Friday, February 22, 2013

Ok ok... so I missed them

Long time .... no see..  The Rumers went on a real vacation!  Sam and I had our first vacation all by ourselves.  We slept and ate and played outside.... and I missed the boys terribly.  It took a couple days for a real live meltdown, but I did not like not seeing them.  (Sam has pointed out that I will have to get better at it for when I travel for work.  I pointed out that atleast both boys will be at home with their Daddy and not separated, out of their routine.... not that their grandparents aren't FULLY capable)  It was very quiet and more than a little strange and we kept seeing things that I wished the boys could see.  It didn't help that on Monday the phone at the cabin rang and it was Becky saying that Patrick had a fever and was sick.  I especially did not like being 4+ hours away from my sick baby. (He stayed home the next day and was back to school on Wednesday and back to normal on Thursday...easy peasy.  Sam was not going to be pleased if we had to leave....)

SOAP BOX ALERT:  I absolutely believe that married parents need to take time to take care of their relationship and relax and just take a moment for themselves.  I think it is important for the boys to have the time for some independence, and know that their parents value their relationship.  I'm not saying that we are going to do it every other week, every month or shoot - probably at best only once a year.  We really do like our children and being surrounded by their quirkiness - but someone might have unleashed their own (and their friends) insecurities on me about leaving my children and it's been on my mind.  I think taking a week to work on my relationship with their dad is better than a life time of being shuffled from house to house because I didn't.  Just a thought.

I insisted on calling morning and night to check in on the boys.  Bebe would report how Patrick slept and ate, he ate better than he slept.... B&B finally got to here him wail one night, not that that is a good thing.  Both said they had never heard him cry!  Oh he cries all right.  Poor baby.  We tried a couple times to talk to him but he would just stare the phone curiously.  William would get on the phone and very quickly tell me about his adventures and then just as quickly get off the phone saying I love you BYE!!  So funny.  I go back and forth between thinking he's so big and then that he's still so little.  Just can't make my mind.  And that's probably the point of this age... and the root of many many tantrums.

In light of a meltdown, Sam let us leave a little early and come to my parent's house on Thursday afternoon after some fun shopping. (we bought the coolest train car prints for the boys)  I was so excited to smooch all over William's face.  Of course he ran to Daddy to get a hug first... stinker.  But then he snuggled with me all night long.  Even asked at the dinner table if I would watch Dora and snuggle (best way to get out of dishes ever! haha)  Love that sweet boy.  He's been quite the Momma's boy all day Friday and for the most part, I'm totally ok with that.

He's so neat.  His pretending has taken a new deeper turn in the story making and he's very insistent and demanding on the stories.  He is REALLY specific about where you stand and how you play.  William got lucky and Daddy had to replace the HVAC outside box thing (unlucky for the Kennedy's) and there was a huge box.  That was immediately turned into a house with a door and a window.  He and I would get in there (me just barely) and we'd hide from the monsters (Daddy & Mima)!!!  Really so much fun playing him.  Later, pieces of the box were used to make a 'truckrocketsleigh'.  Seriously.  That was what I made.  We only got as far as the four wheels though -  he didn't like I how I was planning to make the seat, threw a tantrum, and we changed plans to go outside and ride bikes.  I really could just watch him all day, complete with an always on video camera.  He says the funniest things.  "No you can't go in the mud, I have to rescue you" - Uncle K just came and told us...

I'm anxious to snuggle with Patrick tomorrow.  I'm sure I will be in awe of how big he has grown in just a week, and I bet his two most recent teeth are halfway out of his gums now looking like real teeth.  He might even have more hair on his head.  And I cannot wait to snuggle, nurse him, and put him to bed.  I hope he hasn't decided to wean just because I was gone all week.  I pumped every morning so the boobs wouldn't get the wrong idea... I know it's silly, and I need to let him decide, and I will.  But I will be so sad if he puts the kibosh on that special time.  Guess I'll find out soon enough...

Doing this on my Dad's super cool IPAD with keyboard stand thing... so no pictures.  But honestly, there aren't any new pictures of the boys.  Only of Sam and I and waterfalls.  haha!  


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