Sunday, July 31, 2011

Funny William

Wow -  I can't believe it - on Wednesday we will have a two year old.  Insane.  Though, we've been feeling the "TWOS" already - hello tantrums!!!  But he's actually started to calm down with them just a bit, so we'll see.  Most of the time he just fake tantrums - which is actually pretty amusing - but we can't tell him that.  He will THROW himself on the floor and cry in to the rug.  Hilarious!  We just walk away and wait for him to stop.

I was good this weekend and wrote down funny things that William has done - so  this will hopefully be more interesting than....ahem.....the previous post.

About maybe 50% of the time he will say "Please" without being prompted, and maybe 25% of the rest of the time we only have to ask "what do you we say?" "what's the magic word?" to get him to say Please.  So we are making progress in the manners department.  We are still working on "Thank you" - most of the time he just stares and maybe smiles when he's supposed to say Thank you and whatever he IS saying when he decides to say it sounds NOTHING like "Thank you" - it's just a two syllable sound...  But we count it.  I feel like acquiring manners is going to be a long road.  Fun fun.

He LOVES to make us laugh.  We were at the table eating dinner and he started hitting his head with the sippy cup.  We tried REALLY hard not to giggle, but he must've caught a sliver of a smile so he kept going, and it was all downhill from there.  All three of us were laughing loudly and he was ridiculously proud of himself.  Thank goodness for relatively soft plastic or he would've had an egg on his forehead I am sure.  Silly bug.

Last Sunday, during breakfast, William was being a pill.  An absolute ugly nightmare of a little boy.  What we do in these situations is ask him if he wants to go sit in the sad corner.  We keep a William-sized chair in the corner by the front door and that's "time-out."  Usually, he says "no" and changes his behavior.  This morning the answer was "uh-huh".  Sam and I just looked at each other and then said, "well, I guess you're going to the corner then."  And he just sat there like it was no big deal.  The TV wasn't on, there's no toys for him to play with.  He just sat there - no crying whatsoever.  Sam told him to say he was sorry and to give a hug and he could come back to the table.. he did.. we carry on with breakfast.  90 seconds later he's back to being ugly, we ask him if he wants to go to the corner, he says "uh-huh" again.  This time we turn the chair to face the corner....he plays with the handles on the armoire drawers.  Goodness.  He comes back to the table.  Still refuses to eat and is throwing food and being ugly.  We got smart this time.  This time he went to the corner in the dining room behind the swing door and stared at the wall.  He did not enjoy this time-out.  Ha!  The parents finally won!  I don't think he ate breakfast, but atleast he didn't ask to sit in time-out for the rest of the morning either!!

We went to B&B's on Sunday afternoon so Sam could help program their Direct TV DVR and one of William's favorite "activities" is watering.  Usually they stick to the herb/tomato garden, but apparently they also made it up to the flower beds.  I hadn't wanted him going outside at all really because it was a zillion degrees, but he kept insisting, so I pretended that they would keep him in the shade.  Well, Sam went to work on the DVR, I sat in the club chair getting beat on from the inside, and 30-45 minutes later realize that they are still outside.  What?!  Sam finally locates Bill & William and Bill says "I think I messed up" and I hear Becky yell "He's wet".  I walk over there and the kid has turned the hose - not on the flowers - but directly on him.  Good lord.  He wasn't in water shoes - he was in leather stride rites.  ugh.  I'm not mad - I just wanted to take his shoes/clothes off and he could continue to play.  William didn't like that.  He MUST have his shoes on, MUST have his SHIRT on, etc.  So all the fun ended in a tantrum and us taking him home in pjs that had been left at the house.  He had a good time and the shoes FINALLY dried out.  No harm no foul I suppose.

William came home from school with a new favorite phrase:  "I funny".  He repeats it constantly - it's one of the cutest things ever.  "Mama, I funny"  "Yes you are funny baby"  I love this kid.

