Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Some things never change.  I still can't remember what has happened in the past couple weeks.  Stay with me anyhow...?

William is really starting to improve at Karate.  He loves going through the form sequence and has it pretty well down pat.  His favorite part still seems to be saying "Ki-yah" at the end - but that's probably the most fun.  His sensei works really well with him and manages to get him to focus, stay on task, and use his manners.  Most of the time.  I'm super proud of him and enjoy watching him on Monday & Wednesday evenings.  Cool to see him learn and enjoy new things.

The Cat in the Hat came to the Springer Opera House a couple weeks ago and lucky for us, there were still tickets left for one of the last shows - so off we all went one Saturday night to see the show.  The boys did so well behaving and the show was perfectly adorable.  Apparently William has the book memorized because he kept telling me what was going to happen next.  I think we will definitely have to go see shows more often.  They've done really great at the few I've taken them to - granted they are ones geared to kids - but that's kinda the point right?!  Both monsters are begging to go to The Little Mermaid later this year - should be fun!!

We also went to Auburn for the day before the show, to eat at Niffers and walk around the downtown.  It kinda stinks that they have been to Auburn but never Athens... I'm hoping they will still choose Red & Black when the times comes, and not just for In-State tuition... but really... for in-state tuition.  :)  The three of us had never been to Niffer's before and it was delicious.  I had a burger with some kind of amazing yumminess (I can't remember now but it was gooey and awesome).  The boys got crazy with a hot dog and nuggets... but they had a great time with the blue fish bowl drinks for kids.  There were even red fish at the bottom!!  So cute.  Always surprises me how close a drive Auburn is.  I suppose I can NOT hate them... LOL  LYMI. ;)

This past week was William's spring break, the first half wasn't too exciting, but the back half was spent at the beach with my sister and her husband's family.  It was an 8+ hour drive, and I thought I'd be smart to start the drive in the middle of the night so the boys would sleep most of the way.  Yeah... best laid plans.  I put them in bed at 1:30 and they were awake the entire drive, we arrived just after 10am I think.   Wow.  2 coffees, 2 Monster drinks, snacks... it was a situation - but we made it.  

And then they wanted to go straight to the beach.  Of course.  The water is still very very cold in March (Atlantic Ocean) but they didn't care.  Right in they went.  So I stood there up to my ankles, freezing, to watch them.   They went back and forth in the sand, played with the styrofoam airplane, and just had the best time.  Finally convinced them to eat lunch and then have quiet time.  They didn't fight that too hard - told them 1.5 hours and then they could be done (2pm).  Yeah - they fell WAY asleep and took a good nap until 4pm.  I even got to snuggle with Patrick.  Not mad about it.

Without going minute by minute - we all had a really great time on the beach.  I took building a sand hole (fort) a bit too seriously - but it came in handy to block the wind so Patrick would stop shivering, and flying kites was SOOO much fun... Until the plan one went all kamikaze on me and now I've got a big ol' knotted mess to untangle  LOL  They used their manners, 99% great behavior, and we just had the best time.  The ride home was 9.5 hours with all the potty breaks, and I was sooooo sleepy when we finally rolled in.

The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house though, glad we didn't get skipped over.  :)  Because of the weather, eggs were hid in the living room and the boys were so funny to watch.  They would focus in on one and ignore the other 6 in plain view in the same area.  Silly monsters.  Patrick got new Batman pajamas and William got a friend for Hilbert.  He is Hilbert's twin, Humphrey, but William wants to call him "Bumpy".  I'm hoping that won't last.  We will see.  Off to church we went, the boys too too cute in their blue and green plaid, we even snagged a few pictures in between rain drops.


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