.  I have a feeling that he will be on the offensive line (or defensive) and William will be the running back in high school - and I will be a nervous wreck.  ha!

How cute is Mr. Halloween?!  Hads did the shirt and I made the pants.  He has another super adorable Halloween outfit as well, but he spit up on it before I could get a picture.

I have to say, that with all our (well documented at this point) difficulties and frustrations with breast feeding, we seem to have finally found our groove this week.  Knock on wood.  And it probably has more than a little to do with me letting go.  I quit keeping the notebook and I quit worrying about how long it had been since he last ate - whether it had been two hours or thirty minutes - I just let him eat when he's hungry.  He's been latching like a pro, not hurting me at all, and being kind of lovely about the whole thing.  I refuse to call it magical, but I will say that there have been some very relaxing moments and I never thought that would be possible.

The kid has learned to love the camera.  And quite frankly, if I was as cute as him, I would too.

William has definitely developed a jealous streak here recently.  I feel like I've mentioned this before... I can't remember.  I've decided that half of it is just him being two but the air kicking has increased and the screaming is getting louder when I especially can't hold him because I'm feeding the baby, etc.  He only takes his frustration out on us though, so that's good.  He's still wonderfully sweet to Patrick - still gives him kisses and hugs and wants to help all the time.  And putting him on the ottoman in front of me while I feed the baby (with Dora Choo Choo on the tv) seems to help with the tantrums.

He will point to Patrick if you ask him where his brother is.  

I have been running atleast three times a week so far for nearly two weeks.  It's been fun.  Hope I can stick with it after I go back to work.  It's easy to stay committed when I can go at 1:45 in the afternoon - we'll see how it happens when I have to go at 7:30 in the evening.  Though, the baby weight has to come off somehow.  I am having some serious sugar cravings though.  Apparently nine months of giving in to the Reese's Pieces will create an addiction that is incredibly hard to break.  Is there a rehab I can go to?

So in love with this little boy.

Friday I am taking the boys up to Atlanta to meet my Dad and sister at the zoo.  Sam can't go because of work - boo - but I'm REALLY looking forward to it.  We have been planning this for months - well, we bought the tickets on Groupon months ago anyhow.  William is going to love it.  I just hope I can get there by myself with both of them.  I'm going to feed the baby and then drive like the wind.  Really, I'll drive the speed limit, I can't bring myself to speed anymore.  Probably the hundreds of dollars in tickets I paid before I was 21.  Oh well.  It keeps the insurance costs down I think and maybe I enjoy a "scenic" drive.  haha!!  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of William roaring at the lions.

Caught a small smirk of a smile!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's taken days...

I have a feeling that posts are going to be less and less cohesive.  I've been working on this post since Monday.  I fill in a couple paragraphs a day, try to remember to take pictures so I can plug them in, and eventually (hopefully...obviously) I'll get this published.  So bear with me.  It's probably going to seem like I jump around a lot.  Because I am.  :)

"hugging" the baby

William is becoming very aware of the goings on in his diaper.  He now tells us when he goes poo-poo and if his diaper is off he will tell us he wants to tee-tee.  He is very interested in the potty but doesn't quite use it yet.  I think we are going to have to go ahead and start potty training.  Atleast a little bit.  Like buy a kid sized seat for the potty since I'm sure he still hates the mini-potty.  Because of the super strong antibiotic he is on for his ear infection he has been having two humongo blowout diapers a day.  On Sunday he walked up to us and said "I poo-poo it hurt" - poor guy.

the closest we could get to having them take a picture together in their matching outfits

Patrick is starting to coo.  Cutest thing ever.  He just lays on his playmat/blanket and moves his arms and legs from side to side and "talks" to himself.  Can't wait until it turns to jibberjabber, to words, to sentences, to conversations with William.  THAT will be amusing!

another attempt to have the boys together in a picture - notice we are minus one of them....

Patrick slept 7 whole hours Saturday night!!! (October 8th)  It was amazing.  And he probably would've gone longer, but when Sam woke up at 4am and realized that he hadn't eaten in 8 hours, he woke him up to eat.  I was actually dreaming (and kinda confused when he woke us up) so I just went with it.  Next time - we will just let him sleep because he then followed it by being awake for an hour and forty-five+ minutes.  But I will gladly wake up at 4 am if he will sleep like that.  Unfortunately, Sunday night we were back to our normal schedule, which was also fine, just not magical.  haha!  (UPDATE:  he also slept nearly 8.5 hours on October 11th!!)

we have been working on getting him to brush his teeth - all it took was a new book!  It's a Pony & his Daddy brushing their teeth, so now every night Sam has to brush his teeth with William.