He will only kiss Burnie on demand.  And Burnie is being mostly tolerant, which is a huge stretch for the evil cougar cat.  She lets him pat on her and rub her and kiss her nose.  It's really adorable.  Now if William would just give me kisses on demand - life would be grand.

The kiddo LITERALLY wakes up every morning and says two things:  "Mo' Choc Melk?"  "I watch Choo Choo"  It's kinda ridiculous.  He's hooked on Chuggington.  We downloaded a bunch of episodes and it is all he talks about.  So much for only an hour of screen time.  It's now pulling teeth to get him to play in his room without a massive tantrum about no Choo-Choos.  Kinda sweet that he likes them so much, but not really.  And he's watching CARS with Sam right now for the second time this weekend.  Yesterday I got the honors. We're going to have to get more kid friendly movies I guess.  I just hate that he's spending all this time watching tv/movies, but it's too hot to play outside unless we go at 8am and then all the playground equipment is dewy, that's no fun either.  Maybe I should stop worrying about it so much.  As long as we don't bring in video games to the house, I will probably still consider myself a success.  Cars will lose it's luster ONE games just grow older with the kid.  Not interested.  Just a personal thing - my parents didn't let us have video games and we turned out just fine and had plenty to occupy us - easy cheesey.  Anyhow.

We were terrible parents and didn't take any pictures this week.  Well, I took one yesterday of William & Sam with their sunglasses on, but I'm not going to the trouble of downloading, etc. for ONE picture.  There will be more than enough next week - BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

I heart cake

William is taking a nap and I really meant to do that too but obviously I'm not going to make it to the bed, so I might as well blog to get it off the to-do list.  And for the 70th time I really need to write down the funny things William says.  But I'll try and remember.

kids loves his bike - one inch taller and we're going to have to watch out!
and, in other news, it was like pulling teeth to get him out of his "woo woo truck" pjs...  he's just a little obsessed! haha!

My sweet darling friends through Patrick (and me) a baby shower on Sunday.  It was delicious.  No, seriously, I think I ate 20 pigs in a blanket.  And two cupcakes.  Should've taken a belly picture after that - ha!  I didn't bring my camera, so no pics right now, but it was wonderful.  My favorite people were there and we are so blessed to be surrounded by such great people............who understand how badly we need diapers! :)  Patrick will have his tush covered that is for sure!!  But really, I am so very very lucky.  Thanks ladies for everything, especially Ashley & Jess!!!  It was absolutely perfect!

how can you not absolutely adore the little boy with this face!  so happy and sweet all the time!  We are so so so lucky!!

Sam went to Toronto on Monday.  Super short trip but the fact that I really shouldn't be picking up William anymore complicates things quite a bit.  So, since my Daddy needed to bring down William's birthday present (custom built bookshelves) - him and Sara came Tuesday afternoon.  And lucky William got to leave school right after nap.  Gotta love that.  Even better?  I walked in, saw two bowls in the sink (confused me because I had busted my tail getting the house clean the night before and knew that I had only left a sippy cup in the sink), and  BOSTON CREME PIE in the fridge!!  Which was even more awesome, because I wasn't even going to bother making a cake this week with Sam not there.  Delicious!!  I just ate the last slice last night - yum yum.

enjoying a zebra cupcake from the shower - he liked the icing the best of course - he is MY son!!

Wednesday, they kept William home and I think they had a ball running errands and going to the farmer's market.  And again - I came home at lunch to a whole bunch of already cut fresh fruit - the week just kept getting better!  I think I'll let them come back...haha!!  They must've worn little William out, because he took almost a three hour nap and then it was playtime again.  I made scrambled dogs for dinner, but found out I'm the only one who likes them "scrambled"...oh well....guess it's a Columbus thing.  On that note - when exactly does your hometown change from the place you grew up in to the place you live in/your kids grew up in.... Random.... Maybe it doesn't ever change.  No offense to Columbus, but I prefer Cleveland - atleast until I need to go Target.  :)

cutest blue-eyed kid I know

Daddy & Sara left Thursday after taking him to school, but then it was Bill & Becky's turn.  Becky picked William up from school and they did their thing.  And super awesome news - Sam is so good at his job that he got to come home a whole day early - so he got to the house about the same time I did on Thursday!  We were super lowkey and just laid around watching all the tv on the dvr (since I didn't watch hardly any while he was gone) and went to bed way too late...  Well, if 10pm is late - which it is to me now and since this is my blog... haha!!

