Thursday, November 24, 2011

That's cute.

I can finally squeeze a moment out to post and I have almost no idea what has happened.  I know I use to get this feeling slightly when it was just one, but two - wow.  I am sure that at some point I will get used to it - but that point is not now.  Though, dinner has been ready very close to 6pm the past week, so we are getting better at it obviously.  It helps that Sam is no longer on conference calls all evening.  But we still need to find time to take more pictures - I'm hoping once we get the routine down - we can get back in the groove of 500+ pictures a month.  Because, seriously, the boys are THAT cute.

William really likes to help bake

William is starting to use the "little" words that make sentences make sense.  Like "is" and "the"....  It must be a parent thing - but we think it's the cutest thing ever.  He's also started saying "that's cute" - so we might also want to consider using different adjectives.  It's really funny when he picks some random box at the store and says that it is cute - not even sure what it was - but unless a red box is cute - he was a little off on that one. haha

One of only a couple documented Patrick smiles

He mastered saying 'please', so we moved on to 'thank you'.  We work on one at a time so he doesn't get overwhelmed and he can learn the appropriate times to say the correct word.  Well, he has now mastered thankyou - or "tanks" - so now we are working on "yes m'am, yes sir" and there is nothing more adorable.  It's only been a week or maybe several days at best, so he doesn't no when to say it yet, but if you ask him to - he will repeat it.  Hopefully we will have a very polite and courteous little boy very soon.  

This stinking lawn mower has no bells or whistles but it is the LOUDEST thing - it is on my list to hide it in the attic for a month or two - it grates on my every nerve! haha!!

His teachers take him to visit the baby often during the week - which is so sweet - and I had no idea they would even do that, let alone fairly frequently.  He gets really excited and asks to see "Tatrick".  Ms Neddie loves it.  She is one of the sweetest most geniune people I know and I am so glad that she is now in charge of William's side of school (Twos, Threes, & Pre-K).  She is an absolute joy.  She's the one who insisted that the boys have their school pictures taken together and made it happen, even though it took two trips to have them both happy.  (and the pictures were awesome!!  really need to get them scanned so I can show you!)

sshhhh - we Patrick a Bumbo for Christmas - don't tell him

Patrick is doing great at daycare.  He has his teachers Ms Tonija & Ms Talithia wrapped around his finger.  They've got him on a predictable three hour schedule, though he doesn't sleep as much as he does at home.  Guess he has more to do there - playing with the big kids and all.  And there is nothing like the super humongo smiles I get in the afternoon - always so happy.  Such a sweet little boy.

Patrick has developed a food sensitivity though apparently.  He now reacts to all foods on the "do not eat because your child will scream with gas pains" list.  This was discovered after Ms T called me asking to bring gas drops on Monday because he hurt so much and couldn't settle down to sleep.  So I take my lunch at 10:30, run home, and run to the daycare.  And then I realize that I had broccoli for dinner the night before...  Well, shoot, that's my favorite vegetable.  You know what's also on that list?  Garlic.  Yep.  Everything I cook has garlic in it.  Guess when I realized that one?  After I made Honey Garlic chicken last night - 3 tablespoons of garlic.  So - Patrick got a bottle while I waited 12 hours for the garlic to leave my system.  I made it 10 before my boobs revolted and demanded to be pumped.  We gave him that milk at 4am and I think it was ok.  But ugh.  I should probably spend some time with the "do not eat because your child will scream with gas pains" list to make sure I don't hurt him anymore.  It never ends.

I look over from the kitchen one morning and William started dancing to the song his bulldozer plays

Though, it seems like the reflux might be calming down, but who knows really....  As soon as we say he's spitting up less - he ruins two of my shirts and his sweater - and he hadn't even eaten recently...?!  I wonder when spitting up ends.  Probably as soon as teething begins and then he'll be drooling constantly - come to think of it - he has been drooling a lot in the past couple days... oh no... haha!