We went to a birthday party Saturday afternoon for a sweet little 2 year old boy.  Love love his momma!!  She's hilarious and awesome and William loves them for their backyard complete with a playground, trucks, and a hill to throw the trucks down.  We walked in behind two other familes and A's dad was the greeting party at the door.  The other kids were sticking with their moms, but William walks in two paces in front of us and very happily throws up his hand and tells Mr. C "HI!!!" and keeps going to the back.  Hilarious!  Here comes the need for the stranger danger conversation again at some point, but I was so proud that he was being friendly and not shy.  And the good mood continued all the way until 7:30.  He played by himself and 'around' others - he didn't really KNOW any of the other children - and it was adorable.  He even climbed up the ladder by himself to the slide - again - made me nervous but he's getting so big and I should just let go a bit.  When it was cake time, there were cupcakes and also a cake cake.  I asked him if he wanted a cupcake or a piece of cake, he said "piece", so I got him to sit at the picnic table and I went to the cake.  While I was waiting, one of the moms was trying to give him a cupcake (because he was sitting so nice and didn't have anything in front of him) and he was going on and on "No No" - we have a VERY specific child on our hands.  He ate about half the cake and then he ran off to play again.  So funny.  Oh, and Patrick slept through the whole party except for the twenty minutes that he ate.  I went inside to feed him on the sofa, and at the time there was NO ONE in the house.... yep, within FIVE minutes - I was basically surrounded but I don't think anyone got a peek.  Another Success if I say so myself.

He's gotten really excited about it and he wants to do it before putting on pj's...he goes running in the bathroom "I brush teeth, I wash teeth"  

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but Patrick is now on baby Zantac for reflux.  I did change my diet, cutting out dairy (except for cheese on my sandwich), and that seems to help a little bit, but the ZANTAC is what is really helping.  I was hoping to avoid giving him the medicine if possible, but after one too many fussy feedings I gave in.  And it's funny, now if he doesn't get it when he's supposed to and I remember in the middle of the feeding to give it to him - he'll be fussy for the first part and then finish happily.  So I cede the point - he needs the Zantac.  I'm still off dairy just for good measure, atleast I am no longer drinking milk and eating cereal.  Cheese on the other hand, that's too difficult.  I just realized that there is going to be a lot of cream cheese in dinner and I'm not changing those best of luck to me. ha!  I've also cut out practically all caffeine (I mean, I'm not going to let a Starbucks gift card go to waste...!) and carbonated beverages, except for the occasional root beer on the weekends.  Don't know if it bothered him a whole lot, but at some point I thought that might be the problem and I don't mind drinking water and tea.

all that "arguing" over getting him to brush his teeth and all we had to do was buy a book...  We definitely need to go find the potty book in his room now if it's THAT easy! ha!

Patrick and I are starting to workout.  Don't tell my doctor.  I don't officially have the all-clear....  Last week I took both the boys running at 6am while Sam got ready for work and today Patrick and I tempted the rain and went running at the Riverwalk.  We got a little wet at the end, but he slept through the whole thing, which was great, since he was screaming and crying in the car on the way down.  I'm not fast by any means, and I'm not even able to run the whole time, but hopefully it will work and get the rest of the baby weight off and give me my body back.  I'm tired of being squishy and just couldn't bear to wait another week to get the ok.  If I start hurting bad or bleeding, I'll stop - so, parents, go ahead and stop worrying. :)  I'm good.

Patrick had a BIG time playing on his mat while I took a shower

William is beginning to give "real" kisses but you have to ask for them.  And they're usually accompanied by a BIG hug...I got knocked over this morning before he went out the door to go to school.  Last night during Daddy's turn to sing William just gave him kiss after kiss during the whole song - quite possibly the most adorable thing ever.  Sam could hardly get through the whole song he was smiling so  big.  When it was my turn to sing,  I didn't get any kisses but he did snuggle in.  He's such a sweet boy.  I'm already starting to dread the day when he decides he is too big for kisses and hugs...

standing and playing with Daddy during lunch

Sam walked in to his classroom last week and there was a floating teacher holding William.  Turns out that William got upset when a friend wouldn't move out of his way as he asked and he pushed him...something something something.....William got upset.  Ms. Phyllis, his normal teacher, was happy to explain to the floater that she doesn't know William enough (in a nice/funny way of course) and that he's a little bossy.  If something doesn't happen the way he wants, he makes it happen.  I'm glad that he's a go-getter, but I really hope he doesn't turn out to be a bully.  I'm banking on this just being a phase of TWO and when all the kids are a little older, he won't push them out of the way or hit them for taking a toy.  Though, quite frankly, if you steal a toy out of a child's hands, you deserve to be smacked.  Just saying.

