Sunday, August 16, 2009

First week home

Went pretty well I think. (honestly - most of it is a blur and I have completely lost track of what day it is but I'm hoping that that is normal) I probably should've tried a little harder to blog about it all before now - but you know - it's been very difficult to find the time to do anything.

Ah - I remember now - the first day home we had to go to Sam's Club for diaper wipes. We had COMPLETELY run out of our little diaper bag pack at the hospital and it was becoming a "situation" not having wet wipes - so off we went with our 4 day old baby boy. We got there - so far so good - easy cheesey. We get ready to check out and we had dropped my Sam's Club card somewhere in the store and realized it at the exact moment that William decided to get hungry and cry about it. I NEVER want to be that mom who has a screaming baby out in public - so even though it wasn't a full on meltdown I'm embarrassed and flustered and my usually sweet husband took 3 full minutes to understand that I was VERY sure that we had dropped the card because I knew EXACTLY where I had put it. Luckily - when it's very obvious you have a very new baby people take pity on you. I was given a seat to try and calm him and then help when we had all but given up on finding the card and I was going to get a new one made on the spot. (as soon as I got to the front on the line - one of the workers was turning in my lost card - so that was good) So that was our first adventure out.

I know that everyday after that we pretty much made atleast one trip out into the world. After being cooped up in a hospital (and practically on bedrest) for 7 days - we didn't want to sit at home. I think people, our family, thought we were a little crazy and that I was overdoing it so soon after major surgery, which I might've been a little bit, but we aren't ones to sit at home and wait. So there you have it. Plus - we always run errands together - it's our thing - so I didn't want to be left at home while Sam went out. Silly - I am sure - but that's how it is.

Let's see - the question on everyone's mind seemed to be whether I would be breastfeeding or not - so the verdict is - not exactly. BFing really went terribly - like one step from Sam calling the doctor and telling her to put me on medication I have post partum depression terribly. So - we are pumping milk and cutting it with formula. Somedays I make enough milk - and somedays not so much - so this way he will be fed and happy and I don't have to relapse because my boobs aren't cooperating every single hour.

We are getting about 3 hour blocks of sleep at night, which I would love to say is enough, but it SO is not, but we're getting by. Naps are an every day occurrence but I never feel truly rested - better get used to it right?! (please no comments "sleep when he sleeps" - I've heard it so much I might go crazy on you in my sleep deprived state) ;)

I feel like there was much more to catch up on - but my brain has stopped and Sam says Mexican is ready. I really just want the gallon of sweet tea.


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Angie said...

What William needs most is a happy & well-rested mommy. I'm sorry you've had such a hard go of it with b'feeding - you do what's best, though, for you and your family (that's what will be best for William).



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