Sunday, July 4, 2010

William by Numbers

I can't believe how fast the past 11 months have gone by - Here are the highlights of the past month:

*Cruises like a pro but pretty much prefers to crawl.  It's much faster
*Will let go and stand on his own for a couple seconds - I think I might've seen him try to make a step out but it was promptly followed by falling so who knows what came first - falling or stepping
*Will eat pretty much anything put in front of him.  Especially homemade mac and cheese - "your baby smells like chedda"
*Really enjoys watching the big kids and trying to play with them.  Though that usually prompts a lesson in sharing for one, if not all, of the kids involved.
*Discovered the painful perils of a tushie abcess.  Not fun for anyone involved and results in a black and blue bottom.  Also, it made him terrified of any hands going in that general direction.
*He has TWO bottom teeth now!
*Remembers how to sleep through the night most nights now.  Thank goodness.
*Has some awesome war wound calluses on his knees and feet due to being unafraid of crawling on hard surfaces.
*Prefers fruit flavored puffs to cheerios - but who can blame him?!
*Says mama, dada, and ball - plus a whole lot of indistinguishable words/sounds
*Loves to scream and "scare" us - it's hilarious
*Really enjoys swimming but doesn't like to when he's tired
*Still wants a bedtime of 6-6:30
*Can throw a ball back to us when we play instead of just holding it waiting for us to take it from him
*Razzing is still his number one favorite activity
*Recently figured out how to snort and he truly believes that it makes his crying more pitiful
*Has found his tongue and shows it to us frequently now - too cute!
*Still refusing to feed himself a bottle.  He's definitely going to be THAT kid.  I have no idea how to get him to do it, he knows how, but would prefer to sit in my lap and let me hold it.
*Finally broke into the twenties - he's around 21 lbs - but still such a squirt
*Loves to give sugars and will almost do it on command
*Magnets are the coolest things ever and he really likes to put them in his mouth and then crawl around.  Thank goodness the alphabet magnets are not small enough to be a choking hazard!
*Likes to go exploring in the trash much to his mommy's displeasure.  Empty coke cases are the best (and one of the few that he is allowed to pull from the trash)
*Really likes to toddle around with his walking car thing but doesn't like that our house is small and he continually gets stopped by running into furniture and walls.
*Can put himself to sleep for naptime and bedtime - no rocking required - unless he is sick and then you better not even think about putting him in the crib for naptime - he only wants to be held.  Which is so sweet, so I was happy to indulge him for a couple days.

I can't think of anything else.  I know there is plenty of adorable things that he has accomplished but my brain has shut there you go.  He just gets cuter and sweeter each day  - we are having the best time!


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