I love this outfit... but I totally thought it was a bus all day - nope it's a Firetruck

So, the boobs hurt again.  Well, really, only one.  I don't get it.  We'll have a day or two of wonderful painfree nursing and then BAM, we're back to hurtville.  This morning (october 13th) I had finally had enough and decided to just pump while he was sleeping and I would give him a bottle.  Apparently, he has determined that I am only good as boobs and literally refused to take a bottle.  So I gave him the good side, but I was half convinced that there wouldn't be any milk because I had just pumped.... He managed to nurse for 15 or 20 minutes and there was most certainly milk at some point because he was making a mess.  But then he was still acting hungry/fussy/upset about something so I tried to give him the bottle again.  No Go.  So I gave him the bad side and just prayed.  He was still fussy and only put up with it for about 5 minutes.  I'm thinking the fussy meant that he wasn't actually hungry.... any suggestions because he pulls this kind of stuff frequently?  I spend 24 hours a day worrying about whether he is eating enough, getting enough milk, if his latch is what it's supposed to's a full-time job.  I am not a "worrying" kind of person usually.  I stress about money, but that's pretty much it.  Everything else I can usually let go of - but this whole breastfeeding thing makes me a little nuts.  I just want to be good at it and it is so much stinking work and I don't know how to be better.  Ok..moving on.  The point was - Patrick refuses a bottle when he knows I have boobs.  haha!!


Friday, October 7, 2011

Another one?!

Hmm...where to start.  Not necessarily at the beginning, but yet again, wee wittle william has an ear infection.  Maybe that has contributed to his especially "aweseome" mood over the weekend, but when his cough hadn't budged, even with medicine, after a week - I called and made him an appointment.  The last time he had a cough that didn't go away - it was double ear infection - so I'm counting him lucky that it's only one ear this time.  And he likes the medicine, so it's no big deal.  But do they allow two year olds to get tubes?  Because if so, it needs to happen this year because I'm sure we'll hit our deductible by the time the hospital gets around to billing us.  Though, I'm in no hurry to see that one.  Happy to live content in denial.

He finally sat in his chair and watched a movie all by himself on Sunday morning - it was chilly - he wanted a blanket.

This past weekend was insanely gorgeous.  Cooler temps are kinda awesome.  We spent almost all weekend outside.  We went to the park several times - William loved that of course.  He ran and ran and played on the slides.  He's getting so independent.  He climbs the ladder like thing all by himself - doesn't want you to touch him.  I'm so proud and insanely nervous at the same time.  He's getting to be such a big boy...  Patrick and I chilled on benches while Sam and William ran around.

October = Halloween shirts 

We also let him run at B&B's on always.  He did get in trouble out there though.  He pushed his woo woo truck down the hill into the woods after Daddy had told him no.  I guess he thought he could get away with it since Sam was just out of sight, but I knew he wasn't supposed to be doing that - so I scolded him and told him to go tell his Daddy what he did.... while I went and retrieved the truck.  He said "Ok" and then got put on the front stairs while Sam talked to him.  It's always a a little embarassing having to discipline him in front of our parents - like we're constantly being judged on how we handle situations - I think we probably do a pretty good job most of the time but I still don't like it.  Anyhow, William came and apoligized to me and gave me a hug and then ran up the driveway like a crazy kid.

He loves the swing - especially the mirror and spinning bugs & birds

I know I just posted that Patrick was on a 2.5/3 hour schedule during the day - but he seems to have moved it to 2 hours.  Eat, awake an hour, sleep an hour = repeat ad nauseum.  Which is totally fine with me.  I think  I would be an excellent hermit and don't feel the need to leave the house (ie: get out of my pajamas) but I do have a JoAnn's trip planned for Friday (SALE!!)... so we'll see how that schedule works then...I'm not holding my breath for good times.

