Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sweet Southern Drawl

William has developed the cutest little southern accent.  It is especially evident in words like 'grass - fast - now - yeah".  They are ATLEAST two syllables.  I love it.  My Mema was famous for drawing out her words and it was beautiful.  It's kinda like a flag got switched though - I swear the drawl came overnight.

Patrick follows his brother in everything.  Funniest moment - William likes to be the 'helper" in the morning dropping off Patrick.  So he speeds down the long hallway to P's room - he inevitably falls because he is the clumsiest kid I know.  Patrick is running as fast as his little legs will carry him and then purposely throws himself on the ground to be like his big brother.  So cute.  Oh - and P's "ready set go" stance might be the cutest thing ever - always trying to be like 'big little'.  Sweet boys.

Patrick managed to get himself a double ear infection.  Of course, Sam went out of town for a couple days, and P does nothing but scream all Thursday night.  I thought he was just getting some teeth, I mean, the kid barely has ten in his mouth and that might be an exaggeration.  But I got a call while out on the bike after nap on Saturday, that his ear had done some serious draining and he was acting pitiful.  Twenty minutes later, I'm back, changed out of workout clothes and on the way to Pediatric Acute Care.  Under an hour later and we are headed to Publix with a prescription for antibiotics.  Poor baby.

William has finally hit the superhero phase - though, truly, he's already moved on.  But last week, it was ALL about Batman.  Thank goodness for Netflix or I don't know what would happen to the kid.
And ChickFilA has the cows dressed up as superheroes on their bags and that was BIG stuff today at lunch.  (He had a dentist appt today - so as a treat - he got to have lunch with mommy)  Though, I'm not sure he bought that cows can have super powers.  He's too smart for that.  Batman is TOTALLY real though.

They are starting to actually kind of play together.  I swear.  Sometimes it's just around each other.  But they both really enjoy turning Patrick's bed into a house with a roof and doors so they can hide from the monsters.  It's fun to hear the laughter.  Especially when it's not followed by screeching and tattling.  Oh - I think William is becoming a tattle tale.  He keeps talking about telling on his friends... Not sure what to do about that.  He's telling his friends "I don't like that" like he's supposed to, but then he goes and tells the teacher.  Maybe we should put more focus on ways he could handle the 'situations' himself... Any ideas?  Though, really, how bad is being a tattle tale...? And is it Tale or Tail? Goodness - the things I have to think about now.

We just had to put "stanky cup" on the bad word list.  Somehow Poopie isn't on the list but stanky cup was just getting ridiculous.  haha.  It's on there with 'stupid' and 'shut up'.  We get called on the bad words frequently.  Usually it's just 'stupid' used in a harmless way, but when William decides he doesn't like something, he determines it is a 'bad word' and we shouldn't say that.  Sometimes we  can't even tell what word he doesn't like - that gets interesting.

Patrick said Good this week.  And he "quacks" for all birds, not just ducks.  He is starting to say more - in his own language of course.  He'll probably be just like William and be kinda late about it.  Not worried about that at all!! William is MORE than making up for whatever faux verbal delay I was concerned about 1.5 years ago.  Whoa!

I did realize this past weekend that Patrick has a bit of an obsession with his paci.  As evidenced by not wanting to give it back to him at some point because I just wanted to stare at his face.  I found myself thinking that he was so beautiful and I never get to see his pretty face because of that paci.  He doesn't throw tantrums over the paci like William used to, so I don't think we need to start phasing them out... but I might have to make sure it's 'put away' a little more often.  Maybe start a routine of him putting them in the duckie or something...  I don't know.  I just like looking at his face.

William is signed up for swim lessons at the Y.  They start next week.  It is not a Mommy & Me class.  There are only 5 kids in each class and I'm hoping that he will learn to rely on himself a bit more since he won't be able to cling to Mommy or Daddy.  I'm a little nervous to see how it goes but I am optimistic.  I mean, it can't be any worse than last year! ha!  I'm still debating whether or not to put Patrick in swim lessons this year.  We are leaning towards no just because he's more comfortable in the water than William ever was and last year was such a terrible experience.... Seriously a little scarred.  We'll see.  I wish we could afford the ISR classes - those are amazing.  But I don't have $500 laying around to throw on swimming... or anything else for that matter!

For a couple days we were having mandatory outdoor time after dinner.  It was wonderful.  William decided that he does like baseball (he got a giant ball & bat - blowup but still - for Eater) and Patrick likes to play in the dirt.  I am starting to successfully let go and let him throw dirt in his hair and all over himself because he thought it was fun.  Not sure what happened, maybe it rained, but definitely need to make sure the outdoor times happens more than it doesn't.  It's so easy just to snuggle in on the sofa with them - they sweet and smell good - but I know that playing is better developmentally than constant snuggles.

