Monday, January 31, 2011

Cute Kiddo Pics

I feel like I atleast owe it to January to have two posts.  But this is probably not going to be a blog post to go down in history of bests.  Though, pictures of William making cute faces tend to save the day in all other situations - so here goes nothing...

Naked Baby!! I usually let him run around after bath for just a minute - apparently this time I let him run around long enough to locate the camera and take a picture...

This is one of his favorite new faces - tucking in his upper lip - he's not pouting though.  We've decided that it is his "plotting" face... lord help us now

A devious grin.  He thinks he's going down the stairs without holding anyone's hand...mistaken.

Grandaddy K & Mima came down for the day - William actually wanted Mima to pick him up first!  I think it made her year!! :)

Learning a thing or two from Grandaddy K while they put together his new, fabulous toy bins.

Always so helpful - "sweeping" the carpet with the fan blade cleaner.  He walked around all day with this thing - I'm considering taking up all the rugs and buying him a swiffer... just saying.

I know it's super fuzzy - but how cute is he?!

About anything suffices as a "paci" nowadays...  It's really kind of ridiculous the things we have to take out of his mouth...

The Night Night routine.  Daddy reads Goodnight Gorilla and then William reads it back to him.  

I again apologize for the lack of posting, and quality posting at that.  I will try to do better.  Oh and because I can't remember if I mentioned it before - William said his first (official) sentence a week or so ago... "Mama, Eat Eat Now."  Not a please in sight.  Guess that's the next word we will work on...

OH!!  Last thing - he will hold our hands now and walk calmly.  Most of the time.  If he thinks that it is his idea to hold hands - otherwise - he runs in the opposite direction in the middle of a very busy parking lot.  Well, it wasn't THAT busy, or busy at all actually - we were at Lowe's WAY early on a Sunday morning... but still.  It was a parking lot and he's little and there were big cars - so we're working on making sure that he thinks it's HIS idea - doing the "1 2 3 Weeeee!" game helps...  Moving on.


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