Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Out of 414...

... pictures taken in June - here are some of my uneditted favorites.  Be prepared for red eye, out of focus, cutest faces you've ever seen.


quickly - Switzerland was ridiculously amazing.  SOO pretty there are literally no intelligent words to describe.  I didn't get punished too badly by the boys when I got back and surprise surprise - Patrick learned how to sleep through the night.  So that is kinda awesome.  We talked on Skype via the Kindle twice - which was absolutely magical.  William didn't understand why I was in 'jamas LOL.

Patrick has one little curl in the back - so there is hair - officially!!  Woot!!!  William never stops talking but is becoming one sweet little boy.  When he chooses to listen.  Which isn't as frequent as we would like.  I think God is laughing every time my child opens his mouth... Karma is real people!!!!

P is getting more words all the time.  "Me" is a new one and "Mommy" has gotten clearer.  Um .... Bus, Grass, I know there are others....  Play.  Anyhow.  Paci weaning is probably coming soon - just because he's much more social without it and I like to stare at his beautiful face.

We are off to the beach tonight - so I hope you forgive me for a forty+ picture post without a lot of words.  Seriously though - I know you only come here to see their faces.  I'm no literary giant.  LOL.

Oh for posterity....  Pirates - Superheroes especially ones who don't wear shirts (HeMan)- Dry PullUps at night GO WILLIAM!!


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