Saturday, February 26, 2011

Callaway with two toddlers

 That's right.  My friend Brittney and I got the bright idea that, yes, we could absolutely do Callaway without Sam's help (he was stomach bug icky sick).  Sam is supposed to be the one to drag the bike trailer that houses the kiddos.  And he's the one that is supposed to put it together.  I was really worried about the putting it together part...  But he gave me a great tutorial Saturday night, and it only took me thirty-something minutes to do it by myself with a pint size tornado playing in the parking lot.  Easy cheesey.

we told them to hold hands while in the parking lot but then they kept doing it - such sweet little boys - how did we get so lucky?!

But, seriously, we had the most fun.  It was perfectly overcast but warm.  I actually love those kind of days.  Brittney spent four years in Seattle - so she kind LOVES the sun - but not me.  I'll take overcast all day long.  I can pretend that I don't need sunscreen if the clouds are out.  And, yes, I know that that is actually false advertising, but let me have it.  I burn in five minutes - I know the importance of SPF 70.

Such a happy boy - always running!!

Back to the kids.  William and Henry are only 2 months apart and get wonderfully tickled when they see eachother.  They are about to be reunited at school (daycare....) in the toddler room after William transitions successfully - and if there were a little more cognizant - they would both be thrilled.  Brittney had to rent a bike, so she got one with a kid seat on the back and Henry started there.  But after the Butterfly House, he decided it would be much more fun to sit with his friend.  Why it never occurred to me to get a picture of the two of them in the trailer is beyond me...but I didn't.  It was adorable though - just so you know.  Piles of toys and just enough room for the kiddos.

on the very few times that William won the ball - Henry was none too pleased... ;)

After the Butterfly House is the long part of the bike riding.  They started throwing tantrums - so we stopped by the lake and let them run around for a bit.  And the moral of the story - the more balls the better.  Though, they will inevitably ignore that there are two and chase/fight/argue over just one.  Luckily, we never officially had to break up a fight, but occasionally I think it looked like we were playing "fetch" with our children.  I'm going to assume that isn't a DFACS calling worthy offense.  If it is - I take it back.  We played "catch".

Cheese & plums - yum yum

Another long bike ride - and it was finally time for lunch.  Sam and I always stop at the deck on the lake - and I can never remember how long it takes to get there.  Note to self - it's after Bridge 12 and approximately 15 or so minutes from the big lake by the golf course.  I think...the time might be off.  Oh well.  You get there when you get there and there aren't too many hills.  William wanted nothing to do with what we brought for lunch - he only wanted what Henry was eating.  Henry was eating a plum.  A whole plum.  William only thought he wanted that - he couldn't figure out how to take a bite even after I started it for him.  Oh well.  I guess he survives on air alone.  And cheese.  He ate some cheese.  (the cheese was also Henry's)

Momma - why are you taking pictures of me walking in the woods instead of opening this baggy of goldfish?!

We explored in the woods for a little bit, took a couple adorable little boy pictures and then off again.  I will say, that the two of them put together equals about 60 pounds of little boy, plus all the toys, and the weight of the actual trailer.  I got my workout for the week.  Which is good, because I have NO motivation to go the gym.  Brittney did relieve me once, but for the most part I did it all by myself.  And I'm kinda proud of that.  Atleast I know I can.  But I genuinely prefer Sam to do it.  Too bad that the "trailer hauling bike" is the one with the comfortable seat.  Serious flaw... oh well.

The cutest babe that ever did live.

We finally got to the Botanical Gardens.  Two boys that hadn't taken naps.  A little interesting but mostly still ok.  They really loved putting their hands in the fountain and for a second I was fairly certain my kid was going swimming.  That would've been fun.  Especially since this supermom forgot to bring a change of clothes.  Brilliant.  I know.  I had two emergency pacis and every single toy we owned, but nothing for him to wear if he fell in the lake/fountain/puddle.  Brilliant.

at one point he was laying on his belly to put both his arms in the water

William ran back and forth through the greenhouses and then we played a little outside - more balls.  And little kid tackling.  That was fun.  Though William really needed his nap - so it was short lived for us.  Throw them both back in the trailer - bike up one incredibly long hill (really not that bad but at the end of the day it was kinda like murder) - five minutes - and we were back to the beginning.  Wonderful day.

if only he was looking directly at the camera - this would be one the most perfect pictures of all  time

It took me another thirty minutes to break the trailer down.  Again with the tornado running around a now busier parking lot.  But I think the two of them might've been asleep before we made it out of Callaway.  I know William was atleast.  We all had a really wonderful time.  It's nice to spend a low key day with a great friend.  And hopefully the boys won't have a toddler sized falling out and we can all still get together.  Seriously - what happens if your children become enemies?  Random - sorry.

William, Meghan, Brittney, Henry

So - that was the weekend.  Or atleast Sunday.  By Tuesday William had a fever, and then has been throwing up and having diarrhea.  Fun fun for us.  It appears that I am atleast immune to the icky stomach bug.  Sweet. And hopefully, he's over it.  We kept him home today just because every time we think he's better he then proceeds to throw up on something - and I would kinda prefer that it wouldn't be one of the girls in a cute pink dress at school.  I'm pretty sure they frown on that.

Silly happy boy - I'm sure he's telling Henry something very important - or I caught him mid-giggle... :)


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