Thursday, May 28, 2009

Congrats to Us!

We made it to our third anniversary!! (it was yesterday...)  Not that I thought we would have any difficulty doing that - but while I was desperately trying to find an appropriate leather gift discovered that apparently the first three years are the hardest.  Interesting.  Basically - we're smooth sailing then - because I don't think it's been very difficult to be with Sam at all.

He's pretty much totally amazing and there's no way in the world that I could face life without him.  So there's my small tribute to you honey!  I love you!  

(you know we aren't the kind of people to go on and on sappily...though I will go to 4 stores to find you the perfect anniversary card - and if that makes me your nana then so be it - but I DID NOT underline anything so I would like some leeway..)

Here's to another billion years together and now it will include a darling little boy - I'm so happy I can't stand it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Closing Date

We are now closing on June 4 - which was the original closing date and then they switched it to May 29.  But now - since people can't do their job - it has pushed back to the 4th.  Idiots.

This is my version of an announcement...

More tomorrow when I hopefully pass the glucose test.  Good thing it's in the morning - because I really can't get through any more of these kind of days without icecream.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Seriously - 1 WEEK?!!!

So - it just hit me right now - as I'm sitting at the computer doing the normal morning computer things - email, facebook, banking, planning out the June budget - that holy moly - we're moving in a week!!!  The problem with that being that it's been just me packing and I'm doing ok with it - the house by no means looks packed up!!  The dining room is full of boxes, don't get me wrong, but there is still STUFF everywhere!  Stuff that needs to go to Hadley's house, stuff that needs to go to Bill & Becky's house, stuff that needs to be THROWN AWAY!!  Problem is - I can't move half of this stuff - so it's just sitting - making faces at me and making me feel not so good about vacating completely in 7 days..! aahhh!!!

This is the office - doesn't look very bare at all does it?!  Problem with that it is: the people buying the house have had 15 days of due dilligence - but have, as usual, been dragging their feet.  They have yet to get back to us with what they want from the inspection - so  I can't pack up Sam's tools until they tell us.  It's so frustrating!!  They have 1.5 days to get something to us and then it's too late - hahaha (evil satisfied cackle).  Not to mention all those boxes are half full waiting for me to find something appropriate to go in them.  I think they are going to end up being RANDOM boxes, which we were trying to avoid, but it's just to hard to make the most of the box space and keep like things together...

Yeah - so basically - I decided to put it on the blog how much I need to get cracking instead of actually making a box and filling it with STUFF.  Brilliant, right?!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Third Trimester What What!!

I have made it!  89 days until I am going to tell the doctor that the baby has to come out.  I am not going past my due date. period.  Not that being pregnant has been that hard on me - but my belly is in the way and I'm just ready to see the kid that's inside of me.  So that's my position on the whole matter.  There you have it.

And while I think I might actually look pregnant now - I still don't have the perfect round belly and my belly button is still normal.  Sam thinks I'm silly about wanting an inside out belly button...but yeah, whatever.  OH! and we register with the hospital today - so it's official - we're having a baby.  haha!

Packing up the house is coming very slowly.  I get on a roll - but that usually means I'm working too hard and then I have to sit down and take a break - so that ends my rolling...  Kind of a mean cycle actually.  Plus it doesn't help that actually moving the boxes to the dining room staging area means I have to go up and down the stairs a zillion times.  Not cool.  Why did I ever want a two story house?! haha (because it's beautiful & perfect)  But I am so excited to move to our new MUCH smaller house!  Did I mention the 20 minute emergency clean?!!  

So yeah - we're going with a different moving company this time recommended by a friend of a friend (our moving company who rocked upped their prices AGAIN! and that just irritates me especially since the cost of gas has gone DOWN!!).  And for some reason the new company sends someone out to our house prior to moving.  I don't understand why - I could tell them about our stuff just as easily - but atleast they're coming after 5 - so Sam will be home to deal with them.  I have very little patience with people these days.  Just ask Sam when he's driving... haha! (love you babe!)