Patrick looked so cute we had a spontaneous photoshoot this week

There are moments when I swear he looks EXACTLY like William and then more moments when he looks more like only himself.  Just makes me giggle inside and anxiously await him growing up and seeing what he looks like when he's a "big" boy.  And we still have no idea whether his hair will be red or not.  There's still not enough to judge (no surprise - we make bald cutie patootie babies) and some people keep saying there's no red - only blonde - and I'm ignoring those people.  On a hair related note - William needs another haircut. I swear Sam has put him on his schedule (one a month) and it's killing me.  And not only because the experience is less than enjoyable since he just screams the entire time.  Oh well.  He is very handsome for the week and a half when his hair is short and not quite so curly.  But I love those curls.  I secretly (and now not so secretly) hope that the curls stay and he wants to grow it out and have some kind of  'fro when he's older.  I don't think Sam will allow it though....

So funny how he puts his hands together

I know I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again because it amazes us every time, William's vocabulary and language skills are expanding so fast.  It's remarkable (though probably absolutely normal.. haha)  Funny sentence of the week:  He wanted to be buckled into his booster seat to eat pizza last night, so I bend over to grab the straps and he points to my boobs and says "Baby eat that".  Apparently he HAS been paying attention.  Such a funny little boy - though I'm kinda glad he won't remember, but now I've put in on the internet - so it will live forever.  Brilliant.

Pretty Baby Blues

Patrick seems to have chosen 4am as his optimal fussy and awake time to quickly drive mommy and daddy crazy.  It's not cool and it's been atleast two days in row (probably more but I can't remember because we aren't sleeping).  I will google about it later...yet again.  Seriously - we are relearning how to parent a newborn.  No one told us THAT either.  That just because you've had a child before doesn't mean that you will know what to do for everything.  Every child is different.  THAT they tell you but I thought it applied more to discipline strategies - never occurred to me that I would be googling fussiness at specific times...since William was just fussy ALL the time...   Live and learn I guess.

Gotta love those chubby cheeks

Until next week....


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Adventures in Breastfeeding

I probably should have started writing this post 4 weeks laid plans.  But I feel I owe it to myself to document, just because I wish I had known some of these things before Patrick was born.  So here goes nothing.

Breastfeeding is not magical.  

I guess I have friends (slash everyone everywhere who talks/writes/sings about breastfeeding) who led me to believe that it was.  It made me feel like I had missed out and let William down because we weren't successful, so I was pretty determined to make it work with Patrick.  (and also because it's a free source of nutrition for the kid....)  So, I felt really lucky that Patrick seemed to know how to latch and eat from the get go.  No one told me that it wouldn’t feel like the greatest thing ever - that it was hard and frustrating and would make me crazy and that it HURT.

Everyone says it's not supposed to hurt.  Well, I don't think those people have (TMI alert) flat/inverted nipples that have never seen the light of day.  For the record, when that puppy got pulled out it was not pleased.  It cracked, swelled, bled... it was awful.  Before he was 10 days old I was in excruciating pain - like full blown tears pain - every time he ate on the left side.  Straight Lansinoh was not helping, so I call the lactation consultant who tells me nothing but the same regurgitated crap that is copy/pasted all over the internet.  She is no help whatsoever and tells me that he's probably not latched correctly, that it shouldn't hurt, blah.  Um - pretty sure this is the same woman who made me feel like total crap with William - so I'm not a huge fan.  Guess what - Patrick's latch is just fine - I've googled everything I could find and watched umpteen videos of correct breastfeeding in an attempt to fix whatever is going on and he is latched perfectly.  I know what nipple pain versus bad latch pain feels like.  She's just an idiot LC who doesn't care to listen.

In an effort to continue to feed him (because I feel too guilty to give him formula) but give me time to try and heal, I began pumping.  This alleviated some of the nipple pain, but no healing was actually happening. Thank goodness I had a doctor appt at the beginning of the next week and got them to prescribe some very expensive but SOOO worth it nipple cream.  It took the pharmacy two days to make it (yes, they had to actually combine ingredients and MAKE the compound and only one pharmacy in town will even do it) but within 3 days I was able to feed him from the left side without wanting to die.  I am going to cry when the cream runs out.  I doubt that I still need it, but it's become a bit of a security blanket for me.

And as a note, I cried the first time Sam gave him a bottle.  I felt like an absolute failure, even if the only reason for the bottle was because my boob needed a break or they were going to be 100% wrecked.  I was so wrapped up in breastfeeding.  Which is kinda ridiculous because William was formula fed and turned out perfectly - there's no reason to be THAT upset because Patrick was getting breast milk in a bottle...   Stupid hormones.

