Monday, March 11, 2013

Baaaa Mooooo OINK

yeah yeah... so I took a mini break from blogging that turned into a two week hiatus.  I'm really not even quite sure why I continue to post - it's a time suck but I suppose I want to be able to remember the monsters as little people when I am old and gray and wrinkly.  So here goes nothing.

When we got back from vacation, William had to go through a learning curve of figuring out who was in charge again.  For some reason, he seemed to think that he was in charge.  Which I don't quite understand, because I know for a fact my dad would never let a 3.5 year old rule the house, but either way, Sam and I were not William's "best friends" for the better part of a week.  I'm pretty sure that means we were being awesome parents.  ha

this is the result of Shaun the Sheep....

Patrick took the past two weeks to truly punish me for abandoning him.  No kidding.  I couldn't move to the other side of a room unless he went with me.  And if he didn't, hysterics. I mean, he's always been a bit of a mommy cling-on, but this was a whole new level.  Lucky for all of us, he seems to have come to terms with it and no longer thinks I am disappearing from his life completely EVERY time I move.  Back to only 70% of the time.  Stinking status quo.  Good thing that baby is adorable.

He also started nursing like his life depended on it.  You would have thought that I stole the magic boobs away from him......... oh wait.........  haha  Anyhow.  He is still getting his snuggles and milk in the morning and evening and whenever he wants on the weekend.  Though, he's started this new "buffet attitude" about it during the day, and I'm honestly a little tired of getting every thing out and situated for a total of 7 seconds.  Just to repeat 5 minutes later.  It's not ok.  I say that like I'll refuse him asking... ha.  He knows better...  All he has to do is point.  **Oh - to remember in the wrinkly moments - he "has" to be able to play with my hair while he nurses.  And even when I hold him - it must be some kind of "safe" thing for him.**

this is what happens when I turn the camera on William "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese"

What was really cute was the moment when William & Patrick were reunited at B&B's.  Truly heartwarming.  They genuinely love and care for each other just like brothers.  BIG BIG hugs.  So sweet.

Patrick is getting REALLY good at his animal sounds.  Baa... Quack....Oink (Sam is trying to teach him to do it the non-cute way with his nose)....Neigh and then OOO OOO for monkey complete with shaking his head back and forth.  CUTEST. THING. EVER.  This really works out because we have barely changed the channel from Shaun the Sheep or Timmy Time (baby sheep).  Both boys are oddly enamored with it and there is not a single word.  Not one.  And they could watch for hours.

We have teacher conferences this week.  I already know what they are going to say about William - lots of energy, hyper, fast, talks a lot, focusing is sometimes an issue, big emotions.  I mean, for real, his nickname from the teacher is Red Rooster.  He's a loud red head.  And he got it all honestly... I should start each school year with an apology that he is just like me.  LOL

Patrick is, on the whole, sleeping much better every night.  He still has some extremely bad nights, but usually he's only wakes once and some nights not at all.  Sam is loving it since he's the one who gets up with him now.  I am loving the full night's sleep (not that I don't wake up to crying babes).

I am seriously contemplating only doing one, maybe two posts a month, just to give myself a pass.  I know that SO MANY PEOPLE will be disappointed that I'm not posting weekly... haha...


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