Monday, July 19, 2010

A new era

Just like we thought pepito came home from my parent's house walking!!!  He decided he was good at it Friday afternoon - so we didn't miss too much and Daddy promises that he has video that documents the first steps.  Poor guy - Daddy set him down at Grandmother's house to show us and we both squealed so loudly that it scared William and he went grabbing for anyone who wasn't squealing (the only person was his Grandaddy K...)  It might be the cutest thing I've ever seen!  I could've never imagined that feeling - pure joy and oh so proud of our little boy.  We swear that he changed significantly over the week he was gone - he left a baby and came home resembling an actual child - it's just wild.


And William must know his destiny - he's already learned how to shuffle sideways in preparation for football as a teenager.  Ha!  Over the past couple days he's really taken to walking more but is still convinced that crawling is faster, which actually - it is right now, when he really wants to get somewhere.  We've also noticed an increase in booboos from his toddling around.  He tripped over something, a towel I think, and fell into his frog ottoman this evening.  I know that the upholsterer added padding to it, but I guess not as much as I thought, because he had a pretty red spot on his cheek.  It'll be gone tomorrow worries.

In other news - I think he's mad at me for "abandoning" him.  Seriously.  He doesn't want me.  He only wants his Daddy.  Seriously.  He pushes my head away when I ask for sugar.  I tried to tell him that come Monday I was his primary caregiver again and he should be nice to me but he didn't want to listen.  And screamed pitifully when Sam left for work.  And then again when he went to play with Auntie Hads and Robbie during my interview this afternoon.  Though, it's kinda sweet, because he does want to cuddle and let me rock him on the floor when he's being pitiful even though he's mad at me - I don't understand but I'm not arguing.  Sam just keeps saying that it's just a phase, and to remember the time when all he wanted was his Mommy.  I'm pretending it's not hurting my feelings.  I don't think I'm pretending very well....

No candid pictures because we just got the part to fix our camera, and no video because I'm too lazy and tired to relearn how to load a video onto the computer, but I will leave you with some of the cutest professional pictures I've ever seen.  Hadley has outdone herself and we've got birthday cake (or a Publix cupcake) smashing pictures on Thursday before we leave for the beach.  I just cannot believe he is almost one.  Insane.  Absolutely insane.


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Ashley said...

William is seriously one of the cutest kids EVER! Loved getting to see him walk around Sunday, but I think Tim was even more excited about it because he has been telling everybody how crazy it was that it was just a few weeks ago we saw him crawling around your house.


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