Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I You Baby

Ok - to pick it back up kinda where I left off.

When I finally get rolled back to the mommy side of the fourth floor all our family was waiting in the hallway (our room was REALLY close to the nursery).  My only thing was that before anyone came in the room or got to hold the baby - I was going to breastfeed.  Period.  Probably a good thing that we prepared the 'rents for that one.  I am slightly convinced that one of the reasons that William never BF'd was because we didn't get to try soon enough - so that was a TOP priority.  And from what I can remember, I think he came out of the womb knowing exactly what to do. I'm not sure he ate a whole lot, but we did establish that he could successfully latch.  Thank goodness.

A little blurry but absolutely perfect.  All of my favorites.

Next up, before all the family, was that the four of us were going to have a little alone time to let William meet the baby without being extremely over stimulated.  It was wonderful.  He is such a sweet sweet soul.  We barely had to remind him about sweet touches and all he wanted to do was hug and kiss the baby.  He wanted to hold the baby - but we still haven't allowed that yet...soon though.  Patrick "got" him a present (a truck and car) just in case he needed an incentive to like the baby and William was enamored with it and all was right with the world.  Not a jealous bone in his body though - love him - he adores "his baby".  He can't quite say "love" yet, but he said "I - You Baby" "I - You Mommy".  Melt my heart.  He is going to be a super big brother.

Hilbert is giving Patrick a kiss

Then the family got to come in the room.  My sister finally got a minute (OR MONTH!) away from Med School - so she was down for a couple days - yay!, Daddy & Sara, Sam's sister Laura, Becky (BeBe) were all there - it was a big time.  We kicked them out a couple times because Patrick would be hungry and I hadn't mastered how NOT to flash everyone when BFing, I don't think they minded....  :)  And that's pretty much it.  We left the hospital on Sunday late morning - easy cheesey.  My parents stayed a couple more days, which was a HUGE help - since I was still very slow and on major drugs, and Sara makes the best baked ziti of all time.  Just saying.

William is such a ham - silly boy!

I don't know what else to add to the story.  Patrick is a perfect sweet beautiful little boy.  We are so lucky to have such great healthy little boys.  Life is good.

Giving the baby hugs (while not taking his eyes off of "choo choos"


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