Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This week's blog installment - definitely not life changing - but maybe interesting..

Not a whole lot new has happened in a week... I am now 15 weeks pregnant and have decided that I am more pudgy than pregnant - boo.  Wonder when my cute belly is supposed to come in - I'm ready!  I don't want to go buy cute pregnant clothes until I have a belly - but at some point I am going to have to stop wearing yoga pants and t-shirts... Sam has started referring to it as my uniform - oops - I think that means I should probably step up my fashion kinda soon. I'm also waiting for it to get warm.  No point in buying anything for the current cold snap, since it will be disgustingly hot for most of my pregnancy.  I'm ready for sundresses and wedges!!

I'm still stupidly tired.  Sam is also making fun of me for going to bed at 8:30 at the latest - but I still can't kick myself out of bed in the morning - so I know I'm not getting too much sleep.  Also doesn't help that the hormones are making me have stuffy snot head...  Yep - got an email about that from What to - and the hormones are doing it too me.  Not cool!  And I lost the piece of paper that tells me what medicine I can take - actually - it's just temporarily misplaced and I've been too busy sleeping to go find it... ;)

But I really shouldn't whine and complain - I think I'm getting off pretty easy compared to other people's pregnancies.  I usually feel pretty good - it would be nice for a lot of the stress to go away (Someone please buy my beautiful house..!) - but other than that life is good.

Oh!  I know what we did - we couldn't stand it anymore and went and registered at Babies R Us.  We just got the big things out of the way - chose mostly baby neutral stuff - so it won't have to be replaced with the second child if they are different genders... Aren't we responsible?!  I'm sure I'm going to regret that intelligent decision if it's a girl and want pink everywhere but I'm trying to convince myself to stay strong and remind myself that I LOVE the green/brown/cream nursery decor with bunnies.  (which I do - but pink is so cute in general...)  So yeah - we are waiting to hit up the Target registry until we know the sex.  It would've been much more fun in general if we knew whether it was a boy/girl in the first place - but it was a good time.  I just poked out my belly to make look bigger and tried not to stare at all the cute humongo bellies around us.. haha!

And - has anyone else noticed - the moment you get pregnant all conversations are about babies?  It's not that I mind talking about being pregnant, don't get me wrong - it's fun, but there's only so much I have to say or care to talk about...  I don't need forever conversations all day about whether or not I'm going to nurse or use formula.  (which for everyone who's wondering - hopefully nursing will take because in the current situation - formula is just EXPENSIVE!!)  I'm just kinda over it.  Happy to talk about it - but not for marathon conversations - I guess I don't find it that interesting...who knows? 

Cute dad of the week: Sam has made a baby spreadsheet detailing the year's cost of diapers, wipes, etc.  He's so prepared - it's adorable.  (And obvious that he isn't going to bed at 8:30...haha!)  Love you babe!

How's that for random rambling about nothing...could've broken that up and done two days in a row - but then I probably would've forgotten half of it and no one would've been the wiser...but yeah.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This whole pregnant thing isn't so bad...

So - today I am 14 weeks pregnant and I think I'm actually starting to look pregnant instead of just pudgy - which is kinda nice.  And, knock on wood, I'm still feeling pretty good.  A little tired occasionally, but that's ok...

Definitely decided to have a snack before dinner of peanut butter bread, snack size doritos and three bites of cheese cake - and it ended up being my dinner.  I'm SO not hungry anymore, which is disappointing, Sam was going to make jumbalaya.. Oh well-guess there's always tomorrow night.

Valentine's Day was wonderfully low key.  We were headed out for breakfast at Chick-Fil-A and I found two cards and a box of Kisses in the kitchen - nice surprise.  I thought Sam had totally forgotten to get me a card.  I grab them on the way to the car - and open the one that says Meghan on the front, duh.  And Sam says "you have one more" and I said "no - that was says it's for your 'mom'" - to which he replied - "yeah - you silly (well basically he said something like that)"  My wonderful husband got me a Valentine's Day card from the baby - so cute!  He's a keeper!  I didn't get him a card from the baby but he did receive 3 classic Dr. Seuss books to read to the hopefully I didn't disappoint.  Rest of the day was pretty lazy, which I love.  Went for a walk in the park like everyday and then went to dinner at Sam's parents house for steaks - yum!  I think that should become our new tradition.  Totally beats pizza and champagne - though the past 4 Valentine Days have been lots of fun following that recipe! :)  But - seriously - who is going to say that take out pizza is better than a perfectly seasoned and cooked filet?!  

