Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pepito Burrito Party

Saturday was William's First Birthday Party with all his "friends" - i.e. our friends that have children and one incredibly cute couple... ;)  I will say that it was a LOT less chaotic then I thought it would be with that many children, all under 3 except for one darling little girl.  Well, less chaotic if I forget about 11:00-12:00 when we were frantically trying to get all the food ready in time.  Anyhow - a good time was had by all, the food was delicious, and almost everyone got a little wet in the sprinklers!  Pepito might even have another birthday party in his life, but it will be cake only.  No more full lunch spread!  Ahh!!!

Thankyou to everyone who was able to make it - we had a great time - thankyou!!

maybe I should've hemmed his "shorts" a little more...cute bug anyhow

cute kids eating on the porch watching the sprinkler fun

daredevil Andrew was the first one in the water I think

action shot!

more action water fun!

pepito watching the traffic instead of his party

not a huge fan of the sprinklers...

after a "dunking" Robbie was all about it!

sweet Liam eating yummy cupcakes

Lilly had a BIG time in the water!


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