Ashley even got William a present - he was convinced it was a hat and made us all try it on.  Silly little William!!

William is a hoot and a half.  He wakes up every morning asking to watch Cars and for 'choc milk'.  He usually gets neither.  Sometimes chocolate milk, but I'm a little tired of his clothes being covered in it by the time we get to school.  This weekend we recorded some Thomas the Train and Chuggington episodes and now all we hear is "hom' on Mama - sit sit Mama - Choo choo Mama".... in that order.  (hom' on = c'mon  so cute!)  The best part is that occasionally he will watch the Choo Choos without having to sit in our lap, which is oh so sweet and I do love the snuggles, but it's not a whole lot of fun being trapped to the chair for 2 hours when there are a billion things that need to be done.

Snuggled in with Grandaddy K watching CARS for the gazillionith time I am sure.  

Things like....working on the nursery.  I have FINALLY managed to sew all of the crib bedding!!!  I don't know why, but I lost serious motivation after I ran out of white thread the last time I worked on it...over a month ago.  But it is done now and it is adorable.  Very simple as far as baby bedding goes - GASP - there's only one patterned fabric and a solid for the cording and ties.... oh no!  haha  but I love it.  There's a lot going on in a room that will house two boys, so I decided that simpler was better.  AND I finished Patrick's name picture for over his crib last night and Sam helped me hang it this morning.  It's so so so cute - two elephants, in blue & green gingham fabric, with his name in navy below.  I love it.  And working with Mod Podge for the first time wasn't that bad - though I was terrified that it wasn't going to dry clear.  Silly Meghan - of course it did.  There are a couple things I would do slightly differently, but we are thrilled with the results.  Sam is busy busy painting the bookcases - we are SO CLOSE!!  I promise to post pictures as soon as I won't be embarrassed by how it looks...

6.5 weeks left - Patrick better find some more room and hang on!!

So there you have it.  I am going to try and remember to write down more funny things so I don't have to just give a run-down of the week...I'm sure that was incredibly good for you for making it to the end!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not quite "done"

....but I think I'm finally willing to say that I am miserable.  (And not because of the heat, though, I suppose a heat index over 100 isn't exactly enjoyable.) No, the problem is that I am in a ridiculous amount of pain every time I walk, stand up, roll over on the couch/bed, get out of bed, lift one leg, pick up get the point.  I was really trying to avoid hitting this "place" but there you have it.  I am miserable.  Though, I by no means want this baby to come a day before September 7th, so I am not allowing myself to be "over being pregnant" just yet.  

Oh - did I mention that 9/7/2011 is when we are having baby Patrick?  I think I also forgot to mention (on the blog atleast) that the baby's name will be Patrick Crawford.  Wow - I've missed a lot...

I got several "twins" comments this week and even managed to pull a "quadruplets" one on Friday.  It's a very good thing that my self-esteem is not in any way tied to comments on my belly...  
Come November, however, it will be a different story....haha!!

On that note.  I also have full-fledged pregnancy brain - thank goodness for post-it notes and calendar reminders.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't still have a job if post-its hadn't been invented.

We were bad and haven't taken any pictures of William this week, hopefully we will fix that this weekend.  Even though it's raining today - ick.  I have to keep reminding myself that I like the rain.  Just not on days when I had a lot of errands planned.  Guess it's time to find the umbrella - haven't had to look for that thing in ages!!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lots on my mind

I'm sitting here at the computer, surprisingly full of energy, and I've got entirely way too many thoughts going on in my head.  So, this might be a little rambly and disjointed....feel free to stop reading now.  My feelings won't be hurt.

this is how he watched fireworks - shark pajamas and accompanied by Hilbert.

