Sunday, March 6, 2011

I've been keeping mum...

Every time I sit down at the computer to write a blog post, I can never remember anything even remotely interesting that happened the past week.  Every. Single. Time.   I should really start keeping a mini-notebook to jot things in so this isn't so painful.

Hmmm... This week must've been lowkey.  Nothing major and exciting - which is nice too.  This entire post is going to be much too boring unless I go ahead and break the big news.  Most of you already know anyway, all of my two readers, but

William is going to be a 


We found out about the newest Rumer surprise about a week into January - just in time to not be able to make any changes to our healthcare plan of course.. .awesome. ha!  And the new baby is due September 8.  Weird - this time around we will  be picking the birthday - strange.  I only have two requirements on that front - the day must be in September and it must be an odd number.  Not limiting at all right?! ha!  Hopefully, the OB/GYN will let me have my way when we schedule the C-Section this month...

12 weeks pregnant and I have entirely too much hair - where in the world did my neck go?!

Ok - yeah.  So I'm 13.5 weeks pregnant.  Yay!!  I can't remember if I mentioned that we switched rooms with William...that was a purely nursery based decision.  Our bedroom was the only one with two walls to put the beds on - don't want new Baby freezing under a window - plus, I bet that's not such a good idea security wise either...  I'd like to say we've been hard at work making the room toddler/baby friendly - but, honestly, not so much.  It's still burnt orange (and our new room is still gray).  We aren't exciting about painting.  My Daddy did build some uber-fabulous toy bins though - that is certainly helping with the one tornado we have.  And he's said that he is bringing two custom built bookcases to go on either side sometime this month!  Be still my heart - so excited!  Hopefully that will fully reign in the tornado.

I will say that so far this pregnancy has been much different than with William.  Mainly - I've been sick.  Throwing up sick.  I never once vomitted with William.  I was just kinda queasy most of the day - but this has been no fun at all.  This time around - I was super nauseous during the day for weeks and then I started throwing up every other night atleast.  Granted, it didn't show up until 9 or 10 weeks along, and it was only in the evenings, but ick.  Though, just in case you wanted to know, vomitting icecream isn't terribly relative terms of course.  (sorry - that was really just documented for posterity's sake.. teehee)  Oh - and the bloating was out of control.  I was out of normal pants by 7 weeks.  I know it's my second baby, and it wasn't THAT long ago that I was pregnant, so my body probably does remember what to do REALLY well - but 7 weeks seemed a little ridiculous.  But seriously, I couldn't take sucking in and suffering through work in my pretty pants one day longer.  Just saying.  So I've been sporting maternity pants for about 6 weeks now.  It's been pretty awesome.

Ok - back to the regularly scheduled program - the cute pint sized red head...

Such a serious athlete... ha!!

Last weekend we played outside in the yard since the weather was so pretty.  I think Sam was helping his Dad prune trees at the Law Office.  Oh - that was fun - we got called to bring some big "yard scissors" down there - and the office is right across from a fire station.  William immediately started saying "truck truck truck" and since Bill is now a Judge - we let him lead and get us in so William could see the big trucks up close and personal.  And he made himself right at home.  He wasn't scared or shy around the firemen, who were absolutely wonderful and so sweet to let us barge in, and just wandered around looking at the different trucks and the big wheels.  He wasn't so sure about sitting in the front seat of the fire truck though.  He did get a little scared, even with Grandaddy R up there with him.  The firemen invited us back to bring a camera and you better believe we will.  As soon as the weather is good again - it has rained ALL this weekend.  And it got cold today... so much for making the executive decision that it was Spring.  Glad I'm lazy and haven't packed my sweaters up yet!

He decided that a great game was throwing the football over the edge and making Momma go crawl in the bushes to get it.  Such a sweet boy...

Who wouldn't love this face?!

Cute story of the day - Sam likes to make up songs with made up words and make me dance with him.  As long as he keeps the volume under control - it's really really cute and sweet - I just can't take it when he sings REALLY loudly... (I hope you are taking note honey - Love you!)  Today's song was about "loving Sam" and he grabbed me in the hallway to dance.  William was in his room just staring at us and then all of sudden he jumped up and ran over, made both of us hold his hands and we had a wonderful little dance party in the hall.  And Pepito has got some serious wiggle moves.  Gonna have to steal the knee bounce I think... ;)


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