Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Stolen Highchair

so cute when he runs around showing me (and everyone else) his tongue

Our camera has been refusing to charge, I think we're going to have to buy a new battery, so that's why I haven't been posting.  I know that doesn't make a whole lot of sense - but for some reason I thought that if I didn't have new cute pictures of pepito that there was no point to blog.  Plus, it's been nice taking a break.  Though I have all kinds of house updates for the other blog, but those DO need pictures, so there I am.  Oh well.

William is a handful.  This whole walking thing.  Overrated.  I mean, he's cute, and he's got to figure out how to do it but sometime (a lot of the time) I wish he would still be able to sit in the pack-n-play absolutely content with his toys, instead of following me around and getting into everything.  And I think I'm going to have to re-evaluate going out for lunch with friends.  It's too much work and not at all relaxing and incredibly difficult to have a conversation.

OOH - we "stole" a highchair today.  William and I were meeting Hadley and Renee for lunch - fun girl time at Meritage cafe (YUM btw!!).  Hadley and I got there early, walked in, and they told us to have a seat anywhere. There was one other table of three girls there (and apparently a baby but I didn't see that at first)  I asked if they had a highchair - yes but it's in use.  I'm pretty sure my face contorted itself into a terrified OMG face - how am I going to contain the walking man for an hour without a highchair?!!!  I look over and the user of the highchair is a baby - maybe a month or two old - asleep in her car carrier.  Seriously.  Hadley and I sit down, William goes in my lap and for about 2 seconds it seems like he might behave.  5 seconds later and he's arching his back trying to slide out of my lap.  10 seconds later he succeeds in getting me to let go.  Fun.  At first he stays right around the table - checks out the glass counter, tries to wander in the kitchen, and flirts with the staff.  Then someone opens the door and he realizes that there is a whole other part of the restaurant and beelines it.  I follow but I'm in a pencil skirt and 5 inch platform heels - so I'm not really keeping up with him.  Awesome.  This is what lunch is going to be.  Him running around a nice restaurant "talking" to everyone, which means that I won't eat or get to catch up with Renee because we will be leaving in 17 seconds.  Great.  Then, MY HERO HADLEY, walks over to the incredibly self-righteous group of women and asks if we could have the highchair because we actually need it to contain a child.  And as if on cue, William started running around their table at this precise moment.  They said yes, but I'm pretty sure they gave Hadley a "look".  Thank goodness.  He was a mess even though he sat in the highchair for lunch.

What I couldn't figure out is why they wouldn't offer the HC and we had to go ask for it when they clearly heard when we walked in that we needed one.  I'm sorry that your SLEEPING TWO MONTH OLD IN THE CAR CARRIER WHO ISN'T MOBILE would have to be set on the floor or in a regular chair if we use the highchair that will actually give my VERY MOBILE AND RESTLESS ONE YEAR OLD AN APPROPRIATE SEAT.  I didn't get it.  I would've definitely volunteered the highchair if roles had been reversed.  Just saying.  But they looked like uppity "ladies who lunch" (ie. b*%#es) so I don't know why I expected anything but that.  Good thing Hadley went and asked for it though - my strategy was going to let William run around and ruin their lunch.  But I'm mean like that.  ;)


Lindsey said...

I'm upset they only had ONE high chair. Seriously. One?! Kudos to your friend for snagging it. I'm sure the other mom understand and if she didn't she'll change her mind in about a year! ;) I refuse to eat out with either one of my kids, unless it's Chickfila and that hardly counts.

Meghan said...

One of the worst parts of eating out is the HUMONGO mess on the floor that I feel obligated to try and clean up on my hands and knees with paper napkins. Not fun and I'm pretty sure I look ridiculous.

It just stinks that going to lunch with friends is supposed to be a perk of being a SAHM and even though we don't do it often - I don't want to give it up...

I think Chickfila absolutely counts!! Good for you!!

Jennifer said...

HAHA! This makes me laugh! I would pay to see their faces!

Ms. Bright said...

Oh my goodness, how stinkin' cute!!
And girl, I'm on your blogroll?! I had no idea! Thank you!! You should've spoken up!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Meghan said...

Ms. Bright - I never know what to say....sorry! I will speak up soon! I LOVED the Eloise room you just posted - too cute. Oh to have girls... haha.

Have a great weekend too!


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