Monday, August 2, 2010

The Beach

Lord - I don't even know where to begin.  Every year Sam's family goes to the beach, the past several years it has been to Seagrove (which is RIGHT next to Seaside).  We missed the trip the past two years - so it's an understatement to say that we excited to take a vacation.  We did, however, make the mistake of expecting this vacation to be relaxing.  Somehow it didn't occur to us that traveling with a small child that was sleeping in the room with us would not be chill and quiet.  But it is what it is and we survived.  Though, by the end of the week every single one of us was sleep deprived and the youngest of the us was in a foul mood and pretending to be sick with an ear infection/manic teething/etc.  Oh well.  We weren't at home and Sam wasn't at work and that was good enough.

playing in the pool with his plastic cups  :  modeling his new XXS t-shirt

I'm not going to even attempt a day by day recap.  Too much.  It should suffice to say that William does not like the sand, therefore, going to the beach lost its allure.  We did manage to load up atleast once every single day but our motivation was definitely lacking each subsequent time.  He loved the pool at the house though, and it was screened and shaded, so we spent a lot of time playing with him there.

happy while sitting with mommy  :  not happy with feet in the sand

All the sun and activity did produce wonderfully long naps though.  Which we would have appreciated a lot more if we hadn't been "grounded" during them.  We spent A LOT of time waiting for him to wake up so we could go do something.  Didn't anticipate that either.

making funny faces for no reason  :  love those red curls

The good thing about going with the family is that since William is such a ham he performed for everyone almost all the time, which meant he was at the very least pretending to be happy often.

sweet baby boy playing in the pack n play  :  walking at Seaside early morning style

We went on hour long bike rides almost every morning after breakfast.  We were up at 6am every morning, so we got to take advantage of the less than brutally hot and humid weather and that was fun.  And occasionally pepito would fall asleep in the bike trailer.

working his ab muscles so he doesn't have to touch the wet grass  :  one of the few times he had fun in the sand was with his Bebe - don't even get me started on how much my feelings are hurt

He's a cute kid.  It was a fun vacation even if it wasn't relaxing and we are definitely hoping that he likes the sand by next year.  I want to have a reason to build sand castles again!

walking in the sand for 5 seconds  :  loved playing on a towel at the beach though

Grandaddy R, Daddy, & Baby - just outside Seaside with the pine trees and dunes in the background

UggaMugga with Mommy

Happy Family

You might see this one again on a Christmas card!  Best Family Picture Ever!
Could William & Sam look MORE alike?!


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