I just barely got in there in time to get this one - William wanted to sit and hold Patrick

So - we are headed to B&B's today for Thanksgiving lunch and then tomorrow after I get off work, yep - no vacation days, we are off to Cleveland to see my family.  I am pumped.  I haven't seen everyone in two months I think.  It should be good - I'm excited.  Now if we can just make the trip with both boys sleeping and not having to stop to let one play and the other eat - we will be good.  I'm shooting for leaving at 8:00 to try and make that happen.  Though, I think that there will be three of us asleep at that point.  I'll do my best to stay up to amuse Sam, but that's my bedtime, so it's going to be a struggle.

had to take a picture because dogs on babies' feet are entirely too cute not to document


Monday, November 14, 2011

Back to work

On November 1st I went back to work.  It took 2.75 hours to get everything done and everyone out the door, but we did it.  And Sam and I even got to work a little early and there were no tears.  I thought for sure there would be tears, but Patrick has wonderful teachers who I already want to hire away.  Though, I would have to fight my boss for them, his baby girl was in their class as well - she actually just transitioned out which is so sad because she was such a good 'mama' to Patrick...  I digress.  I went back to work.

What I missed the most I found really surprisingly.  I missed breastfeeding the most.  I missed feeding him, being the one that fed him, and holding him close.  So I will retract a portion of my previous stance, and say that breastfeeding is good for bonding.  (I still don't believe that it is the only way...and the ninnie nazis should be nicer...but anyway)  I don't like that I get to feed him at minimum once a day and at max three times and it has to be a really good day to hit three.  But I am counting myself lucky that he is switching between breast and bottle easily.

That being said.  I hate pumping.  Again, I'm lucky because my cube could literally not be a single foot closer to the large private bathroom that houses an armchair and endtable with an outlet, but it's boring and awkward and I don't like it.  I would much rather be feeding my baby instead of stressing out about only producing 3 ounces instead of the 4 I need to put in the bottle.  And I'm constantly second guessing if he needs the four ounces we just started giving him or if the three was enough and now he's being overfed, etc. etc. etc.  All I do is overthink the whole thing and worry that I'm not doing the right thing and I hate pumping.  But it is a means to an end, and the only productive thing I can do, so I less than happily march the 15 feet to the bathroom two to three times a day.  Alls well that ends well I suppose.

Our morning, well my morning atleast, now starts at 5:30am, if not earlier.  I have to get up and pump, I don't mind doing it at home while watching the news though - it's not boring watching the weather four times, and then hurry up and take a shower.  We pray that Patrick sleeps through the whole routine or goes back to sleep if he woke up because it is nearly impossible to get out of the house by 7:15/20 if he is awake.  I don't know what happened - but the swing is no longer magic and both of us are back and forth constantly trying to keep him happy while also trying to iron and dry our hair.  Oh and get William ready and keep him happy.  I find it amusing that with one child we got up at 7:00 and all three of us were out the door thirty minutes later, but with two children, I am awake a good hour and half earlier.  But we are both to work early and the morning seems to work, so I'll take it.

The evenings are slowly getting better.  Though, what seemed so terrible might have been caused by Sam having to work extremely late the past two weeks, so I was on my own most nights.  But I am surprised at how difficult it is to get it all done.  As soon as we get home, Patrick needs to be fed, but dinner also needs to be made.  Dinner has only been on the table once by 6pm and that was tonight and it was a miracle.  So, I think there will be some schedule adjusting.  Hopefully William will adjust with the schedule and not against it. It's not helping that he is VERY two.  But this too shall pass.  I keep telling myself.  Someday he will be six and we will have a whole different set of problems but atleast he won't be two any longer.  haha!

There is literally no time to do anything.  I think this is because I go to bed before 9pm.  I would like to be in bed by 8, but that's not really happening anymore since Patrick wants to have his "midnight" snack around 7:30 and by god, I'm not going to bed the same time as an infant!! ha!!  Thank goodness my husband stays up a little later so sometimes the dishes get done.  But the house seems to stay in a constant disarray and I've only managed to run maybe twice in the past two weeks.  I had no idea that having two would more than triple the work - crazy!!  I don't know how we are ever going to have time to do anything ever again.  I'm sure at some point it will all even out, but right now, it seems impossible.  Atleast Patrick is a happy relaxed joy of a baby.

