Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Few words for a long hiatus...

It's been, obviously, a little hard to blog for the past two months... Oops.  We didn't even take that many pictures... The nice camera was dead for most of the 8-10 weeks, and we use our phones a lot.  They're handy.  Anyhow.

The boys are still cute - so be ready for the overload.  I'll try and think of things to say for the next go around... in 8-10 weeks.  hahahaha!!

Double Fisted :)

Too Too Fast

My sweet little ginger snap

Paci weaning went great - can't you tell?!

Full of joy

We're still working on the rules of soccer

Patrick would rather dig up our yard

all of our yard....

Resorted to the always present & more efficient utensil - HANDS!

He's just the coolest kid...

...and most 'interesting'

He must always have a running start - in sports and hugs

He's a natural!

Patrick is just happy he grabbed the ball

And then they argued over it

And then they worked it out!

So happy about the planes!!!

Two on one... not the greatest odds, but I held my own

Even for barefoot in the nasty yard LOL

Uhoh - think I gave up the ball this time :)

Being a super hero will make you extremely thirsty!

Better take Captain America seriously!  He's for real!

 Batman has all the important accessories - Walter, juice & paci

I love him THIS much.


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