Quick things I don't want to forget:  William's night night prayers thanking God for every task in his day, including a good nap and the pictures on his wall.  How he really tries to make Patrick happy when he's upset/crying (most of the time anyway).  That William loved having his nails painted until a teacher implied she didn't like them - I definitely spoke to her - but William wouldn't go see her until we remembered to take off the polish.  Patrick loves to be tickled under the arms and down his sides.  Patrick is becoming quietly defiant - here come the Twos.  William & Patrick are both in really wonderful 'love' phases - lots of kisses and hugs - I'm loving it.  They both love bananas and poptarts - but not the fudge kind - those are not a favorite...lesson learned.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dates with monsters

So because we switched our computer to be hooked up to the TV for the best Netflix/Hulu experience (ie faster load times), I find it really hard to squeeze out time to blog.  I mean, RescueBots will beat out Two Little Rumers every single time.  So here goes the past three weeks.


 We took the boys to the air show that comes to Columbus every year.   Patrick is more than a little obsessed with airplanes, every time one flies over our house (which is often – we’re on the flight plan) he throws his hand up in the air and yells “aahpaane”.  So cute.  William likes them too – he used to do the same thing when he was little, they just aren’t quite as thrilling flying over anymore.  Anyhow.  We got there ridiculously early – note to self – no need to be there 3 hours before the planes start flying.  They had a great time running around looking at the planes on display though.  We delayed nap (and Patrick had a stinky and we didn’t have a spare on hand) so we left about half way through.  It was so cute to see them get excited about the planes doing the flips and one even tried to land on a moving truck!!  



William spent the night with Bebe & Grandaddy after the airshow and Sam & I took Patrick on a date to Zoe’s Kitchen, Barnes & Noble (train store -  ha), and then to Chill.  He is really the coolest, funniest kid.  I can’t get enough of him.  It’s really amazing how his personality and behavior changes when he is by himself.  It’s kinda like an actual shadow is lifted….  I’m sure he’ll come into his own as he grows up.  But he is so funny!!  Kid has such a sense of humor -  which feels a little strange to say when he doesn’t really have words – but we spent so much time laughing WITH him.  I don’t know how to explain it.  He’s just fun.

I’m sure cute things happened during that week – but I have no idea.  I do know that I had spent the entire week planning on and looking forward to taking William to Six Flags on Sunday.  Well, the idiot weathermen decided to scare us all into thinking there was going to be bad weather, so I canceled that plan.  Thank goodness I hadn’t told William about it!  Instead, I took him to an afternoon movie (thanks to the Judge), with candy (he chose malt balls of all things – weird kid – I hate them), LARGE popcorn (thanks to the Judge again!) and a drink of his choice (well – Strawberry Fanta – he chose the pink part – I chose the non-caffeine.  He NEVER gets carbonated though – so there’s the treat in that one).  He was all excited about going on a date with mommy.  I had made the mistake of telling him that after nap we were going, so he laid down for maybe two minutes then said he was done and it was date time.  Sweet boy.  We got all dressed up – him in a tie and me in a dress.  It was the most fun.  It took us about twenty minutes to choose a seat – up and down all the stairs several times.  I’m sure everyone found us VERY entertaining.  Oh!  I had to touch up my nail polish before we left and he had me paint his nails blue too.  He was so proud – showed them off to everyone.  Sam wasn’t very pleased but he let him have his fun for a couple days anyhow.  I really need to remember how special one on one time is with each boy and to do it more often.


Again, I’m sure really wonderful things happened during the week.  The small highlights that I can remember are: we (William helped) made cookies to give for Easter gifts (not really a thing –I just like making cookies and had new cutters) for the boys’ friends, I scored two goals at my soccer game, and William started calling his little brother Patrick instead of Tatrick.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I know we’ve been trying forever for him to say the P, but now that he has, I’m a little sad that there isn’t a special brotherly nickname of sorts.  Though, everything is still blahdy blah poopy.  “Silly poopy mommy” is a favorite.  And someone at school has obviously taught him “butt” and we are NOT happy about that.  So we now have three bad words “Stupid, Shut Up, and Butt”.  I have a feeling that list is going to be VERY long by the end of the year.  Lord help us.

