Thursday, September 19, 2013

Patrick is TWO!

My sweet baby is now a bold 2 year old (as of September 2nd... Labor Day...ha!).  I feel like time should’ve stood still.  Or atleast that I stood still but he moved at light speed.  If I concentrate I can still remember how it felt to have his tiny little head asleep on my chest, nustled in under my chin. 

He is growing so fast – at his well check they said he was 36 inches (90th) (more like 34 if you don’t extend to his toes….) and 28 pounds (50th).  He still prefers to be carried – so he’s a bit of a chunk in the arms but, as I’ve always stated, I will hold him until I can’t or he doesn’t want to anymore. 


There has been a word explosion going on.  We are constantly turning our heads saying “did he just say what I think he said?!”.  It’s really awesome to watch.  He’s putting little sentences together and we’re trying to get him to use his words versus just pointing or screeching (which is still a favorite when he’s upset). 

He is definitely starting to show his displeasure in something.  He has his opinions and doesn’t mind expressing them in the form of growls or screaming.  Not exactly how we would prefer he communicate – so we’re working on that. 

He gets mad like everyone else in the world, but he is also the sweetest little boy.  He LOVES to give kisses.  To everyone.  You ask and you shall receive.  Just the cutest.  He loves to give ‘knucks’ and ‘high fives’.  Hugs and ‘ugga muggas’ are always fun too.  He needs snuggles in the morning at school and he is always accommodated by his teachers. 

He is obsessed with wearing shoes.  He must have them on at all times.  Even naptime at home and he doesn’t consider himself ‘dressed’ in the morning without them.  The most fun is on Sundays with his “church shoes” (saddle oxfords) and he likes to stomp around making the most noise possible on the hardwood floors.  Silly boy. 

He has absolutely no fear and I’m constantly afraid during our nightly horseplay in mommy & daddy’s bed that he’s going to bounce/throw himself right off and break something.  His newest trick was literally throwing himself fully in the air to land on his back, followed by the best giggles ever. 

He loves his brother.  (And says ‘brother’ now – cute)  He follows him around and plays whatever he plays, wants whatever he wants (yay for those ‘discussions’), and generally wants to be just like him.  William loves to play with him right back most of the time, so that’s perfectly adorable. 

He is still nursing, which I love and he loves, so there’s no plan to wean him any time soon.  And, quite frankly, I can’t see myself initiating that anyway.  He gets a little frustrated with it now that I’m not producing as much – so the milk runs out before he’s ‘done’ most of the time.  Though, it’s not like it’s for the nutrients so much anymore anyhow – more for the comfort.  Again, totally fine.  We have our night night routine.  Songs with William, then P & I go to my room, he nurses, I sing and snuggle with him, and then Daddy takes him to bed.  Easy peasy.   

He usually wants to nurse right when we get home today – a reconnect moment for us.  Only issue is when he wants to nurse at the dinner table instead of eating.  Not sure what’s up with that – he’s been on a bit of an eating strike again….except when Daddy convinces him to take 'dinosaur bites'.... I don’t know.  He’s definitely growing, so we are rolling with it and filling him with what he will eat.  Apple sauce and yogurt.  Silly boy.  I think he would love nothing more than to eat yogurt all day long every single day. 

He’s all boy.  LOVES trucks.  All trucks.  Loves to drive them, crash them, point them out on the road, and watch them on tv.  He also gets excited about buses.  Which there are plenty of in the mornings when we are headed out. 

So, here’s to my sweet little quiet boy, who is slow to warm up but has the best sense of humor when he feels comfortable.  I hope you always keep your sweet spirit, your expressive faces, your wonderful curiosity, and never-ending love for your family (even in the teenage years).  You have been a joy for all of us and we have loved watching you grow, even as we fight the denial that creeps in that you are becoming a big independent boy.  




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