Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Christmas Parade & Some Horses

This past weekend somehow felt like we had all the time in the world with nothing to do – so we took full  advantage and filled it up with LOTS of fun Christmas happenings.  First, we pushed up Saturday ChickFilA breakfast so we could be downtown at 10 to see the Christmas parade.  William had a ball.  We got there early, and it turns out that was a little unnecessary, but we got a good spot on Broadway and William had a good time just running around waiting for the floats.  Sam had to go back to get his jacket because it was surprisingly windy and Patrick slept through nearly the whole thing in the Moby wrap.  

They were handing out mini flags at the beginning of the parade and William thought they were the coolest things ever.  And there isn’t much cuter than a mini-person waving a mini-flag.  Just saying.  He had such a good time and was even getting good at telling the people driving by “Merry Christmas”.  Of course, his favorites were the many firetrucks and trains that passed by.  A couple of the floats were throwing out “treats” and William was all about that.  He had lots of tootsie rolls stuffed into his and Sam’s pockets by the time we left.  I was surprised at how long of a parade it was.  We had to leave at 11:00/15 so I could get home, feed the baby, and go to the hospital to volunteer by noon – and it didn’t appear that they were even close to being done!

He did so good though.  Holding our hand in the road, not stepping off the curb, and being just generally a sweet wonderful little boy.  No tantrums in public.  It was great.  By the time we got home and I picked him up out of the carseat, he was exhausted (from waking up entirely too early) and had his head on my shoulder.  So straight to nap he went.  Poor kid.  It must’ve been a lot to take in…and he ran in circles for about 20 minutes leading up to the parade!

At 3:00 we went to The Landings to see the Budweiser Clydesdales!!!  I have never seen them before, even though they come every year, and I guess we couldn’t make it last year… who knows.  But off we go…….. to circle the parking lot with the rest of Columbus for twenty minutes before finding a spot.  Turns out the horses were a little late, and it takes an hour to get them hooked all up – no worries.  William ran up and down the sidewalk and Sam took him into Mainstreet Toys.  Pretty sure the kid was in hog heaven.  I fed the baby – which was interesting with the wind – thank goodness he only wanted a snack –haha!!!  

Around 4:15, the horses began trolloping around.  They are really cool, beautiful, humongous animals.  William loved it – we stayed and waited for them to come past us three or four times.  “Horsey come back?”  So cute.  We told him we were going to go see horses, and he immediately said “Shake?” – which is one of my parent’s horses.  Crazy how he remembers that!!  And he now will go “Neigh” (instead of “moo”) when you ask him what does a horsey say?  So cute.  (he was really obsessed with cows for a couple months…)

The next morning, I think Patrick and I slept in a little (still up before 7) and William & Sam are watching The Polar Express.  I guess Sam had DVR’d it and William was enthralled.  I had never seen the movie, and didn’t really remember the book, so it was fun to have a family moment watching the movie.  Even if Sam was falling asleep… he had an early morning again. ;) love you babe!  

We went to church, did a Christmas craft and had a generally wonderful rest of the day.  I heart my boys.  

Oh - before I forget. We were all, Patrick too, in the boys' room putting William to bed.  Sam sang him Jesus Loves Me, we said our night night prayer, and we all gave him kisses and hugs goodnight.  Then, he grabs Sam's hand, pulls it to his face, and says "Don't go Daddy.  Stay here".  Sweetest thing I've ever seen.  I'm pretty sure Sam melted.  So, I'm going to try and remember that moment when he is being VERY two.  My sweet boy.

And William decided that he COULD indeed say his name tonight!!!!!  He has been saying "me" or "name" when we ask him what his name is - but he apparently decided that today that was no longer good enough and will say his name.  We are so proud.  :)


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