Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

Once again, I am incredibly behind in sharing a holiday, my apologies....but I'm sure y'all are used to it by now.

This past Christmas was the first Christmas in twenty years that I did not have to switch houses at a particular time.  There was no traveling clear across the  state the Christmas afternoon for the first time in 7 years.  and I loved it.  Being able to be lazy whenever we wanted/as much as pepito would allow us to, was nothing short of the best time ever.

William obviously has no idea who Santa is or how Christmas "works" but he did absolutely love being surprised by a giant red plastic firetruck toddler bed at 6am Christmas morning.  He jumped out of my arms when we turned the corner into the dining room and Sam was already set up with the video camera.  he thinks it's one of the greatest things ever.  He climbed in and out of all morning long to just sit and bring his BoBo and Hilbert up there with him.

On a non-Christmas note - the transition to a toddler bed has gone amazingly smooth.  The first night he was upset about it but who wouldn't be?!  but since then, he sleeps like a baby (ha!) or sometimes wakes up once, which he would do in the crib as well, so no big change there.  And up until this morning, he stays in the crib until we come in to say Good Morning.  This morning, I found him with BoBo picking up books and talking, but usually he's a good boy and stays put.  I'm not sure if it's because we switched him over before he learned to "escape" or because his teachers have taught him to stay on his cot until naptime is over, but either way, I'm counting us lucky to have missed out on the nightmare transitions we've read about.

Back to Christmas.  After our little Rumer Christmas, we headed over to B&B's for the big Rumer Christmas.  We were there just before am which is a success all on its own.  I think B&B were surprised when I called at 7:40am saying we had just left the house...  We don't mess around when it comes to Christmas!  As soon as we got there, William immediately spotted a Santa gift and made a beeline for the riding Firetruck toy.  Too bad for him, it took three people and 7 minutes to undo the packaging so he could play with it.  He wasn't happy with that at all.  Oh well.  Patience is a learned behavior.

We ate breakfast and then it was time for Christmas.  He ran around like a crazy man, flitting between rooms and toys, and I chased after him.  I did his Christmas first and he was kind of in to it - when he was standing there...  He got a great "anywhere Chair" from Pottery Barn with his name on it that already loves.  He immediately grabbed the phone and went to sit in it.  So cute.  and that's mostly how Christmas went.  The extended family showed up a little later, and he ran around the house like a crazy mini person.

He (and the both of us) were completed exhausted and overwhelmed by the end of the day.  William went to bed early and Sam and I - in the interest of having the house look a little less like Toys R Us threw up in it - we took the Christmas tree and the decorations down.  A little sad that we took all the happiness down so soon but the state of disaster our house was in was making us crazy.  There was some rearranging of furniture that was fun - we decided to lose the coffee table and that gives William SO much more room to play.  Funny how priorities change with a kid running around the house....

So, yeah, Christmas was pretty low key.  It wasn't the same not seeing my family ON Christmas, even though we saw them the week before, but it was REALLY nice not having to rush to travel and get to be home all weekend.

In other William fun, because who knows when I'll find time to blog again (I'm typing this at work right now to copy onto the blog later), he is saying lots of words now.  Night Night, eye, nose, shoes, BoBo, Hilbert, mama, Da Dee, Pup Pup, Hi, Hey, Bye Bye, Ball, Truck, Car, Choo Choo, Balloon, and then the always fun jibberish.  We watch the Good Night Show on Sprout every night and he says Bye to the tv and waves.  Too too cute - and he's even started saying by to his teachers and friends when we leave school.  He plays very independently now, which is nice.  He LOVES to drag out the pots and lids to put his toys, food, sippy cup in and then put the lid on top.  We never know what we're going to find in the pot.  Right now it's a rubber ducky with a couple Scooby Doo cookie snacks....  he loves to laugh and loves to give hugs.  I hope that never changes.  I'm hoping he stays sweet like my little brother has.  Oh - and we've started a new bedtime routine that includes sitting in Daddy's lap to read a book.  The wondrous part is that he is finally sitting still through a book and loves pointing at the animals.  It's kind of like a light switch got turned and he like to let you read to him.  and he will put his arms up in the air to have you pick him up and then he'll sit and snuggle for a good amount of time.  I love it.  I hate to think that this will end at some point.....

Happy New Year!


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