Sunday, August 23, 2009

Home Alone

My Favorites ready for church!

So William and I managed to survive our first week home alone since Sam had to go back to work on Monday. It really wasn't AS hard as I thought it would be - there weren't any meltdowns or emergency calls to Sam demanding that he come home and help - so I would consider that a success. Though I will say that weekends have new meaning - I was exhausted after the first week and thankful that Sam would be home to help.

I wouldn't say that we have developed a routine per se, but there are a few things that we tend to stick to. Getting up early is, of course, at the tope of this list - but I like I said before - I like it because it's time with Sam I don't usually get. After Sam leaves for work, William & I head to the park to walk and then we run whatever errands are needed in the morning. Have to make it home in time for lunch though - because Sam comes home for lunch - which I also enjoy a lot more now. Then there is nap time on the sofa, usually William sleeps on my chest and we snuggle. Then we take a picture on the iPhone and email it to Dad. So far I've managed to do this every day - if we keep this up - then Sam's phone is going to have a stupid number of pictures on it! But I think it's sweet.

I have discovered though that I don't like having to run multiple places on an errand run, which really defeats the purpose, but it's such a hassle getting the carseat in and out. I don't understand why they don't make carseats out of some really cool material that is ridiculously strong but also REALLY light - the carseat is SOOOO HEAVY!! Not to mention it's practically impossible to get to in the middle of the car without stooping and breaking your back... Just saying.

We have also discovered that we have no real "parenting style." We are flying by the seat of our pants, making what we think are intelligent well reasoned decisions, and everyone else can just eat it. :) We didn't read a billion books, we don't google every little thing, and we don't call every half hour to check on him when we go on date night. We took him into the public world every day since he was 4 days old and he hasn't been killed by some crazy swine flu or cold. And the 'poor' child is being fed breast milk mixed with formula from a bottle and he has gained weight. I think it's kinda ridiculous how neurotic you can become and we are making a conscious effort to NOT be THOSE parents. I'm not knocking parents who do it different, because seriously - we all parent differently, I'm just saying that I'm tired of being semi-judged because we don't do it the way they (the hypothetical abstract THEY) think we should, and maybe everyone should think a little bit more before they say things.

On a different note -we had the 2 week check up on Friday and our little boy is definitely still little - atleast when compared to every other little boy. He is 8 lb 3 oz (30th percentile) and 19.5" (7th percentile) but his head circumfrence is a whopping 14.5" (50th percentile!). I'm glad he's still little though - I don't know why we are going to do when he's 15 lbs!! He is definitely bigger than he was though - he has practically outgrown ALL of his newborn sized clothing, including ones bought just last week. (though I'm a little excited about this because he has some really adorable 0-3 month clothes!!)

So pretty much - we think have a pretty good handle on this parenting thing so far. We even let Bebe and Grandaddy keep him last night while we went on a date. I will say that I missed him a lot for only being gone 4.5 hours and I don't know how often we will do date night because of this - but everyone did have a good time - so that's good. And I resisted the urge to call and I didn't make the grandparents write down how much he ate and when. I figured that for one night the notebook could have the night off. haha!

That wasn't quite recap I was hoping for - I should've done it sooner when I could remember more - or maybe my brain has just gone to complete mush and I can no longer keep thoughts in order. That's probably more of the case...oh well. Pregnant brain turns into mom brain. Great.

Rocking with Mom before church.


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