Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Catching it Up

*  William gallops when he's really excited.  And takes a running start to jump with both feet.

*  Patrick is a super chill baby.  He is pretty much the polar opposite of his brother.  Happy and relaxed when he's awake.  Only cries when he's hungry or in the early evening, which we have discovered is his "fussy time".  Atleast William made me learn patience....

*  Patrick is the only person in the world that gets real kisses from William.  Everyone else gets his forehead to kiss.  Sweet brothers.

*  William must say Night Night to the baby before he will go to bed.

* We have successfully given William chores.  He is responsible for helping put the placemats on and off the table, putting his clothes in the hamper, and picking up his toys from around the house. (technically he's been doing the last two for awhile, but they still count)  And the best part - he usually ENJOYS it - especially the placemats.  We even got him to put them away at B&B's.

*  The 4:30 - 5:30am wake up calls have finally stopped.  William is sleeping until atleast 6:30 now.  Unfortunately for us, we are up all night anyway.

*  Sam went back to work on Monday.  Patrick and I went to the pediatrician and ran errands all morning.  He was a pretty good companion.  Only had to nurse in the car one and a half times.

*  Patrick has gained 1 lb 2 oz since he left the hospital - so he weighs in at a wonderfully chubby 9 lbs 10 oz.  I am so relieved that he is getting enough to eat - especially since he only eats from me - BFing brings on a whole new level of stress to motherhood - but I've got a whole separate post in me for THAT topic.

*  William now LOVES to have his picture taken (most of the time) and hams it up big time.  He even told me yesterday that it was HIS turn.

*  We decided to be awesome parents and got William the KoKo train from Chugginton ("choo choo").  She is almost up to Hilbert's status - he carried her around all weekend.  Even took her to bed.

*  Patrick is pretty much on a 2.5 - 3 hour schedule.  Fairly manageable and he still sleeps like a champ.  We'll take it.

*  The pediatrician said Patrick was acting more like a One Month old baby.  He's "mature" for his age.

*  Patrick kinda smirks sometimes.  He's going to be a flirt just like his brother.

*  William's new words - "police car" "again" "Hilbert" "elephant" "dog food"  Almost daily he pulls a new one - it's so much fun and a little shocking every time he uses one we haven't heard before.  Gotta love his school and his new & improved teachers!

*  Patrick has had his first real bath in the sink and he only cried when there wasn't any water being squirted on him.  I guess taking a bath without water really wouldn't be any fun and I would cry about it too.  And then after he was bathed and clean - he promptly pooped in the monkey hooded towel.  Yay.....only a boy.........

*  I turn 29 on Friday.  I'm pretty excited.  Mostly because my Dad is making roulagen (sp) and my Stepmom is making cheesecake.  They must really love me.  :)

*  I'm very frustrated at how difficult it has been to take a really great picture of Patrick.  My heart hurts that there isn't a single "perfect" newborn picture of him.  I'm trying to be rational and be ok with having a perfect picture of him 2 weeks old but I'm not really succeeding.  I'm also upset that the pictures of him in the monkey towel are not as good as the one of William in the monkey towel.

I think that about mostly catches it up.  Let's hope so atleast....


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