Unfortunately, a side effect of all the pumping was that I began producing a ridiculous amount of milk.  I was producing an average of probably about 8 ounces every session - once as high as 11 ounces and probably could've been more...  (good news - we have quite the milk stash in the freezer because of all of it)  So my boobs ached and leaked all the time, and kiddo was literally being drowned the instant he put his lips on me to eat.  Ugh.  If it's not one thing it's another I swear.  More internet reading.  And luckily, nursing group was the next day, so I got some help there.  I stopped pumping (OUCH!!), only hand expressed to relieve the pressure, and began feeding Patrick with him upright so gravity wouldn't make the problem worse.  Another 5 or so days and we were back in business.

I thought things were good.  He was starting to eat, I wasn't constantly in pain...yay right?  I think this in when we head up to Cleveland for my birthday, and the kid just decides to be super fussy all the time when eating.  And he's handsy.  His humongo hands with their super long fingers and uncut fingernails, because cutting them terrifies us and we procrastinate the task constantly, are all up in the way and sharp fingernails on tender nipples is the WORST.  Kinda like nails on a chalkboard but you feel it...if that makes any kind of sense.  We end up giving him a couple small bottles of formula because he just won't eat to satisfaction from me and I am so frustrated I am having bad ugly thoughts.... Not good.  Formula doesn't agree with him and he doesn't poop for two days, and he's pissed about it.  I start remembering exactly what it was like with William as a newborn and I remember how much I didn't really enjoy it.... again... not good.

This is where I start hating breastfeeding and I'm making everyone (well, really just my sister, Sam, and my stepmom) hear about it.  But I've managed to create some huge amount of guilt if I don't keep going because I feel lucky that he will latch, and you don't quit when you have a kid who BFs, etc. etc etc.  But I hate it.  I hate feeling like I'm only boobs.  I hate dreading the first few seconds of latching that do hurt a little.  I was starting to seriously consider hating the kid (just being honest... don't judge) for being so fussy and putting me through this.  Yes, I know, he's a baby, blah blah blah... I was in a bad place.  Not sure when the hating ended, maybe by the time we got home, but we're all good now.  I stared the black hole in the face and told it to get lost... Sam is relieved...

He finally poops a couple days after we get home from my parent's house- yay!!  We have one or two wonderful days of nursing - exactly on schedule - totally predictable - no fussing - no pain whatsoever - I might even begin to call it magical... (but really it's not - I feel like walking boobs and I'm seriously sleep deprived so it's still NOT magical - I just don't HATE it with a passion anymore)  And then - the kid decides to bunk his perfect feeding/napping schedule and eat every hour for 8+ hours.  Talk about being just boobs!  And he would snack for five/ten minutes and then fall dead asleep.  Rinse and repeat all day.  It was so frustrating!

Thank goodness that only lasted one day, but somehow he's backed off his wonderful predictable schedule and is now all over the place.  Eating every two hour, sleeping for three, cluster feeding....and I think he might have his days/nights confused somewhat because he's starting to wake up under every two to eat at night.  Luckily, my body has figured out how to survive on less sleep.  Pretty much by going to bed at 8pm, but y'know.  It works.  And it gives me lots of shows on the DVR to watch while I'm stuck in the chair feeding pumpkin all day... :)

Anyhow.  It feels better to get that out of my head.  I just really wished I had talked to someone who had a rough time before he was born (though I even feel silly for saying rough time because atleast he latched right away...).    I do have one great friend who was a godsend when it was bad who was amazingly helpful and didn't make me feel bad or whatever and I am OH SO THANKFUL for her.  If you're reading this - you're the best JB - thank you for our texting mania  :)  I guess my expectations of what breastfeeding would be like if it worked were not quite based in reality because you read everywhere how much moms love it and bonding with the baby and it's the greatest thing in the whole wide world.....

I think that's a whole bunch of baloney (or atleast a little baloney) - but that being said - I'm still breastfeeding and plan to for a year.  (which seems SOOO far away and totally not doable - but there were times that I didn't think I'd make a month - so we'll see)  I will say that I just kinda miss bottles...they seem so easy compared to having to whip out the boobs constantly.  I honestly don't see what's so easy and convenient about BFing...  Patrick gets fed in the car a lot and it's not easy to make sure I'm dressed to be able to nurse at any given moment and be covered so as not to scar people and get arrested for indecent exposure.  I will say that I had a very successful moment this past weekend at the park - I fed Patrick on the bench at the playground (William wasn't even close to tired enough to leave yet) and no young children were scarred and no adults said a word to me.  I kinda felt like super mom for a moment.

