Sunday, June 26, 2011

We revived the video camera

Our very insanely nice video camera that my Daddy bought us to celebrate his first grandson has been dead for months.  We kept saying "we should video this" super cute thing William is doing but then the camera was dead. So then we would remind ourselves that we need to get it out of the bag and charge it.  This conversation continued for entirely too long.  We finally remembered a week ago to plug it in to the charger - so we played some serious catch up.  And, William did not disappoint.  He put on a quite a show.  Love this little man.

Williams Sings:

Ok - it took WAY too long to get that one video uploaded - so you'll have to wait to see William pretend to be a "Choo-Choo" until another day.  Definitely worth the wait though.

check out all the cars and trains he was able to hold - slight obsession, nothing serious

WAY WAY LATE - Sam had a nice Father's Day.  I think we took it easy most of the day, well except for hanging pictures over William's bed.  Though, that wasn't hard work.  We are doing a "gallery wall" of sorts - and it works out because we have more frames than is really healthy to have just "laying around".  And what's so sad is there are many more, but we only used the black ones.  Anyhow.  It's starting to look really good, like a real nursery where children play and sleep.  No pictures yet though - still not even close to finished and looks a little haphazard at the moment.  Plus, William doesn't know how to make his bed yet...

playing AIRPLANE on Father's Day

I am still very pregnant.  I suppose, though, that you don't really stop being very pregnant until you have the baby - so yeah.  I guess I should stop saying it that way.  I am FEELING pregnant.  The baby is sitting somewhere in there that makes me very uncomfortable at the least and in serious pain at the worse.  But he's moving right now while I type and that makes me happy - so for the moment I will pretend that pregnancy is the greatest most wonderful feeling ever.  I am 29 weeks now, and will start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks, and then, I'm sure, before I know it I will be seeing the doctor every week.  Which means that it is practically time to have the baby.  And that reminds me that we still have so much to do!!  Aaahhhhhh!!!

cute happy William

And goodness, we are about to officially have a two year old in just over a month, which means there has to be a birthday party, which means I have to figure out where/how to have one.  I should really get off the computer and get to work on SOMETHING!

reading his favorite train book naked.  this one will probably make it into a senior yearbook or rehearsal dinner photo slideshow...  "choo choo"


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

To my wonderful husband and William's Daddy - 
You are our favorite.  
I can't even begin to come up with the right words that would make you understand to the extent that I treasure you.  
We love you very much.

Happy Father's Day!!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Squeezing This In

I feel like I should probably try and squeeze in a post before Father's day weekend, even though I'm exhausted and I doubt we've taken a lot of cute kid pictures since Memorial day, but here goes nothing.

I am getting very pregnant.  I keep being surprised by how pregnant I am in pictures.  I don't find the heat too bad though, even though everyone and their brother wants to comment on how terrible it will be to go through the summer.  Most of the time, I don't think I am any more miserable than the next person, but then I get the weird sweat lines under the ginormous boobs and above the ginormous belly, and I admit that I'm a little miserable.  Just a little.  But so far, I've got it pretty good.  I'm no longer sick and the heartburn/reflux hasn't really kicked in.  So, except for my belly hurting from being stretched to not even the max, this whole pregnancy thing isn't so bad.

I especially enjoy feeling him kick.  And he does it a lot now.  It's fun.  And he really only likes me.  He stops kicking for my friend at work and Sam even.  Makes me feel atleast slightly special, because William is in the middle of a serious Daddy phase.  And I don't feel special.  Hopefully, he'll grow out of it.

I don't know how he discovered this, but he just decided one day that he wanted to ride Daddy.  poor Daddy had made many, many laps around the room this week.

The tiny potty has been a super fail.  He hates it.  But the other day he did want to sit on it for a brief moment, until he realized that I would let him sit on the big potty and if he asked "nicely" then Mommy would sit on the tiny potty.  He thought that was funny.  We will take the small step though.  Guess next on the list is a mini-potty seat and a mini-step stool.  Fun.  Kid can't tell us he needs to potty but we're moving slightly ahead anyhow.  Mostly because we keep getting notes from his teacher that he asked to sit on the potty at school.  I would be fine if he wasn't potty trained until 3 but I suppose he has other plans.  Yay us.

oops - forgot to mention he got a haircut I think.  and while he IS very handsome with his new short hair, I was definitely a little more upset than I thought I would be about him losing the curls.  it is still a constant struggle to get his hair to lay flat though - I kinda wish Sam would just give up.

