Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

Forgive me - I am behind in all things blog.  Going back to work is kicking my butt - we have literally NO time to do anything....

I decided a very long time ago that the perk of having more than one kid was dressing them alike and having their Halloween costumes be "themed".  Both of the boys' grandaddies have/are referrees - Grandaddy K coached and reffed soccer and Grandaddy R currently refs football.  Last we decided that William would dress up a referree this year (cutest idea ever) and then when we found out there would be another little boy to dress for Halloween - he would be the football (second cutest idea ever!).  So I bought a sleep sack pattern for 99 cents, some brown and white fleece and his costume was born.  They were adorable.

William was all excited to go trick or treating and could even say the phrase, but he was in a mood that evening and we almost had to cancel the whole thing.  He came around and off we went but without taking pictures of the two of them together.  His mood didn't get THAT good.  And then, once he figured out he got candy and that candy was in his pumpkin, he would just say more and open it and not even really walk up to the house.  I think next year will be the year that he really understands.  Plus, half of our neighborhood wasn't really participating, so he didn't get a whole lot of practice.

We had planned for Bill & Becky to meet us to see their costumes and they ended up walking around the block with us.  William had a big time, thought I'm not sure how Becky did it in her heels... :)  It was nice to have extra pair of hands to keep William in line though.  Patrick was very well behaved and slept through the whole thing.  Sweet sweet boys.

William went to bed on a sugar high.  We couldn't get him to eat anything, not even a hotdog and cheese.  He thoroughly enjoyed all the gummy treats and I appreciated that the neighbors didn't give him a bunch of candy we would just have to take away.  Patrick ate like a champ when we got home and promptly went to bed, while we scrambled for the rest of the evening to make sure we had everything ready for his first day of daycare and my first day of work.

We had a really fun time taking him around and can't wait until next year!!  I've got to start planning their costumes already!!


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