Oh - Happy moment of breastfeeding, on September 30th, he unlatched, looked up at me and smiled his first smile.  I may not 100% believe in the whole bonding with baby part (as in, I think there are a thousand other ways to bond with baby and that BFing is made out to be the end all...), but that was a special moment.

I'm starting to sound like the weirdest walking oxymoron....  I don't really believe the crap the ninnie nazis spout, but I'm still very committed to breastfeeding - oh well - that's just how I think I guess.  This is probably the wordiest post in awhile, so I'll think I'll go ahead and cut it off.  I will be back to the regularly scheduled programming of cute kiddo pictures very soon.  Thanks for playing.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

PCR Month One

We can't believe how quickly September has gone by - but if the weather will stay like it was this weekend - I'll take it!  But, seriously, it's been four weeks since Patrick was born, so it's time to start another "by the Numbers" for him.  Enjoy!

*Our pediatrician doesn't schedule a one month well check - so I'll guess and say that surely Patrick is atleast 10  lbs by now, if not MORE!  If our scale wasn't broken (I've got to find some really strange looking replacement batteries) I'd have a better idea...  And maybe he's a smidge taller - who knows.  If I break out the tape measure tomorrow I will provide an update. :)  He sure is looking bigger though, that's for sure!

* He is a breastfed baby.  He has gotten a couple bottles of formula when he was being entirely too fussy to eat and the pumped milk was still frozen or not available, but I'm not going to apologize for it.  He eats from me nearly exclusively.

*I am going to count September 30 as his first smile.  We were sitting in the chair, he was eating, and I was probably watching Law & Order, and he unlatched, took a breath and looked up at me and smiled.  Such a sweet little face.

*He has pretty good head control, and strong guy has been working on it since practically day one!  There is a picture of him just a few days old on Sam's shoulder practicing - and now he can hold it up for what seems like a really long time.

*Patrick has made many many trips to the outside world - Target is one of his favorites, as is the park.  Smart boy.

*All in all - he is a totally chill baby.  He is happy to be in his swing or on his playmat.  He doesn't want to be held 24/7 - it's the weirdest thing.  Sam and I are having to relearn how to parent an infant to a certain extent. We got really good at dealing with a super fussy baby, that a really relaxed one is throwing us for a loop.  It's a nice change of pace.

*Until he was 4 weeks old, he absolutely hated being swaddled.  He wanted his hands free.  Seriously, even in the hospital he didn't want to be swaddled tightly.  He would scream and cry if we locked his arms down.  We got a wild hair during a fussy feeding to try it again.  It worked.  Solved that problem and we even started swaddling him for bedtime and he sleeps REALLY well.  Success.  Unfortuantely, because he's such a big boy, the flannel receiving blankets aren't large enough.  Guess I'm going to Target.

*He is finally starting to keep a paci in his mouth for extended periods of time without spitting it out.  Now, if he could just keep his hands away from his face, we'd be in business.

*He prefers to sleep on his tummy just like his big brother.

*I'm pretty sure that he has two growth spurts.  The first one around 2.5-3 weeks that produced incredibly fussy feedings and I swear he started one today.  He's been eating every hour for the past 8 hours.

*Today excluded, his schedule usually looks like: nap all morning, awake a little bit more in the afternoon, cluster feeds in the early evening, bedtime is anywhere between 7-9 depending on how the day shaped up, and then up every 3-4 hours after that.

*Made his first road trip to Cleveland just before he was three weeks old.  He travels like a champ.

*He absolutely despises driving on Whittlesey.  I have no idea - it might be the sun in his eyes - but he screams every time I drive on that road.  I don't think I blame him - the traffic makes me want to cry as well.

*Newborn sized clothes only fit him for maybe 1.5-2 weeks at best.  I don't think newborn socks ever fit.  I'm going digging in the attic tomorrow for the 6-12 month socks to see if those will stay on his feet.

*Patrick is rocking Size 1 diapers.  And I can see the benefits of Pampers, I don't know how they do it, but it sucks the poop in.  Too bad we are a store brand kind of family... I am seriously enjoying the stash received from friends though!

*He prefers to be held upright, perched on a shoulder - especially if he's a little antsy.  And he loves to be jiggled and patted, but I'm not sure there is a baby out there who doesn't... anyhow....

*He usually burps in pairs and he spits up.  And we've learned not to rush to change a dirty diaper - he's usually got more coming.

That's all for now!!  One down, eleven to go - I'm sure it will all FLY by much too quickly!



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