Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bump on a Log No More

On July 14th Patrick decided that he was a walker.  He had been playing with a step or two here and there, but all of sudden he walked across the room no problem.  I thought I would cry and be upset - my baby is getting big and there's no denying it - but you know... I squealed and laughed and gave him a big hug picking him up off the floor.  Truth be told - I am a little excited to see what kind of big boy he becomes.  I'm really looking forward to all of the "interesting" conversations we will have.  Though, I don't need those conversations this week - he can stay little for awhile longer.

let's play a game of "Name that Baby!!"  
I think it's easy - they don't look as much alike as I thought...
Still cute as a button though


He definitely isn't as committed to walking as William was.  William just took off running and barely looked back to his crawling ways.  Patrick still prefers to crawl most of the time, it's faster.  And he has to pull up on something to stand - so that probably has something to do with it.  The official walking date is July 14th (William's was July 16th - though he was a month older).

Funny story - I was holding Patrick face to face just being silly with him and he very purposefully grabbed his paci out of his mouth and then popped it in my mouth.  He laughed and laughed!! He was so pleased with himself and obviously amused.  We must have played that game for a straight five minutes.  I loved how tickled he got at something so simple.


William had a brief stint at school and we thought he might be THIS close to being potty trained.  He had dinosaur training pants and everything.  It didn't go quite as smoothly at home, but he was actually going teetee in the potty, granted that was after he already went in his pants....but y'know.  Then he just said he didn't want to change his underpants - he wanted a diaper.  Sam said that they don't force it at school, some days he wears underwear all day - some days he doesn't.  So I put him in a diaper and called it a weekend.  He was going to B&B's to spend the night anyway - no reason to put them through the musical shorts/undies/sheets routine.  It's not really a fun game.

Patrick has all but sworn off "baby food" - atleast at home.  He turns his head (his signal for no more) and won't open his mouth or even look at it anymore.  I can't really blame him.  Our food is definitely more tasty than ground up lasagna any day.  And most of his nutrition still comes from breast milk - so it's all fine.  Did I mention that we think he's allergic (or atleast very sensitive) to peaches...?  I think I did.  Well, all the fruit that we have left in the cabinet is a "smoothie mix" which the main ingredient is peaches.... Any takers?! haha!!


Our house caught some stomach bug last week.  Sunday - Patrick had it and didn't get to go to B&B's.  He threw up in the wee hours of the morning back to back.  No wonder he was being fussy...  Seemed totally recovered the rest of the day - so off to school he went.  Monday night - William throws up.  Change his clothes and sheets and I stay home Tuesday with him after retrieving my computer from the office.  Good thing the kid will watch Mickey Mouse over and over again because I actually had a lot of work to do.  Wednesday - Sam got a call from school that Patrick was throwing up again (I was in training so I couldn't leave) so they stayed home.  Patrick was Mr Fussy Pants that afternoon apparently.  They both seemed totally fine on Thursday morning - off to school like normal.  Late Thursday afternoon I get a call from the director telling me I need to keep Patrick home on Friday, he has diarrhea.  Yay.  Apparently most of his class has some form of the bug and a couple of the staff at the center too.  Great.  Sam got a bit of the fun Wednesday - Friday, but luckily I escaped this time.  And Sam says I have a weak immune system.... ha!

Patrick is starting to give open mouth kisses finally - didn't realize I would look forward to that again!!  He is also clapping now and is very proud of himself.  For some reason, he was all about clapping at 5:30am this morning.  I was not amused but he sure is cute when he does it.  Kiddo has been getting up every hour (no lie - EVERY HOUR) the past two nights and I sure hope there are some teeth on the other side because this is pure torture.  Baby tylenol helps, but only if we remember to give it to him which is kinda difficult in sleep wee hour stupor.  Luckily, he usually reminds us but by then it's a little too late... Oh well.  It can't last forever - we only have twenty something teeth - right?!


I can't believe it, but William's third birthday party is this weekend and I have been prepping for weeks.  It's Mickey Mouse themed and he is going to die.  Not a whole lot of "licensed stuff" and really mostly just the colors red, black, and yellow and A TON OF BALLOONS.  I can't wait!!  Except that all the balloons will have to be blown up on Saturday... we'll see how THAT goes! haha!!  Anyhow - I'm super pumped - his friends from school are coming and they are the cutest bunch of kiddos - it's going to be fun watching them play in the water and celebrate.  One of the boys has been anxiously waiting for the party and has apparently asking to go every day!  So cute!!  Three - already?!  How did that happen?


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