So funny how I thought we were doing so good at two before I went back to work.  Like it was nothing.  We adjusted easily and things were going smoothly.  I was so naive.  Being home and keeping the house up is easy.  It's not like being a stay at home mom is a piece of cake, but having been both, I think being a working mom is harder.  Both types of moms have household responsibilites, but one has to leave the house, not see the kids all day, and still find time to do the laundry and vacuum in the non-existent free time.  It's a little overwhelming actually.  All I want to do is play with the kids and soak up the baby smiles and William kisses, but I'm constantly reminded of how much work needs to be done.  It's easy to say - go play with the kids, don't worry about the housework, but then you are living in absolute filth, so we've got to figure out to find the balance.

I think I cried a little at some point during the first week, just not the first day, but my first breakdown over the whole thing happened this past weekend.  We really needed to spend some quality time with William without Patrick around, and Sam's mom had been offering to keep Patrick, so it was all set up.  She would take him on Saturday and keep him all day, while we took William to see the Thomas and Friends movie on the big screen (he LOOOVVEDD it by the way and was so well behaved) and give him some well deserved mommy & daddy time.  We wake up Saturday about 6:20, I feed the baby, William gets up, Sam makes breakfast, showers are taken.  I get out of the shower and Patrick wants a snack.  Then instead of continuing with the morning, I have a mini-breakdown because I have nothing to wear.  Nothing fits that is clean and everything else is dirty.  I don't want to look like a slob and wear yoga pants with a tshirt, so I all but refuse to get dressed and ready for breakfast at Chick-fil-a.  Sam and I end up taking separate cars to breakfast.  I did wear yoga pants.  I cling to Patrick all breakfast.  No seriously - I don't know that I even let anyone else look at him - I just let him sleep in my arms and I stared into space trying to avoid what was happening.  Breakfast ends and I have to put him in his seat and move him to Becky's car.  I make it through that, get to my car, and just start crying.  My mini-breakdown earlier was just trying to create an excuse so I wouldn't have to let him go.  That if I could pretend I had nothing to wear and acted just a little crazy, maybe Sam would buy it and I wouldn't have to go to breakfast...

The thing is - I only get two days a week with him.  Two days to feed him, snuggle with him, and make him know how much I love him.  And they had arranged for him to basically be gone from me for a whole day.  I lost it.  I didn't feel like anyone got it.  It was different with William.  I was with him 7 days a week - I wasn't missing anything.  Not a smile, not a play kick, and certainly not a single colicky cry. I feel like I'm missing everything with Patrick and I hate that I'm not home with him (even though it wasn't the plan with William, etc blah etc blah).  I had a breakdown.  Sam made it better by us going to B&B's to watch football by 2:30 - so it was only four hours missed - but I still didn't like it.

So yeah - I've been back at work for 2 weeks.  I like work, so it's not bad, and it's kinda slow this time of year, so it's giving me plenty of opportunity to ease in and remember all the things I pushed to the back of my brain.  I'm sure it gets easier and better and soon it will be routine just like it was when we were just three.  I have a feeling that there was a time when I felt like it was all a little much then too, but then it got better and easier.

**NOTE:  After finishing this up and reflecting for a moment - I think I might come off as a little whiny - and I certainly didn't mean to make it sound like I am unhappy and have nothing good in my life.  I am beyond blessed and the fact that my whiny-ness can be contained to a couple paragraphs is testament enough (atleast to me) that I've got it pretty good.  Just a couple kinks to work out is all.  Just wanted to make that clear.  I am not ungrateful.  (just exhausted - haha!!)


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

Forgive me - I am behind in all things blog.  Going back to work is kicking my butt - we have literally NO time to do anything....