I remember writing a blog when William was itty bitty about making time for me and putting me first.  Which sounds oh so selfish now - but I remember the how crazy everything was with a tiny infant who wasn't happy and in turn, I was having a difficult time being happy - but I can't help but think how many people judged me for that?  And I also remember one where I said I was going to make the commitment to just play with William for an hour a day.  That sounds like so little time out of a day when you're a stay at home mom.  Then I had to remind myself, that of all the hours in the day, I spent an insane amount of those feeding him and walking/rocking him to sleep, he spent an ok amount of time sleeping, and I had put a huge amount of pressure on myself to try and be a good housewife in-between all of that - so when you really get down to it - an hour of unadulterated play time really wasn't that bad.  But I bet I got judged for that too.  Shoot, I judge myself, until I remember what our schedule actually looked like at that point.  Anyhow, that's on my mind.

he refused to let us adjust the hat - he liked it in his eyes...

I just read a blog post from someone who just had a baby, and she is showing off her 10 day post baby body, and I kind of want to smack her across the face.  It looks like she never had a baby.  I am not that lucky person.  I, at minimum, look 6 months pregnant post baby and it's probably closer to 8.  (which is how I look now - and I got no less than 6 shocked looks from people today who couldn't believe I had two more months of being pregnant)  It's all I can do right now not to have my self-esteem take a hit.  But apparently, I am affected enough to write it down in a blog post that is probably supposed to be about my kid.... best laid plans.

I think I am starting to swell.  I almost can't get my rings off in the evening and my flats are beginning to make marks on the top of my feet.  Awesome.

family of three swimming

William was gone all last week, and I missed him.  It was nice to be able to run errands after work without having to worry about whether a certain kidlet would throw a fit before we could get him a snack.  One night, we got super rebellious and didn't eat dinner until 8pm.  Granted, it was just frozen pizza, but it totally counts as us get crazy.  I meant to get us to a dollar movie one night, but we were both too tired every, when it got down to it, it was only three nights.  We headed up to Cleveland on Friday night after work.  Made awesome time through Atlanta.  That was nice.  And Sam and I talked about lots of stuff.  Good times.

playing piano with Mommy - he playing enjoyed the "keys" 

William had a great time with Grandaddy and Mima - though he still calls both of them BeBe.  He has made a grandparent category and he's sticking to it.  I think it's adorable.  Sam's Dad doesn't feel the same way and keeps trying to correct him.  There were lots of walks to visit the cows and horses - both he calls "Boos".  I had asked Daddy to see if he would sit through the movie Cars, because I was sort of considering taking him to see Cars 2.... well, we created a monster.  He watched the movie everyday (twice once) and now asks for it all the time.  He "read" the DVD box on the way home Sunday afternoon.  Hilarious.  Too bad for him - movies are a weekend treat - not for 7am on school days.

checking out the Chattahoochee with Omi

Saturday we got in the pond to swim - and he did really well - even kicked his feet like a real swimming little boy.  Kalin (KK) came over to play, and William adores him.  Completely understandable - KK is fun.  The Lainey came after work and it was pizza night - complete with a family friendly movie.

Happy Birthday William!!

Sunday we went over to Mom's house for breakfast and an impromptu birthday party for William, since we aren't doing anything over the top this year.  (I'm going to be way too pregnant to worry about stressing over that...)  William got a super cool Balance Bike from Mom.  He LOOOVVVEEEDD it!!!  Our gift to him was a helmet - so he doesn't end up with a pointed forehead like his mommy.  :)  If the heat would ever subside - we would take a walk over to the church parking lot and let him practice - the heat index was either 105 or 109 today.... I can't remember.  Anyhow - it was a lot of fun and who doesn't love starting the day out with homemade french toast.  Yum.  Unfortunately, William woke up at 5:30 am on Sunday, so he became a pill much earlier than anticipated and we had to cut the visit short.  I felt really bad, but he was screaming and crying and throwing tantrums - so it's not like he was great company.  Hopefully we'll have better luck next time.

about an inch too short to be really good at it - but he had a great time toodling around anyway!  Thanks Mom!!

