Monday, March 24, 2014

Epic Fail. I know.

So clearly I took a "bit" of a break from the blog.  I could probably come up with atleast 7 dozen somewhat decent reasons why I punked out for 2.5 months but that would be pretty boring when I know you just want to hear about the super adorable things the monsters do on a daily basis.  Now, granted, I'm not even going to be able to come close to remembering 10 weeks worth of pint size amazing-ness - but maybe I'll give you just enough not to throw tomatoes at me.  Which I would appreciate it, because unless they're cooked, the texture weirds me out.  Just saying.

Patrick got his first haircut in January.  He wasn't happy about it.  I wasn't happy about it.  And I'm pretty sure Walter wasn't happy about it either.  I miss the baby curls.  He never even got the curly baby 'fro before he got a haircut.  Insert sad face.

I went to London in February, which I only bring up in order to say.... I swear my children grew overnight.  Or atleast over that week.  I came home and Patrick was TALKING!  Yeah yeah - I know I know - he has been talking for awhile now... but Y'all.  Seriously.  He was talking in sentences!  Words I'd never heard him say before.  And it was easy to understand the words he was saying!! Especially, if you caught him in the 2.5 seconds he doesn't have a paci in his mouth. (yeah yeah... I know about that too.... leave me alone)  It was just the craziest and most awesome thing to come home to such a big boy.

And William was no different.  He seemed so much bigger as well!  I didn't even know what to make of it.  He seemed more mature.  Atleast he until he pitched a fit because he didn't like the airplane toy I brought home.  He wanted a Swiss Air one like the trip from last summer.  Nevermind that they don't sell Swiss Air planes at Hambly's in London.  The red double decker die cast bus wasn't cool enough either.  Oh well.  I told him that what he is supposed to say when given a gift, is "ThankYou".  Need to work on our manners a bit more apparently....  but still - super cool big kid.  How'd I get so lucky?!

It snowed at some point since the year changed to 2014 - and that was super fun.  William was SUPER excited about the snow!  Patrick was pretty jazzed but nothing like William.  I felt kinda bad because I still had to work - so they went to school.  Two of maybe 8 kids total....  parenting fail.  But gotta bring home the bacon... ahhh bacon.  Anyhow.  We did play in the evening.  Put some plastic bags on their feet like any good momma, and we threw snow piles, filled up dump trucks, and had a generally awesome time.


Patrick has decided that his favorite food is mac & cheese.  Not even kidding - we get most of the way through the SAMs club bundle in a surprisingly short amount of time.  And I had to make a second box the other night!  They are becoming bottomless pits.  I don't have the slightest idea how I'm going to keep the refrigerator and pantry stocked as they get bigger.  Guess I better get faster at cookie making to keep up with the grocery budget!!  hahaha  I'm happy they are swallowing food though, so I'm cutting myself a break about it being Kraft.  I mean, it's kinda awesome.  Especially if you ignore the processed bit about it.  I'll get it together and make real dinners again at some point.  This year.  But right now, I'll take happy boys and a ten minute prep meal.  

Probably in the same week, the sun came out, it warmed up and it was finally time to rake up the leaves from the fall/winter.  Yes.  You read that right.  I didn't do it at all.  Either season.  I blame the water oak next door.  There's no point.  It drops leaves the whole stinking time.  But whatever.  I bought the boys kid size rakes and we had a great time getting the leaves in to piles.  Jumping in the piles.  Raking them up and bagging them.  William was actually a really big help.  For real little helper.  And I totally appreciated it.  I think Patrick got bored and went back to watching Mickey Mouse.  I don't blame him really.  There's a reason I put it off for so long.  Unfortunately, I still have to do the backyard.... lame.

William ran his first "race" not that long ago.  He was so so so excited!! And to top it off - He won!!  Ok Ok - it really was just a little Tot Trot, and probably not even 50 yards... but the kid was focused.  Which impresses me.  I thought he'd go total squirrel on us.  And he could've been faster, but he kept looking back to make sure that he was still in the front.  He was so proud of being the fastest and getting the medal.  He then said that he wanted a trophy, because he came in first and winners get trophies.  I swear to you - I've never had that conversation with him.  Though, I agree.

So yeah.  There you have it.  Cross your fingers I don't take another 10 weeks to blog again.  I know you are all having the withdrawal shakes.  LOL



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