OK - so back to packing - yay!!  If the house wasn't such a disaster I would think I've made some progress...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Ok ok - so it's more than a week late - but I just got the pictures from my in-laws - so that's my excuse.

It's kind of nice getting to add another holiday!  Definitely fun to feel special on a day besides your birthday - and I plan to get very used to it!  

Day started with Sam waking me up saying the Mother's Day fairy had come - so I found flip flops and went downstairs.  My sweet husband had replaced my broken iron (and not incredibly pretty) 3 tier server with a gorgeous silver & crystal server that matches our crystal stemware.  So sweet of him - I was REALLY upset when I broke the other one - I actually use it a lot - and the store I bought it at had since closed down, etc etc.  So that was great.  And I got a very nice card - Sam always gets the best cards..gotta love him.

Then we went to early church with the family - then they went to Sunday school and we went home to chill for an hour.  There isn't a sunday school class for super cool 20 somethings - so we've been left out for awhile.  When William finally gets here we're thinking we can squeeze into the class that is really older than us but they have kids and since we'll be part of that club in a couple months they should let us in...haha  Anyhow.

Bill & Becky had arranged for all of us, us being Bill & Becky, Sam and I, Nana & Grandaddy, Laura, Tasha, Aunt Ellene & Abby, to have lunch at Green Island.  The banana pudding was pretty good - but as I'm pretty much a banana pudding snob now and there's still nothing better than Lewis Jones' pudding, just saying.  It was fun - good times.  Becky had gotten me a really nice Mother's Day basket filled with cute things for the baby (picture frame with frog - matching frog plate that said something really sweet - baby blanket that says that quote that was in Peter Pan about fairies and laughter - so cute!) and nice smelling girlie stuff for me!  Plus the basket it awesome!  I LOVE baskets!!!

I can't remember what we did after lunch - probably took it easy - I have no idea.  Can't remember at all.  

So - yeah.  It was a good day.  I like being a mom so far! haha :) ...except my face has gotten so round  not fair - it better go back to normal soon! ;)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well - rather "live" - but that's not quite as interesting a title...  Just launched my website for my new business Rumer & Company today.  I think it looks quite smart if I do say so myself but I'm a little biased I'll admit.  Go check it out!!  And then tell all your friends to tell all their friends!!  I only have a limited number of days to get things done - so the sooner the better.  I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do if I get really successful really quickly and then this baby pops out ... cross that when it gets here (in under 100 days!!!ahhh!!)

Thanks to all you peeps who told me I could do this!!

OH! and I do have Mother's Day things to share - but I'm waiting to be emailed the pictures from the day...just fyi.  :)

Friday, May 8, 2009


I was honestly starting to believe that we would never be able to say those words - but lo and behold - our neighbors, of all people, bought the house.  So now we just have to make it through 15 grueling days of due dilligence, hope they don't walk away, and make it to closing on June 4.  Thank goodness!!  I'm so relieved.  I will spare y'all the details of how we negotiated the contract - just believe me that it was not fun - but it is over with now.  They really should make a rule that pregnant women should not EVER be involved with selling a house.  It's just not a good idea...

Anyhow - so our realtor, Renee, is dropping off our offer on the new much smaller house this morning.  We'll see how this negotiation goes.  I'm tired of negotiating.  I think buying a house should be like Carmax - sticker price is how much you buy the car for.  (I actually stole that from Renee - but seriously - wouldn't life be easier?!)

You'd think I'd have more to say about this - I thought I'd be over the moon excited - I think I'm too emotionally drained to be excited anymore.  I'm sure Sam will have me busy weeding out and packing up this weekend - so I'll save my energy for that.  I am excited that we will finally be able to work on the nursery at the new house.  It's been awful having all these ideas and no way to implement them here...

On a completely different note - does anyone remember my obsession with finding a metal tree?  Well - we found one!!  We went to Pier 1 to price shop screen porch furniture for the new house and it was staring us in the face!  AND it was LESS that $100!!!  Awesome!!  It's perfect and will look great over the crib or changing table - we haven't really decided where it's going just yet - but yeah - I love it!


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