I guess I'm just sitting here questioning whether I am good mom and feeling guilty because right this very second I don't feel like I am.  Not asking for any kind of validation - just not having a good mommy day I guess.  Who knows.  And Sam goes to Toronto next week, and I'm having my Dad come down for two days and then the in-laws are taking him for a sleepover on Thursday - I don't feel like I'm going to be a mom at all.  And Sam says, let them help, let them give you a break, you physically hurt and he's a handful..... All true I suppose, but he's my kid - aren't I supposed to be the one who takes care of him?  Anyhow, I guess it's normal to feel like a bad mom at some point, even if makes no sense, because I'm taking old blog posts out of context...  Ok.  I'll stop.  Or atleast I won't type it anymore.

Well, it's 9:30 and I'm no longer feeling so awake.  If you made it this far, you should be commended, and I apologize for being a total buzzkill tonight.  Maybe I feel a little better just writing it down.  Let's hope so anyway - I much prefer feeling like supermom.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!!

Hope you are enjoying the holiday and honoring everyone who has served and is serving this great country!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simple fun

I realize that I probably say this atleast every other post, but I REALLY did mean to get to the computer and write on the blog before now.  Honestly, I've just been lazy.  I've spent a lot of time laying on the sofa trying to pretend that my entire body doesn't hurt from being pregnant.  Ok, entire body is a bit of an exaggeration - but seriously - I didn't hurt this bad with William.  Walking is painful on a good day and miserable on a bad day.  And much to William's dismay, I can't pick him up without paying for it for days.  He's really unhappy about that one.  We spent 28 full minutes trying to leave daycare on Monday afternoon because he wanted me to pick him up and I couldn't.  And then the Toddler director got involved, so even if I could pick him up - I then couldn't because I would the Mom who gives in to epic tantrums.  Oh - and awesome - we also saw my boss during the tantrum who had his almost always happy adorable 11 month old baby girl.  Great.  Atleast, it gave me something to talk to him about that wasn't related to data packets the next day... ha!  Though, sticking to my guns on Monday did mean that the next four days of pick-up went very smoothly.  He held my hand all the way with no complaint.  Sweet boy.

30 weeks pregnant....  people keep seeming surprised when I tell them I have two more months - not sure that is a good thing... haha!  

He has definitely gotten better about holding hands now.  Instead of it being an all out fight, he cooperates 99 out of 100 times.  Sometimes he even requests to hold hands.  Melt my heart.  It's funny though, because he still insists on carrying his juice, Hilbert, and a snack/truck/third object in his other hand.  And don't ask if you can help by holding Hilbert - he'll think you're stealing him - bad news bears.  We don't go anywhere without Hilbert.  And all his teachers at school (and some teachers who aren't his) know Hilbert's name.  He's very popular.

Getting used to the sprinkler

I don't know if I mentioned this before, I definitely meant to, but William is now playing pretend often.  We caught him giving Hilbert and his Dog milk the other week in the car.  SO CUTE!  I wish I had a video pointed at him at all times.  He was feeding them - it was adorable.  Now, yes, he's been pretending that his high chair was a car for months and months now - but it's different now somehow.  There are plenty of other examples I can't think of right this second, but this has got to be some kind of milestone right?  Either way, I think it's cool that he's using his imagination.

His new favorite face - sucking in his top lip....sometimes he gets crazy and bites on his bottom lip though... or puts three fingers in his mouth  ... who knows?!

We've been consciously trying to let him watch less tv.  Definitely under an hour a day for sure.  Not that I am terribly concerned about "screen time" but I suppose at some point I must have read some article that put it in the front of my brain, so instead of just leaving it on Sprout all day, we only turn on the tv a little in the morning to watch Sesame Street/The Wiggles before school while I try and get ready in much less time than most women take and occasionally in the evening if nothing is making him happy while dinner is being made.


