Thursday, November 15, 2012

Need Mayo?

William and Patrick are growing up so fast.  Maybe it doesn't seem like that to you and it probably shouldn't to me since aren't the subtle changes supposed to be less noticeable if you are around them everyday... but I just can't make time stand still long enough to feel like I've adequately soaked them in.  Every time I turn around, William has improved his vocabulary, diction, something wonderful has come out of his mouth and Patrick is working on words and is just so stinking smart.  Time needs to stop.  Like yesterday.  I can't possibly remember all of this.

William said to me last week, "Mommy, Tatrick's not my best friend."  "He's not?"  "No, you're my best friend."  Oh, how my heart melts, even though one of my biggest hopes is that the boys do become best friends.  I love my sisters and my brother.  I think it's one of the greatest things - to have a sibling.  Someone who, really, knows more about your core than just about anyone.  I know my sister knows exactly what I'm thinking when something happens and we've been able to rely on each other, especially in recent years (not so much growing up - we had the typical bickery sister relationship).  And I am oh so thankful for that.  And not to leave out my other brother & sister - they totally rock too!  Love you guys!!  

Sam went to Canada for work at the beginning of last week, and in an effort to preserve what little sanity I had left, I took the boys to Family Night at Chickfila.  I figured we would survive because we were eating dinner at a crazy early hour (before 6) and they are old enough now that they can play without being helicoptered over.  I order a chicken sandwich (gasp! I know!) and a nuggets kids meal for the boys.  I'm gathering straws, napkins, ketchup, and then William is DEMANDING that I get mayonnaise.  I didn't even think he knew what it was, but he insisted that he wanted some.  Ok.  I grab the packet.  Fine.  Get to the table - he wants it opened.. Lord.  Fine.  Seriously - the kid dunked his nugget and his fries in mayonnaise.  I don't know where he learned this.  His daddy has a pretty healthy relationship with Duke's mayo, but I didn't even eat the stuff until college at the earliest.  I don't know what got into him - it was the weirdest thing!  He hasn't asked for it since, so maybe that it was a freako night....  Just strange little boys!

We had a wonderful fun time playing that night though.  William was back and forth between the table and the playground and once Patrick had eaten enough, I let him follow brother around as well.  They were so cute!  William would hold the door for Patrick and was telling everyone who would listen that this was his brother Tatrick.  I think they will be best friends after all :)  The best part was I just sat at the table munching and watching them play and have a great time with the other kids.  Nearly relaxing.

Side effect of Sam traveling is that snuggles take on a whole new meaning in the Rumer house.  Surprisingly, I got Patrick down to bed relatively easily (which I was really nervous about because Sam puts his down) but William was not having any of the bed time routine.  He wanted to snuggle.  So I snuggled.  For a long time.  Then he wanted to snuggle with me & Patrick.  Goodness.  I put that one off until about 4 am and then just brought him in the bed with both of us thinking everyone would go back to sleep, no harm no foul.  Yeah right.  Not my brightest decision.  They were both wired the minute they saw each other.  At five, I gave up and put on Mickey Mouse or Little Einsteins or something.  

The week was pretty uneventful, normal stuff.  Decided on Friday afternoon, after playing kickball at work, to go to Cleveland for the weekend.  GREAT decision!!!  Sam stayed behind, so it was just the boys and me and it was wonderful.  Super relaxing, beautiful weather, fantastic company.  I wish it was easier to go up there.  Got to have a long talk with my dad about parenting, etc. that was really eye opening and therapeutic for me.  Dads are so smart.  Or maybe I'm just really lucky.  Either way - I've got the best one.  Hopefully my kids will say the same thing about me....  I took about 500 pictures on Daddy's camera over the weekend... but then we had to leave abruptly because William was sick and getting worse, so didn't get them burned to a cd... sorry.  I think there are some really awesome ones though.

William got to ride Shake the horse, and he was SOOO excited about that!  Mima brought it up as a possibility in the morning and William wouldn't let go.  It was going to be bad if Shake didn't cooperate, but he did a great job and William was beyond excited!  So cute!  He really enjoyed feeding Jake & Shake carrots too - even got some horsey kisses from Jake, which was too funny.  

Oh - William came home with his first "homework" project. I'm not really on board with the whole concept, I think kids should be kids, etc etc... but it was kinda fun to do.  They've been reading a book about a turkey that has to hide from a farmer (based on what William has told me...) and the teachers wanted us to dress up a turkey in a disguise.  William wanted his turkey to hide as a pirate.  So, Sunday morning, I was busy tracing and cutting construction paper and making paper feathers for a pirate hat. I'm really WAY too proud of the pirate costume.  Seriously.  He has a peg leg and everything.  And really, the only part that William could be a part of was to glue the pieces together.  Well, he wasn't really in to that when he realized his hands were going to get sticky.  And so begins MOM doing his homework projects.  Oh no.  This is no good.  But - the pirate turkey is REALLY cute.  haha!

This week has been the week of sick.  We rushed home Sunday to make it to Pediatric Acute Care because William's cough was getting worse and he was throwing up because of all the drainage.  Turns out he had an ear infection.  Then Patrick's temperature spiked up to 102 that night, so we kept him home the next two days.  Then in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, I started feeling icky and by 3pm I was absolutely miserable, so I left work and spent the rest of the day/night in bed and most of the day today in bed as well.  I would've sworn I had the flu yesterday I felt so bad.  Chills, aches, run over by a bus.  No fun.  But maybe now, that I don't feel quite so bad we are over the worst of it.  Though the boys are still on cough medicines and William has days left of antibiotics...  I'm living on cold pills.  So, just thinking happy unsick thoughts for us please... :)

Not a great catch up but my eyes are starting to cross and I need to go lay down again.  I'll try not to take so much time in between posts next time...


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