Sunday, December 5, 2010


It's kinda funny.  Usually I wait ALL YEAR for it to be December.  To be able to finally break out all of the totes filled to the brim with delightful holiday decor.  We usually go all the way out for Christmas.  Lights, camera, action type stuff.  But this year, we're not quite feeling it.  Probably no good reason, but several mediocre ones, and the biggest of those being there is a certain 32" tornado constantly hitting Casa Rumer.

I am excited about Christmas cards though.  One - it's real mail not bills.  Two - cute pictures of cute families.  Three - I am determined to send one to everyone we know so they can enjoy my cute baby.  Last year, we didn't quite get them mailed out and I think only three friends and our families got them.  So I'm determined to get some out this year.  Nevermind that despite what I said on facebook, our card design is still yet to be determined, and it's already December 5.  Only twenty days to get my act together...good me now.

All ready for school with his pencil and paci

Anyhow.  Just because we're not up to our eyeballs in holiday cheer - does not mean that come December 1 William wasn't decked out in Mama Made Christmas outfits.  Oh yes.  I had anxiously been awaiting the first day of December to put him in an outfit I made in August...(what kind of crazy person buys Christmas tree fabric in August?  I guess the kind that finds it for $3/yd...!)

confirming that we were picking the best tree

He was so precious.  But he always is....  Ms. Carolyn did finally ask Sam a couple weeks ago if we had his clothes made because they always seemed a bit custom - makes me feel good, special, and a little nuts all at the same time.  And she very politely pointed out to me one evening that the frog shirt with buttons to make the face probably wasn't such a great idea with a class full of curious 1+somethings....  Good point.  Didn't even think of that - but I suppose it is a bit of a choking hazard and really cuts down on William being able to grab some personal space...  Oh well.  He'll have it on the weekends.

He never wants to take a picture with me...  Spoiled rotten little boy ;)

December also marked cold weather!  (well, it did get kinda mild at the end of the week but the highs are in the 40s this week!!!)  Poor little William had to put on a big puffer jacket to brave the cold.  And all I could think about was the little kid in The Christmas Story who couldn't move in his snowsuit.  William dropped his cinnamon raisin bread on the way out the door and was having a bit of a time trying to pick it up... haha.  Yeah, I let him go for just a minute because I was giggling so hard remembering the movie...  mmmm...childhood.  :)

Step stools are THE coolest!

Since we go out of town every year for Thanksgiving, we went this past weekend to get our tree.  We just went to Lowe's, nothing special but it's affordable and Sam MUST HAVE A FRASER FIR.  Period.  No ifs ands or buts about it.  So, I'm not sure William will ever get to have the fun of going to cut down a Christmas tree but I'm considering possibly making a fun weekend trip when he's older to North Carolina to pick one up.  Wouldn't that be fun?!  Or am I crazy and still a bit naive...  We shall see.  We have friends who went and cut theirs down with their son who is only 1.5 months older than William and said it was a blast.  Too bad it's a Leyland Cypress... my silly husband and his stubborn traditions.  Though I do love our tree.

I'd like to think that he noticed HIS frog ornament that we got him this year

It's 6 feet-ish, narrow and perfect.  We moved it to in front of our living room double window instead of by the porch french doors like last year, so we needed it to fit between our two armchairs.  The thing about it is though, we have an insane amount of ornaments and after putting up the first box realized we were going to have to start being choose-y because there was no way all three boxes were going to fit.  So, the super sentimental ones made it on and a lot of the really pretty ones too.

Choooooo Chooooooo

I have made the observation that I completely understand why people choose to go to fake trees.  You can get them pre-lit.  Now, we are 100% against fake trees, no offense to those of who have them (my Daddy has them...) but you can't beat the smell of real tree.  But seriously.  I. Hate. Putting. On. The. Lights.  Ugh.  If you could buy real trees pre-lit - I would be there.  Our little tree has hardly any lights on it at all because I just couldn't take it anymore.  Misery.  But we'll do it again next I should probably start complaining.

Helping Daddy put the star on the tree

Since we decorated the tree while monster was asleep - we were really excited to see how he would react to a tree in the living room!  Yeah, he's hardly into it at all.  Which is actually good, we haven't had to fight him off of it...but I would've like some kind of OOOOOH moment.  He was more excited about the two step stool that we left out.  Climber.   We did wait to put the star on until he could help though - so that was sweet.

We may not be in the super holiday spirit - but we are definitely looking forward to the season with William.    He obviously has no idea who Santa is, and apparently could care less about a sparkling (well, sort of sparkling) tree, but we're hoping he atleast gets excited about presents.  We have one "big" (really it's medium to small) gift for him that we know he is going to love.  He kinda helped pick it out - thank goodness for short term memory!!  So, that'll be fun.  I just can't wait until the year we get woken up at 4am by him begging to see if Santa came!


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