Sunday he was an absolute two year old.  Contrary for the sake of being contrary, and literally refused to listen to a word I said.  He didn't do anything for me.  I was beyond frustrated and had to keep calling Sam in to get him to do the tiniest things.  We sent him to bed early that night because, by the end, both of us had had enough.  Amazingly, he slept until 7am.

excuse the blurriness - he would LIVE on Publix spinach & artichoke dip if we let him.  and it's getting to the point that I might actually consider it.

He ended up going to bed at 7:00-7:15 on Monday night and we had to wake him up at 7:30am to go to school.  So - we are in the middle of an earlier bedtime experiment.  This morning he woke up at 6:45 - not fully awake - but making a little noise.  I only noticed because I've been getting up earlier to take a shower.  We'll see how it goes.  Because he has been waking up at 6:30 when he goes to bed at 7:30 - so I'll let you know what happens.  Everyone at work thinks we're crazy for having an early bedtime - but it totally works for him.  And I don't mind the time at night to pretend to decompress.

running outside.  as always.  with his super hero sticker from school.

William had a super mini Crunch bar after nap on Sunday and the kid went nutso crazy.  He had a serious sugar high.  It was hilarious.  He was literally bouncing everywhere and into everything.  Note to self - no more chocolate.

why doesn't the truck work in the grass mom?

He is back to being a super picky eater.  And he has an unhealthy obsession with chocolate milk.  He didn't even ASK for juice for three days.  Though I think I heard somewhere that chocolate milk has less sugar than apple juice, and since that works for me, I'm not going to bother to look it up and see for real.

always a happy boy in the morning.  I love that he is a morning person.

I have sewn 75% of the crib bedding and it is looking super cute.  Just need more solid blue for the crib ties, two uninterrupted hours to sew, and it will be good to go.  Well, except I still have to decide what to with the three yards of adorable quilted gingham.  I keep flipping between play blanket, crib quilt, and crib sheet.  I have no idea.  It will probably sit in the bed, folded up until he gets here and then I'll freak out for no reason at all and sew something in twenty minute nap time just to have it done.  That's reality.  Oh well.

Bedtime routine has changed yet again.  He still wants to read books and sometime sit in Mommy's lap for songs, but then he has to lay on Daddy's shoulder while Sam sings Jesus Loves Me.  It's sweet.  He says Daddy's turn and holds his hands up.  Such a sweet boy.  Well, unless he decides to skip Mommy song time for just Daddy, and then I don't think it is AS sweet.  Just saying.

he was convinced that the kitty was after his milk.  he ran away saying "No! Mine!"

I still have to figure out what to do for Father's Day.  I have several ideas, but no idea how to get them done sneakily.  And Daddy - I totally meant to mail your Father's Day card to Florida so you would get it there before you went scuba-ing....but I didn't.  Sorry.  :)

but then the kitty let him pet her tail - so they were friends again - sort of


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Day (part 4)

You made it to the end!!  This post is the last of the pictures from last weekend.  Enjoy!!

William LOOVVEESS Bosco - and is obviously WAY excited to be on Mima & Grandaddy's bed playing with him.

Boat! Boat!  Grandaddy took him for a ride in the kayak - he sat back and relaxed.  

William wanted to go fast!  Lord help us....

On a float all by himself!

Almost floating all by himself in the water.  At one point with Grandaddy he did float without holding on to anyone - but he didn't notice - which is probably good.

William & I with Daddy.  I don't know why Daddy doesn't like to smile in pictures.  He also doesn't like posed pictures.  Oh well.  :)

Tickle Monster!!!!!!

More "Summer" pictures.  These didn't go as well because he wanted a nap.  We tried to take family pictures right after this and they were met with a full on meltdown. So much for that I guess!

This was the first appliqued john-john I made and it's probably the one he wears the most.  Something about the blue stripes and the whale just makes me happy.

In other news - William gave me a hug to wake me up this morning, then helped me get out of bed, and gave the new baby a kiss.  So sweet.  I guess he is starting to grasp what's happening.  We were at a birthday party yesterday, and a friend's baby is almost a year old and William was SO sweet with him.  Patting his head, giving him gentle hugs, and saying Hi Baby.  Absolutely adorable.  He is going to be a great big brother.

