Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nothing clever to put here - I'm too tired.

I feel like I should have something to write here but I'm kinda at a loss.

Probably because little sweet William is beginning to sleep less and be more fussy when it's bedtime and it's starting to make Sam and I crazy. Last night around 11 Sam gave up and put him in the car and drove around for I don't know how long - but he said he eventually had to get on the highway. Then at 1:45 he woke up screaming again, lucky me, it was my turn. So I fed him and then he didn't want to be put down. So I slept on the sofa with him on my chest and while he did go to sleep that way - I'm pinned on my back on the sofa (which is very comfortable atleast) while he does the baby grunts/moans on my chest - so I get very little sleep. This lasted until 5:30 - then he starts to stir and before he can start screaming I wake up Sam and tell him to go make a bottle. Then I stay up with them both while we try to figure out if he has a temperature and diarrhea - which he doesn't - but that's what we're concerned about. Our kids poop level. It's ridiculous. I never would've thought Sam and I would have a real conversation about that.

Working backwards - I got a call yesterday morning from one of my favorite clients and they needed some help with their master bath, choosing tile, etc. - so off William and I went in the afternoon and he was screaming all the way there - I think he had lost his paci... But when I put him in the Boppy sling to walk in, he calmed right down and went to sleep. Thank goodness! I think he just doesn't want people other than Mom & Dad to know his true colors. Such a show off! ;)

Sunday was a good day. We went to the 11:00 service instead of the 8:45 and I we like it so much better. It's so much easier to get ready for! Then we had a lazy day and it was perfect. Well, William & I were lazy - Sam worked outside, painting the railing and I think he did some yardwork or maybe it was installing the light and weatherstripping in the laundry room. I don't remember. But the weather was gorgeous and mild and it was a nice day. We even went down to the park in the evening to enjoy. Going to the park in the evenings when Sam gets home is hopefully going to become a recurring theme - except of course, on the very stressful days (like yesterday)...
Walked with Hadley in the morning - which was SO MUCH FUN! Right now my black hole is fairly shallow I think - I don't have time to call and talk for hours to friends (not that I do that usually - I really don't like to talk on the phone most days) and if it wasn't for facebook and the iPhone - nobody would know that I even continued to exist I am sure. Though if the crying continues - this hole is going to get much deeper. (as I write this - he has begun to cry....)

....someone come throw me a ladder...

So I think I mentioned last week that my Dad really wanted me to be tired so he could come down and spend time with the baby and give me a break - and I was actually still running on adrenaline and feeling like I could conquer the world, especially one little baby, so I declined his offer to come. Well, Sam got home from work on Monday and suggested that I call my dad. I'm not sure what I looked like to make him think that - but it must've been run down. Which is exactly how I felt. Anyhow - I call Daddy when I get back from walking in the morning and wouldn't you know it - he has the flu. Irony. It's not funny. So this might foil our plans to go up to Cleveland Labor Day weekend so everyone in the fam could meet William (ie - other people would be holding and taking care of William so we could slip upstairs and take a 4 hour nap) and I was really looking forward to that. I hope Daddy and Sara feel better soon...and not just for my own selfish reason.. :)

Of course - all bets are off when he makes this face - I almost think I can handle all the crying... almost. And he really is a good baby - I probably exaggerate the amount of crying. Besides he's too cute!!



Lindsey said...

Hey Meghan. I'm thinking about you! Sending prayers your way (and up to Him!) for soothing and rest for little William, his Mommy, and his Daddy. These days are SOOOO hard and seem to have no end.

The only UNSOLICITED (tell me to stop at any time) advice I'm going to send your way is to ask your pediatrician about his crying/fussy times. Luke cried for weeks (about 4-6 until I finally took him to the doc) and she suggested we switch his formula and put him on reflux meds. She said "colic" is really a thing of the past and they're realizing/understanding better that babies have allergies/reflux instead of just chalking up fussiness to colic.

When Nora came along, we nipped any issues she had right in the bud and I realized I could have a calm, happy infant even if she was getting up to eat every 3 hours. At least when she was not eating she was happy.

Not that little William has either of those problems, but it could put your mind at rest and/or your pediatrician could offer you some suggestions on how to help.

I'm so sorry to hear that your family has the flu. :( May they get better soon and up to your house to give you a break.

I know there's not much I can do from Dahlonega, but I wanted to let you know I'm hear if you just need to talk. Seriously. I KNOW firsthand what you are going through. It can be soooo very hard. You can email, text, or call anytime.

You're a wonderful mother.

Angie said...

We saw ya'll Sunday at the park! It looked like ya'll were having a nice and peaceful stroll...We've been doing a lot of strolling with the girls...maybe we'll run into each other soon.

Sounds like you've had a rough couple of nights - wow! Hang in there AND ASK FOR HELP! Ruby'll be 4 weeks Thursday and my mom's been here off and on the whole time. Take advantage of people, that's my motto when I've got a newborn...

I don't know much about colic other than it's lots of crying and peaks between 4-6 weeks (or first shows signs of being) - yeah, maybe you want to talk to the pedi about it.

Glad the sling helped - have you read 'Happiest Baby on the Block'? If not, I'll get it to you.

Take care!

Meghan said...

Nice and peaceful stroll - ie. Meghan was probably worn out by the time we passed your house and the workout became leisure time.. haha!!

My aunt suggested that - we youtubed it instead of going to the library. We probably need to watch again for a refresher course.

I have probably exaggerated the crying. It's just a lot to me, but probably isn't that bad in the big scheme of things. Sam did pick up some gas relief stuff and that seems to make him happier in general. Thank goodness.

My mom is coming tomorrow. Sam texted her and asked her to come - which is sweet - goodness knows I need a break. :)


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