Friday, January 14, 2011

I believe I can Fly...

....William certainly does atleast.  His climbing is getting seriously out of control.  Leave him unsupervised for twenty seconds and he is on top of the tv cabinet in the living room trying to push the buttons (and the TV over the edge).  Give him thirty seconds and he is standing on the console table looking out the window.  And in a mere 5 seconds he can be on top of his blue table.  I've already taken apart the blue table once this week - I told him twenty times that "We don't climb on tables" Monday, when we were home because of the weather, before I just couldn't take it anymore.  Ms. Carolyn told me yesterday when I picked him up that he was trying to fly all day...lord help us.  I don't wish a climber on anyone.  It was cute at first that he was so determined and had enough motor skills to make it happen - but not anymore.

He's convinced that the more he talks to Burnie, the more she will like him...

He's starting to follow directions now - and I guess has been for a little while.  But if you ask him to go do something, put something back... more often than not - he will do it.  The other night he was being super whiny and Sam told him to go to his room and find a paci.  So he immediately walked from the living room to his room and was searching his bed for one.  Insane.  When did my kid start to understand every word we say?  Guess I am going to have to start watching what I say...

straight chilling before "school" - he knows he's cool

He is finally talking when we leave daycare.  He used to play possum, put his head on my shoulder, and pretend that daycare was the worst thing ever.  But now, he still wants me to pick him up, but will say Bye Bye to his friends and teachers and even occasionally give them "what for" - which is perfectly adorable.  All babbles, but it's so cute.  Sam and I think he's the daycare darling - all the teachers want to play with him - and maybe they tell all the parents that - but I'm happy to believe that it's only my curly redheaded boy.

trying on Daddy's shoes

Oh - it's so cute! - he puckers his lips for kisses now!!!  Seriously - the most adorable thing ever.  He doesn't do it every time but when he does, I melt.  Sweet sweet boy.  And I'll have to say, I don't exactly miss the wide open kisses on the mouth.  Always a little strange...  :)

The Claw!!!  

The big boy bed is still a hit.  Though, yesterday morning I found him behind it trapped in the corner.  I hope he got back there the "safe" way (IE not falling head over heels - though I'm assuming there would've been crying involved if had done that).  He had discovered that we hid his tunnel back there and wanted it I guess...  Anyhow - he's been doing really really well.  Goes right to sleep just like he did in his crib and stays there all night.  Easy cheesey.  We got off very very lucky on this one.

How I keep him entertained while I cook
and fyi - rice in bowls is not such a good idea....goldfish are much better

I was a bad momma and didn't take him out in the snow on Monday.  I didn't know what to put on his feet, was pretty sure he didn't have anything warm enough to wear, and quite frankly, I didn't want to have to keep him from throwing himself down our driveway every two seconds.  I guess I'll go eat worms.  (plus, the "snow" was really more like white ice...just saying)

Henry came to play!!!


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