Saturday, February 19, 2011

apparently I've been busy...

I keep meaning to write a new post every single weekend.  Or remember to stay up an extra twenty minutes on a weeknight - craziness, I know...  God forbid I see 10 o'clock.  But here, I am.  On the 19th, desperately trying to remember all the cute things my kid does.

Oh and the best part - I'm pretty sure the camera has been dead for the entire month.  We'll see.  I still have to go to Picasa and find pictures to put in here because I know that seeing William's funny faces is the only reason anyone even looks at this blog.  Certainly not for my wonderful prose I am sure.

Ok - break time already - must go cook dinosaur chicken nuggets.  Newest attempt to get kid to swallow something that isn't fruit.

Hey again - for the record - it's been three hours.  But - William LOVED the chicken nuggets and the crinkle fries.  He did ignore the green beans - but I'll take what I can get.  The most momentous part of the dinner - was pre-dinner.  Sam has been sick with a cold all week, and then got a fun little stomach bug last night...yay...(insert major amounts of sarcasm here).  He's not real fond of very solid food right, so I made peach banana smoothies.  Precisely what Sam wanted, and William had fun sharing mine.  And by share I mean, practically dump the whole thing all over him.  He had to go down to his diaper for the rest of the evening.  It was a mess.  And I'm not a crazy clean mom, but I generally try to avoid giving him things that he not really ready for AND that are going to create a major sticky mess.  A smoothie from a real cup certainly qualifies.  I told him to feel special.  I bet he did as he giggled through the mess on his face.  He loved it.  Silly boy.

this is why he REALLY needed a haircut - the curls got so frizzy!

At the end of January, since that's where I technically left this blog hanging... William got his first official haircut.  We got there almost exactly when they opened and we still had six kids in front of us.  Lord.  I was sad to see his curls go and was terrified that they were just baby curls and would be lost forever... but - nope - the kid has curly hair.  Drives his Daddy crazy trying to get it to brush down and stay.  Exercise in futility for sure.  I love it.  He did pretty well.  Only cried a little, and I'm convinced that most of it was because the kids in front of him cried and he felt like he should... And he threw a tantrum when we made him get out of the airplane. He looks like such a big boy.

pretty ok with a haircut so far...

He is definitely getting pretty awesome at following directions.  He will put things down, throw things in the trash, put his clothes in the hamper.  It's all kinda amazing every single day.  I'm impressed with my kid.  I realize that this doesn't make him a genius, but it sure is fun to watch him learn things...and a little worrisome trying to figure out just how much he really does understand...haha.

MOM!!?!!!  WHY!!??!!!

Valentine's Day was pretty lowkey.  We didn't even get him a huge big thing.  We thought about getting him one of the monsters from Target that sang and danced, because he made us press all the buttons and stand in the aisle and dance with him every time we went...but turns out we just couldn't bear to spend $10 on yet another noise making toy that would eventually end up in a forgotten corner.  Though, now they have regular animals that sing and dance, not just red ones for the LOVE Holiday....  I bet that I eventually break down and buy one... hopefully I can hold out atleast another month.  We'll see - willpower is not my strong suit.  Oh, but he did get one super awesome homemade card, a horse that neighs, and a light up spinning toy that he picked out himself.  He broke it within fifteen minutes of getting it and we had to superglue the clear globe back together - so our fingerprints live forever.  Great.

Cool -  I can drive this thing?!

Found out this week that he will be beginning the move to the Toddler room.  I thought I would be super excited.  It's a bigger room, MUCH bigger room, it means that he's developing forward, etc etc.  But, turns out, I'm all kinds of sad.  He LOOOVVEES his teachers and they really are the best.  They give him extra fruit because he loves it and they have the cutest morning routine that involves riding the breakfast cart.  I really don't know how he is going to do without them (and me too).  But, he's getting more independent, so I'm sure it will be fine.  Though, the director did say that he is "a sensitive lad" we'll cross our fingers for a seamless transition.  (i'm not holding my breath though..)

Driving the car with Super Nana

Yep.  So except for Sam being sick all week, which is really starting irritate me, (and, yes, I know that isn't nice...but I'm ready for him to be out of bed) - there isn't a whole lot else new around here.  I'm working on cleaning the car and getting it packed to go to Callaway tomorrow with a friend and her 20 month old...and that's about it.  And I am going to remember to charge the camera, so I won't have to admit to William when he is 25 that there was an entire month of his life that wasn't documented.  At all.  Ha!

I literally took hundred of pictures to get this shot - on the firetruck AND smiling.
Definitely worth making the camera battery die for.


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Love William's new do. I've been a big slacker on our blog too!


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