Friday, November 26, 2010

Rumer Thanksgiving

Thursday was Thanksgiving. But you already knew that. Since I have no vacation days we stayed in town all day which was nice. We went to B&B's for turkey and ham and pumpkin pie - though my husband would tell you that it's all about the carrot cake. And just for the record, he went over earlier in the week to learn how to make his mama's carrot cake even though I had made him one for his birthday using the exact same recipe. Yes, my feelings are hurt, but Becky pointed out that now I would never have to make one. He could do it. My feelings are still hurt but I'll get over it. Anyhow.

The weather was surprisingly mild, which would usually bum me out
, but since being outside is William's most favorite thing in the world - he had a blast. Apparently he worked up the courage to go up the driveway and to the top of the hill. Such a brave little boy. He was absolutely adorable running around.

Today I had to work. Which was fine. I had some stuff to do. Didn't receive a new email for what was close to three hours, so it was a little boring. I had managed to say really loudly that I had a three and a half hour drive after work so they let me go at two. Which was great because we were on the road at 2:38, made amazing time (2 hours and 40 minutes) and got to my Daddy's house in time for pizza night. Which, btw, is legendary. Just saying.

And William was thrilled to see his grandaddy, mima, Mimi, and Jack (I don't remember his great grandpa name right now). I have never seen William so tickled. The most adorable happy screams ever. Seriously. So funny and cute how much that kid loves his grandaddies. We ECM let him stay up until 7:20 so he could eat pizza and hang out with every one a little longer. Then after he went to bed we watched toy story 3. Really cute movie, even though we got a bad copy from red box and had to keep skipping scenes to keep it playing correctly. No big deal. My dad has a projector and a humongous screen - so even scratchy movies are awesome.

Tomorrow all of my family is coming over. Well almost everyone. It should still be lots of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing three of my brothers and sisters. We haven't seen Kathleen in far too long, so it'll be great. I wish Colin and kellie were going to be able to make it but they have a bench dedication in honor of kellie's dad at the uga campus. So - think of them and her family tomorrow.

Ok back to happy. I'm thankful for so many things and I think that will have to be a totally separate post. So hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and those you love the most. Also that none of you were trampled in black Friday madness - thar was a crazy video on the news. Reason#34527 I have no interest in shopping at four am.

I just discovered that I can't get pictures in here when typing on Sara's iPad. Which is really too bad because we have some really cute ones from Thursday. Oh well. I'll post them next week.


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