We are also eating Family Dinners at the dining room table every night.  Which makes me BEYOND happy.  We made the commitment awhile ago, I don't even remember when, but it's been so nice.  William helps set the table (wipeable placemats) and put drinks (sippy cups and water bottles) on the table and then we sit and eat.  And talk.  It's glorious.  And I really think William is eating a little more than he used to.  Or atleast he's a little more focused.  Well, sometimes anyway.  About half the time it takes him awhile to warm up to dinner - so a lot of time he sits down, looks at his plate, pushes it away and says All Gone without even putting anything on his fork.  He really enjoys eating using the Airplane from Daddy - so that gets used often to get him to eat.  And we've started trying to "hide" the vegetables.  Which Sam pointed out this evening, might be why my parents made so many casseroles.... because we totally hid spinach in between sausage and potatoes tonight.  It was delicious - for a casserole.... haha!

Decided he needed a break from getting water in his face.

He is really starting to talk.  Lots of words and sentences and thoughts.  We are loving it.  There is still a lot of jibberish and words that we don't understand, but we are getting pretty good at deciphering what he means.  The most used phrase is probably More Juice.  Kid drank 2 cups of milk and 4 cups of juice before lunch today.  Just a mild addiction to beverages.  No big deal.... right?! ha!  He didn't like it when I refilled his juice with water after nap this afternoon.  He picked up on the difference pretty quickly.  Atleast the juice is 50% water.  That makes me feel a little better.

Playing with the truck is worth getting a little more wet apparently

He is going to spend the week with my Dad & Sara next week after the Fourth.  They were going to take him earlier, but I really wanted to take him to see fireworks with us - so Daddy & Sara are going to be here for a day or two and I'm looking forward to it.  I like them.  They're good people and even better parents.  William is going to have a blast up in the mountains for a week.  Sara is even off work (I think) - so it will be nonstop fun.  Lots of swimming in the pond, feeding the horses, and visiting the cows.  Sam and I are going to be at a loss all week.  Our morning routine is going to be ALL kinds of thrown off and what in the world are we supposed to do when we get home when we aren't rushing to get dinner on the table by 6 and kiddo bathed and into bed by 7?!!!!  Craziness!!!

Daddy is the most fun!!!!

We went to a super fun birthday party last weekend for a cute little Will that was turning 1 and his parents went awesome crazy with the backyard water fun.  They had a couple blowup pools, sprinklers, water tables, slides set up and William loved every minute of it (once he warmed up to there being lots of kids he didn't know).  So it pretty much sent me into overdrive about getting William a pool.  I've been debating for over month now, and he had so much fun, that I told Sam that we would really need to look at it after payday.  Well, payday came, and so did the bills - fun fun.  And it turned out, that it was probably a better idea to buy groceries instead of a pool.  And what is it about walking in the store with the full intent on being satisfied by the $10 pool and then desperately wanting the super awesome sprinkling, sliding pool that's $30.  It also occurred to us that we don't have an air pump - so Sam would be blue in the face after making any of them work.... (he thinks there might be one in the shed...I'm not so sure)  But either way, Sam pretty much vetoed the idea when he saw me starting to get physically sick from considering it.  And then he has the bright idea - we have a whirly circle sprinkler that we use to water the yard and we could just set that up and see if he likes it.  HE DID!!  We all put on our bathing suits and played in the front yard.  Oh yes - me and all of my pregnant glory in the front yard - thank goodness we live on a hill well out of the line of sight of most people driving by! ha!!  But the point is - William had a great time!!!  So silly of me to worry about not being a good mom because I didn't buy my kid a blow up pool in the middle of the summer when it's really simple things that actually matter.  That will be my light bulb moment of the day.  Hope you enjoyed it.  :)

Hopefully we can convince William to stay up and be happy until Fireworks start on Monday night.  I'm dying to know what he thinks of them.  OH!  And one last random note - William is sitting in his booster seat for dinner with no fussing!!  So much better to have that out then the honking high chair hidden behind a door.  It's great!!!  Such a big boy.



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