Ok - well that's pretty much everything interesting...  Until I can muster up something else to write on here - Have a great day!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I finally made it!!  13 weeks AND the nausea is gone but I'm still going to bed early - but definitely not staying asleep which is not fun.  I had a cold all weekend - and I don't know if it was that or the fact that life has me pretty freaked out right now -but I fell asleep around 9:30 and then woke up at 11:45 and didn't see sleep again until around 5 am.  Not cool.  And now - a nap isn't even possible after Sam left for work.  Anyway - whatcha gonna do.  I'm just happy to not be nauseous.

Found out this weekend that another friend is pregnant - it must be the Columbus water...crazy!  Exciting!!!  She's 5 weeks I think - and it's kinda fun being the one that knows something about being pregnant - haha!  But she did explain my love affair with bread - something about it metabolizes really fast or something now...  

Sam and I have been walking 2.5 - 4 miles everyday - and goodness - the 4 mile days hurt my back so bad.  Which is strange - because I'm not walking with my back - it's my legs that should be sore...  But I enjoy the time with no distractions with him - so it's ok for now. ;)

Friday, February 6, 2009

My baby looks like a baby!

Well - this picture really doesn't do the newest Rumer justice - but he really looks like an actual human now - it's so cool.  (the baby is waving at us!!)  We went for the ultrasound today, so they could measure the back of the neck for Downs Syndrome, and the baby had a big time.  Thought there was a trampoline in there - bouncing up and down and turning around all the cool!  (and kind of bizarre - still trying to understand that there is a person inside me - but that weirds me out too...)  Anyhow- it appears we already have a very stubborn baby because the ultrasound lady couldn't get the right picture of the neck due to the dancing around - so she switched ultrasound methods - and then the baby practically went on a nap for 5 minutes.  This whole time, probably 15-20 minutes, she is practically beating my belly trying to stimulate the baby to turn the right way.  OMG!!  I actually hurt when I got home!  Not cool....

Anyway - finally got the right pictures and the doctor said everything looks good...Pretty quick appointment actually.  Have to wait 4 weeks to go to the doctor  

I have decided that I love my doctor though.  I did not receive a lecture on weight gain and, basically, I now heart her to death.  I think I chose doctors based on who lectures and who doesn't.  I prefer the doesn't category...haha!!  All I'm going to say - is I have gained more than I meant to - but y'know - I've been on a serious diet/workout regimen for 2 years and had to stop very suddenly.  Obviously - not so cool for me.   Oh well.  She doesn't seem worried - so I am going to come to terms with it and just keep walking 4 miles with Sam every evening.

And I have a love affair with blueberry bagels (normal) and grape soda (has resurfaced after 16 years).

Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm so proud of myself

Sam finally got home Saturday afternoon and I had managed to keep it a secret all week that I had ordered the missing hardware and bought the baby bedding - so when he walked upstairs he saw the made up crib and he didn't have to mess with any of it!!

(Well - he had already refinished the wood..but yeah)

The really cool part about the crib is that it was his, and all his sisters and brothers, crib - which I think is really special.    When we first found out we were pregnant, we ran a covert operation to Babies R Us, and actually found the crib bedding.  And the best part - it's gender neutral colors and not too "baby"...  The bunnies just make me happy, what can I say?!

Apparently I am going to feel good only every other day.  Today is not one of those days.  I got all showered and dressed and went to work - 45 minutes later I had made the one phone call I needed to and then came home.  My breakfast was making threats - and it wasn't pretty...ugh!  
But, hopefully, only one more week of this - I am exactly 12 weeks pregnant today..!  I had to go to Publix to get something for lunch, and found myself on the icecream aisle - and I rediscovered Bed & Jerry's Half Baked - it really does make everything better...haha!  It's funny - I really wasn't going to eat the whole thing - but there's that critical moment before it gets too melty that there's no point in putting it back in  the freezer - so yeah - I ate the whole thing and it was great!  Probably not to going to be so great later - but laying in bed - it feels just fine! ;)

(Having an issue getting the pictures where I want them...maybe it will work out when I post..hmm)

Loves!  More later!

I'm so proud of myself


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