(I'm ignoring that he refused to share his toys with Brooks this morning.... something to work on...haha)


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day (part 3)

I think these were mostly on Sunday.  Sam wanted "summer pictures" and my parents happen to live in a super pretty place in the mountains - so I was happy to oblige.  

William in his "farmer" squat.  He does this a lot - especially when he has a lot to think about... ha!

In the "island" in the front yard.  They are thinking about putting a pint size chair in there for him - I think it would be adorable. 

He's such a sweet boy - so happy.

Peek A Boo!!!

I found you!!!!  I love this one - wish the background wasn't so blown out...

Sam is about to try and flip me....  he didn't succeed but he gave it a valiant effort

Sitting on the dock happy as can be.  :)

William decided he did want a hot dog bun after all.  And there's me - in all of my un-made up 25.5 week glory - haha!!!

Just one more post and then I will officially be done with Memorial Day!  I guess it's a good thing that nothing TOO terribly interesting has happened since the long weekend.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day (part 2)

Second installment of fun....

My Dad had to go check on a school - so we tagged along and played on the playground while he was inside.  William didn't quite grasp the concept of the "rock wall"

I love his silly faces.  He loves to pretend to drive.

Sitting with Daddy in the shade, pretending to cool down.

He's just like his momma - flushes bright red for any reason.  It really concerned his teachers until I explained.

Dad took us inside to show us around and William had a blast playing with the echo in the gym.  It's a really nice school.  Too bad William can't go there.

We saved pizza night until Saturday, so Kalin and Lainey could come, and Kalin is definitely going to be William's Uncle John.  (The cool fun uncle who would let you abuse crawl all over him)

The "Roaring Fight" was hilarious.  I have no idea who won...

SUNDAY WE WENT SWIMMING!!!  And William even agreed to wear the pint sized life jacket.

Dad was the only one who was willing to touch the floor of the pond,  I don't mind being called a pansy - it's gross.  William LOOOVVVEEDD pointing out the fish and then splashing at them.  At some point, Sara brought down some bread and he fed them until they were stuffed and didn't want anymore.

There are some really cute pictures coming up next.  But I bet you knew that already, because all pictures of William are cute.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day (part 1 of ?)

I am right this second trying to decide between doing this post purely from pictures or to make the extra effort and write a real blog post.  We went for a walk this evening after dinner, even though it was still very much in the super high 90s (probably 100 actually...), and my belly hurts.  So I think I'm going to compromise for cute pictures and fun captions - sound good to you?  I hope so because that's what you're getting.

I suppose I'll preface the pictures by saying that Sam and I both took Friday off because it was our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY (yay us!) and it would make the long weekend into an extra long weekend.  Props to us for getting married on a holiday weekend.  We are oh so smart like that.  So, we headed up to my Dad's house Thursday immediately after work. I just went through all the pictures we took over the weekend - and we certainly made up for lost time.  I'm pretty sure that 30+ pictures in one post would bore you to tears - so I'm going to break it up.  And if didn't bore you - it would most certainly be cute overload.  I'm looking out for you really.  I don't care how long it takes to upload pictures....ha!

for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to bring the gigantic car with us, because we had all this "extra" room.  turns out he discovered that Grandaddy K would push him and he didn't want to use his own two feet.  so, we transported a plastic car clear across the state of Georgia to sit in the garage.

it was pretty icky Friday morning but William still wanted to be "outside outside".  I swear we heard those words more than anything else that came out of his mouth.  

He was really enjoying the strawberry cupcakes that I won in a cake walk at work on Thursday, but by the time Sam got the camera to the kitchen he wanted out of his chair.  He also spent a good part of the weekend asking for "cupcake"  -  not spoiled at all!! haha

William LOOOVVVEEESSS Bosco.  And Bosco is sweet enough to put up with him.

William is very sweet and gentle with Bosco.  He couldn't understand why Burnie didn't want the same attention when we got home.  It was funny to watch him try to be sweet with Burnie, and when she did reciprocate his affection, he would get mad and swat at her.  Then she would swat back and they would have to be separated for the good of the order.

He wanted to "push" the wagon all by himself.  See the cows in the distance - that's where we were headed.  He did get some help from Grandaddy going up the hill, but for the most part, he was very strong and determined.


I honestly can't remember what Sara was making but I do remember that William turned down the bowl and I attacked it.  It was yummy and sugary and delicious.  William enjoyed licking the beater though.

OK.  There you go.  Eight pictures of the weekend to get you started.  The beginning of a very fun weekend in the mountains.



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