Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Patrick by Numbers: 10

My oh my how time flies.  I seriously can't believe that I'm already having to think about Patrick's first birthday.  But here we are and I have pinned two pins.  I've still got 60 days - easy cheesey.

*Is 100% obsessed with Puffs.  He has now tried blueberry, sweet potato, and strawberry-banana.  Does not have a distinguishable preference.

*Enjoys eating real blueberries.  Does not enjoy when just the skin is left on his tongue.

*Apparently has no need for teeth.  He is still the toothless wonder.

*Had ear tube surgery and took it like a champ.  Seriously, within a couple hours he was crawling around and playing like nothing had happened.

*Ear tubes has not produced the magical sleep that I had anticipated.  Oh well.

*Loves playing peekaboo more than any other child I know.  It is especially funny when he plays with my long skirts.

*Giggles if you touch anything to his nose.  T-Rex is a favorite.

*Everything.  Literally everything ends up in his mouth.  He cries like I ran over his puppy if I take my keys away from him.  To, you know, drive the car.... silly mommy!!

* Occasionally will stand for a second or two without any support.  Ms Tonja and I do not like where this is headed.

*His big chunky thighs are also a super ticklish spot.

*He has a sixth sense to know when the door to the back room is even the slightest bit cracked.  He's not allowed back there and he knows it, so he bolts any time he gets the inkling.

*Is starting to learn what "No" means and sometimes obeys it.
  We are going to need to put a lock on the kitty closet though...

*Still breastfeeding like a champ.  All night long.  Good thing I love that baby.

*Has a great time drinking/dribbling water out of his mouth with a sippy cup.

*Goes down for sleep best with Daddy singing.  Something about Daddy's shoulder must be magic.

*Spent the night at B&B's while we got a full night's sleep.  I only made Sam call to check on him 3 times.  I wanted to atleast 6.

*Has started driving cars around on the floor.  He is definitely William's little brother.  haha!

*Unless completely absorbed in play time, he does not want to be put down or left for any period of time.  Even to walk to another room.  Even if he can still see you.  I forgot how bad separation anxiety can be.  But he still doesn't usually cry at school.  Count blessings where we can.

*Has started razzing in full force and he loves to get belly raspberries.

*For some reason, he loves the dishwasher.  We can't do dishes with him around because there is nothing that will distract him.  We can't even move him to another room (separation anxiety... and he'll just speed demon crawl right back!)

*Says Mama & Dada, and I swear I heard him say Ni-Ni - which I'm sure means NightNight.  I WAS putting on his pjs.... hmmm.... maybe?! ha!

*Will pull on my clothes if he is really hungry; also pants like a dog while I'm getting undone for him to eat - he's SOO excited and just can't wait!! lol!!


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