I decided a very long time ago that the perk of having more than one kid was dressing them alike and having their Halloween costumes be "themed".  Both of the boys' grandaddies have/are referrees - Grandaddy K coached and reffed soccer and Grandaddy R currently refs football.  Last we decided that William would dress up a referree this year (cutest idea ever) and then when we found out there would be another little boy to dress for Halloween - he would be the football (second cutest idea ever!).  So I bought a sleep sack pattern for 99 cents, some brown and white fleece and his costume was born.  They were adorable.

William was all excited to go trick or treating and could even say the phrase, but he was in a mood that evening and we almost had to cancel the whole thing.  He came around and off we went but without taking pictures of the two of them together.  His mood didn't get THAT good.  And then, once he figured out he got candy and that candy was in his pumpkin, he would just say more and open it and not even really walk up to the house.  I think next year will be the year that he really understands.  Plus, half of our neighborhood wasn't really participating, so he didn't get a whole lot of practice.

We had planned for Bill & Becky to meet us to see their costumes and they ended up walking around the block with us.  William had a big time, thought I'm not sure how Becky did it in her heels... :)  It was nice to have extra pair of hands to keep William in line though.  Patrick was very well behaved and slept through the whole thing.  Sweet sweet boys.

William went to bed on a sugar high.  We couldn't get him to eat anything, not even a hotdog and cheese.  He thoroughly enjoyed all the gummy treats and I appreciated that the neighbors didn't give him a bunch of candy we would just have to take away.  Patrick ate like a champ when we got home and promptly went to bed, while we scrambled for the rest of the evening to make sure we had everything ready for his first day of daycare and my first day of work.

We had a really fun time taking him around and can't wait until next year!!  I've got to start planning their costumes already!!


Patrick By Numbers : 2

* Our littlest man turned two months old this week and he celebrated by deciding to sleep through the night.  Atleast on  the week days - daycare is rough stuff and apparently really wears him out.  We aren't complaining.

* He weighed 12lbs 5 ounces and is 23 inches tall.  75th percentile for both.  Chunkers.

* He thinks Daddy saying "guh" is funny and loves to have his cheeks tickled.

* He holds his head up really well when behing held, but hates tummy time, so I'm not sure how he got so good at it.  Guess he got tired of looking at the shoulder seam on my shirt.

* Rocked it pretending to be a football for Halloween... yes, I know, I STILL haven't done a Halloween post.

* He is way more alert more of the time now.  It's fun to watch him look and pay attention to things.  And he has such pretty blue eyes - we are all enjoying seeing more of them.

*  Still on baby Zantac for his reflux.  It usually doesn't bother him to much, thank goodness, but when it does - he lets out the most pitiful "i hurt" cry and it breaks both our hearts.

* He is still the chillest most relaxed baby of all time.  He's happy doing most anything, including watching mommy fold his clothes on the floor.

* He definitely has started cooing but gets camera shy and stops as soon as the red light on the video camera goes on.  Sweet sweet noises.

* I think we might have this whole nursing thing down.  We've had to do it in some fairly questionable circumstances and he has been un-phased for the most part.  Shoot - I guess he's just hungry and you don't want to get in the way of a hungry baby! ha!

* He is still in size 1 diapers - though occasionally we think they are getting small, but the twos still seem SO big.  No biggie, Target doesn't sell size 1 in value sized boxes, so we will have to buy more soon enough and there won't be any going to waste if he decides to change on us suddenly.

* Until he started daycare on the first, his schedule was eat, play, nap at about a two - three hour rotation.  And he always woke up between 5:30 & 5:45 every morning.  We could set our clock to it almost.

* He is almost totally out of 0-3 month clothes but not quite big enough for all his 3-6 month wardrobe.  I'm not a huge fan of this in between stage but I'm happy to be able to start to rotate some new outfits.  I get bored with baby clothes quickly, which is no good when I can't just go buy new cute pieces.  He makes everything look good though, so I shouldn't whine too much.  Atleast he's staying in the right season so far - I'm terrified he's going to get too big for the clothes we have and we'll HAVE to buy him new ones....  He is a chunk...



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