Saturday William had a birthday party for the twins in his class at Monkey Joe’s.  He had a really great time and even decided that he liked the jumpies and the slides.  Yay!!!  He was sweet and wanted to sit by me and ‘snuggle’ during pizza and cake time and stinker stole my piece of cake.  Actually, it was kinda ok because it meant I didn’t eat all of it but it was tiny and good.  Oh well.  When we got home, it was basically time to turn around and head out to Callaway for the Easter egg hunt.  That was kind of a big let down (too many rude people) but then we went to the Discovery Center, got a snack and played while waiting for the bird show.  After 2.5 birds – they were in full non-nap moods, so we left for home.  It was a good, but busy day.  And the weather was gorgeous.  

we took a lot of pictures trying to get a good one.... this out-take cracks me up

Easter Sunday was lovely.  The boys were just beautiful.  Ahem Handsome.  Nope – I’m sticking with beautiful.  Takes my breath away.  William in seersucker and Patrick in smocked – sweet sweet boys.  WHO REFUSED TO TAKE A PICTURE TOGETHER.  They would not cooperate.  So frustrating.  But they were really excited about the Easter bunny and their baskets and hunting eggs.  We were able to hold them off until just before 8am I think.  Even Patrick started getting the hang of it and was picking up eggs.  We went to church and then to B&B’s.  After church, William wanted to ride with B&B, so it was just Patrick & me walking to the car and all of sudden I was just overtaken with an intense feeling of pride ( and sadness ) watching him walk with on the sidewalk by himself, holding his blue balloon dressed in his saddle oxfords.  He’s becoming a big boy and I want to remember everything about this time.  It’s so hard not to take moments for granted – I feel like I’ve already forgotten so much of when William was little...

At B&B’s we finally managed to get one or two decent pictures of the family and then it was on to more Easter baskets.  The boys were thrilled with the cars and treats and William got some cars undies and our new favorite movie “Rise of the Guardians”.  The egg hunt was adorable again – William was a speed demon and Patrick was only interested in holding all of his cars.  Ha!  Neither one took a nap, though, we didn't even try to get William to take one… I think they ate a little bit of the dinner and then we all went home and laid down.  All in all, a pretty wonderful day.

It goes without saying that Patrick is going to do whatever his brother is doing.  This is at a whole new level now.  Literally EVERYTHING that William does – Patrick will copy.  Bad behavior, noises, running, etc.  EVERYTHING.  Sometimes it’s adorable.  Other times it’s loud.  And then there are the times when it just isn’t ok.  So, raising two boys isn't easy, but it certainly is fun and interesting.  What we didn't count on was William learning from Patrick.  William has always been the kid that will stay in bed until we come and get him.  Period.  Patrick didn't get that gene.  And he has now taught his big brother that it’s ok.  I honestly, don’t really mind being woken up to little boys in the bed (shhhhh don’t tell Sam).  I think it’s the best way to wake up actually.  As long as it isn't ridiculously early….  It was 6:10 this morning – perfect little alarm really.

Oh – Sunday after naps – Sam wasn’t feeling well (pollen gets him every year), so I took the boys with me to Old Navy to return something and then as a treat, we all walked down to Toys R Us.  Somewhere between Old Navy and bedtime, we either totally lost or Patrick “put away” Walter the piggy.  Either way – we can’t find him.  I swear I remember seeing him that evening as I was putting too small boy clothes in a tote for the attic, but he is N.O.W.H.E.R.E.   Finally broke down last night and ordered a new one after a bad night of sleep due to Henry the horse being a bad substitute.  A new Walter will be here on Friday.  Good thing we never washed him – so the new one shouldn’t be TOO different.  I just keep thinking atleast it wasn’t Hilbert – that would be a real family tragedy and William would not recover from that.  Plus, we’d have to go run new Hilbert through the leaf blower vacuum thing to get him in the same condition he is now – hahaha!!!   I do feel really bad that I might be to blame for losing Walter though – Mommy isn’t supposed to do that.  I also hate that there will be a replacement one and not the one that we bought for him before he was born.  But I suppose in 20 years I won’t really feel that guilty about it.  Atleast I hope not. Ha!


Things to remember:  "Mommy - why are your baby foods small?" Trying to teach William that there's a time for play and a time to be serious - dinner is the latter.  "Roger" seems to be coming up more frequently - we aren't sure who or what he is.  He might be a toy airplane but we aren't confident about that.  Sam spinning the boys in the kitchen - they both squeal, fall over, and then beg to do it again.  Patrick has to be touching my hair or holding my hand - nearly constantly - in the car, at the table, while nursing...  Patrick's words: choo choo, airplane, car, mommy, daddy, eat, mine, no, more, meow for cat, lots of animal sounds.  He begs to go out side, and sometimes the porch just doesn't cut it.  Guess the backyard makeover just moved to the top of the list.  William called Patrick an old woman at dinner yesterday - definitely don't know what to make of that.  We are still trying to figure out how to pronounce the word for orange in Spanish.  It's not going so well.  I've taken to affectionately referring to the boys as my little monsters. 




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